Goals and Highlights Porto 2-1 Atlético de Madrid in Champions League
Photo: Uefa


2:46 PM5 months ago

How it looks

With 12 points, Porto leads group B, one point ahead of Club Brugge. In turn, Atlético de Madrid finished the group stage in fourth place with five points and is eliminated.
2:43 PM5 months ago


2:43 PM5 months ago


2:42 PM5 months ago


Carrasco charges a closed corner. Marcano deflected it at the first post and sent it against his own goal
2:35 PM5 months ago


2:34 PM5 months ago

88' Substitutions in Porto

In: Rodrigo Conceição, Bernardo Folha and Gonçalo Borges

Out: Pepê, Galeno and Otávio

2:29 PM5 months ago

84' Substitution in Alético de Madrid

In: Barrios

Out: Correa

2:25 PM5 months ago

81' Substitution in Porto

In: Toni Martínez

Out: Evanilson

2:20 PM5 months ago


Carrasco receives inside the area, is face to face with Diogo Costa, tries to touch the goalkeeper, who avoids the goal
2:20 PM5 months ago


In a fast counter-attack, Carrasco launches Correa in the area, he hits a cross and Diogo Costa saves
2:18 PM5 months ago


Wendell takes a corner kick, Evanilson calmly heads it in front of Witsel. Oblak makes a great save
2:14 PM5 months ago

70' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

De Paul
2:14 PM5 months ago

70' Yellow card for Porto

Fábio Cardoso
2:14 PM5 months ago


De Paul gets in hard on Galeno, the ball goes to Griezmann, who reduces the gap. However, the referee had stopped her foul at the origin of the play
2:06 PM5 months ago

62' LOST

Taremi plays to Evanilson inside the area. He has time to dominate, but isolates over the goal
2:05 PM5 months ago

60' Substitutions in Atlético de Madrid

In: Carrasco and Matheus Cunha
Out: Saúl and João Félix
2:04 PM5 months ago


João Félix takes a long shot. Diogo Costa fits with tranquility
1:56 PM5 months ago

52' Substitution in Porto

In: Wendell

Out: Zaidu

1:52 PM5 months ago

48' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

1:51 PM5 months ago


Saúl receives a strong throw-in at the second post, deflects it and Diogo Costa follows the ball off the end line
1:49 PM5 months ago


Game restarts
1:36 PM5 months ago


1:35 PM5 months ago


1:34 PM5 months ago


The first half ends
1:32 PM5 months ago


1:29 PM5 months ago

42' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

1:26 PM5 months ago

39' Yellow card for Porto

1:25 PM5 months ago


After kicking the midfield, Galeno triggers Taremi, who plays to Evanilson cross. Otávio kicks from the second post and the goalkeeper makes the save
1:22 PM5 months ago


De Paul takes a weak shot from the edge of the area, making it easy for Diogo Costa to save
1:11 PM5 months ago


Galeno makes a good move down the left, got away from Savic and crossed low. Eustaquio arrives with a first-time shot on the goal line, giving Oblak no chance to get the corner
1:09 PM5 months ago


Griezmann crosses into the box and the defense cuts it off. De Paul saves the ball from outside the penalty area
1:01 PM5 months ago


Galeno tables with Taremi, which leaves the number 13 in the face of Oblak, he knocks seeking the corner, but the goalkeeper saves with his foot
12:57 PM5 months ago


Pepê receives medical attention
12:53 PM5 months ago


Pepê gives a nice pass to Evanilson, who dominates behind Giménez and rolls into the middle. Taremi completes alone to the bottom of the goal
12:48 PM5 months ago


João Félix raises in the area. Diogo Costa grabs it from above
12:44 PM5 months ago


The referee blows the whistle
12:43 PM5 months ago


Teams lined up for the competition anthem
12:42 PM5 months ago


Players entering the field
12:42 PM5 months ago


That pre-game chat
12:26 PM5 months ago


Diogo Costa has already started with his preparation
12:24 PM5 months ago


Porto's fans
12:07 PM5 months ago

Colchoneros Reserves

Grbic, Mestre, Felipe, Reguilón, Mario Hermoso, Sergio Díez, Carrasco, Kondogbia, Pablo Barrios, Matheus Cunha, Morata
12:06 PM5 months ago

Atlético de Madrid lineup

Oblak; Savic, Giménez, Reinildo; Molina, Witsel, De Paul, Saúl; Correa, Griezmann,  João Félix
12:04 PM5 months ago

Dragon Reserves

Cláudio Ramos, Samuel Portugal, Rodrigo Conceição, Danny Namaso, André Franco, Wendell, João Mário, Bruno Costa, Toni Martínez, Gonçalo Borges, Bernardo Folha
12:03 PM5 months ago

Porto set

Diogo Costa; Pepê, Fábio Cardoso, Marcano, Zaidu; Otávio, Eustáquio, Grujic, Galeno; Evanilson, Taremi 
11:55 AM5 months ago

Risk of suspension

Porto: Nobody

Atlético de Madrid: Kondogbia and Savic

11:50 AM5 months ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Massimiliano Irrati (Italy)

Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Pol van Boekel (Netherlands)

11:45 AM5 months ago

Field Referee

Referee: Daniele Orsato (Italy)

Assistant Referee 1: Ciro Carbone (Italy)

Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (Italy)

Fourth official: (Italy)

11:40 AM5 months ago

How and where to watch the Porto vs Atlético de Madrid match live?

If you want to watch the game Porto vs Atlético de Madrid live on TV, your options is:  TUDN Deportes, UniMás

If you want to directly stream it: Paramount+, VIX+, TUDN App, Univision NOW, TUDN.com

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Porto vs Atlético de Madrid match for Premier League?

This is the start time of the game Porto vs Atlético de Madrid of 1th November 2022in several countries:

Argentina 2:45 pm: Star+

Bolivia 1:45 pm: Star+

Brazil 2:45 pm: TNT, HBO Max

Chile 1:45 pm: Star+

Colombia 12:45 pm: Star+

Ecuador 12:45 pm: Star+

USA 1:45 pm ET: UniMás, TUDN USA, VIX+, Paramount+, TUDN App, Univision NOW, TUDN.com

Spain 9 pm: Movistar Liga de Campeones, Movistar+

Mexico 12:45 pm: TNT, HBO Max

Paraguay 1:45 pm: Star+

Peru 12:45 pm: Star+

Uruguay 2:45 pm: Star+

Venezuela 1:45 pm: Star+

11:30 AM5 months ago

Speak up, De Paul!

"The team is fine, everything takes time, we take our time to reflect and see what was done and what wasn't. We want to compete. We want to compete, it's what made us stay at Atletico and what it means to us in this sport. There are always things to improve, when you win you also have to improve because at the level at which you compete you can't be satisfied. We will work for it as always and I am sure it will be a great year for us.
I don't know who the people are, I haven't seen the same (those who say there is a lack of intensity). The team competed until the end in both games, but we lacked a bit of luck, I think we were superior. In the end, it's decided by the results. In terms of intensity, the team is doing its best. That's why I think that in terms of confidence the team is fine, but we have to show it on the field."
11:25 AM5 months ago
Foto: Atlético de Madrid
Photo: Atlético de Madrid
11:20 AM5 months ago

Probable lineup of Atlético de Madrid

Oblak; Savic, Giménez, Reinildo; Molina, De Paul, Kondogbia, Witsel, Carrasco; Griezmann, João Félix.
11:15 AM5 months ago

Atlético de Madrid's Situation

Koke, Lema and Marcos Llorente are Diego Simeone's missing players.
11:10 AM5 months ago

Atlético de Madrid Team

Goalkeepers: Jan Oblak, Ivo Grbic, Antonio Gomis, Sergio Mestre

Defenders: José María Giménez, Sergio Reguilón, Stefan Savic, Nahuel Molina, Felipe, Mario Hermoso, Reinildo, Fran González, Sergio Diez, Marco Moreno, Ilias Kostis, Ibrahima Camara, Javier Boñar, Jorge San José

Midfielders: Geoffrey Kondogbia, Rodrigo De Paul, Koke, Thomas Lemar, Marcos Llorente, Saúl Ñíguez, Axel Witsel, Yannick Carrasco, Diego Bri, Carlos Martín, Alberto Moreno, Pablo Barrios, Aitor Gismera, Álvaro Santamaría, Sergio Bernardez

Forwards: Joao Felix, Antoine Griezmann, Matheus Cunha, Ángel Correa, Álvaro Morata, Salim El Jebari, Marcos Denia

Coach: Diego Simeone

11:05 AM5 months ago

Speak up, Conceição!

"We face it like we face every game. With the intention of getting the three points and at the end be in first place, which is different from being in second place. It is with this thought that the group will approach this game and the preparation for it. I know it is not easy in these conditions, it is a difficult preparation, more theoretical, more board, less field, I do not like that very much, but it is understandable.

What Atlético will do, as you must understand, I don't know. They have already changed several times, I know Diego as a player. As a coach, he has gone to all competitions until the end. I know his teams as you do, they are aggressive, they defend very effectively, with a lot of individual quality. We know all this. In light of what we don't know, the most important thing is to focus on what we do."

11:00 AM5 months ago
Foto: Porto
Photo: Porto
10:55 AM5 months ago

Probable lineup of Porto

Diogo Costa; Pepê, Fábio Cardoso, Marcano, Zaidu; Bruno Costa, Eustáquio, Otávio, Galeno; Taremi, Evanilson.
10:50 AM5 months ago

Dragon Status

Sérgio Conceição will not be able to count on David Carmo and Uribe, who will serve suspensions. Pepe and Gabriel Veron are in transition.
10:45 AM5 months ago

Porto Team

Goalkeepers: Cláudio Ramos, Francisco Meixedo, Samuel Portugal, Diogo Costa

Defenders: Fábio Cardoso, Pepe, David Carmo, Iván Marcano, Zaidu, Rodrigo Conceição, Wendell

Midfielders: Matheus Uribe, Marko Grujic, André Franco, Otávio, Bruno Costa, Stephen Eustáquio, Vasco Sousa, Bernardo Folha

Forwards: Gabriel Veron, Mehdi Taremi, Pepê, Galeno, Danny Namaso, João Mário, Toni Martínez, Evanilson, Gonçalo Borges

Coach: Sérgio Conceição

10:40 AM5 months ago


In the opposite situation, Atlético de Madrid are eliminated with two games in advance. With five points, the Colchoneros have only one win, won in the first round, and then came the negative sequence: with two losses and two draws in the account. However, they still run the risk of losing the third place, access to the UEFA Europa League, to Bayer Leverkusen, which has a point difference.
10:35 AM5 months ago


After a bad start, Porto has accumulated three straight wins in the competition and now ranks second in group B, with nine points. The Dragons have already qualified for the round of 16, but dispute the leadership with Club Brugge, which has 10.
10:30 AM5 months ago

Eye on the Game

Porto vs Atlético de Madrid, live this Tuesday (1), at the Dragon Stadium, at 1:45 pm ET, for the UEFA Champions League. The match is valid for the 6th round of the competition.
10:25 AM5 months ago

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