Highlights: Uruguay
vs South Korea in FIFA World Cup 2022
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10:13 AM5 days ago


9:56 AM5 days ago

It's over!

There's not another minute to go, Uruguay share the points with Korea. Valverde had two key chances to score a goal, the closest was a shot that hit the post. Sonny had a key play that went wide of Rochet's goal.         

9:53 AM5 days ago


Close to the end!
Uruguay's last chance is coming up with the corner kick, but the shot is saved by the Korean goalkeeper.         
9:49 AM5 days ago


Now Son!
Rochet gives the ball away and Son gets it, but hits it wide. Korea had the first.  Add 7 minutes.    


9:47 AM5 days ago


It was going to be a great goal!
Federico Valverde pays him from long distance, but the shot hits the post and Uruguay misses.       
9:44 AM5 days ago


5 more minutes!
Cavani pulls the ball back, ending Uruguay's attack. Korea gets the ball back and we are close to the end. The score remains level at 0-0.      
9:39 AM5 days ago


Darwin had it!

Once again Darwin almost put the ball away, Cavani grazes it but to no avail.     

9:37 AM5 days ago


Nearing the 80th minute!
We are approaching the 80th minute, 5 minutes from 85, close to the end and the goal is not coming. Korea closer to scoring the first.    
9:35 AM5 days ago


Korea had it!
Cho Gue-sung had a chance, but his shot was just wide of Rochet's goal, and Korea are now ahead of Uruguay.   
9:33 AM5 days ago


Son had it!
A great bicycle kick by Sonny, looking for the cross in the six-yard box, but his shot is blocked by the Charrúa defense, more changes are coming.
9:29 AM5 days ago


Rochet is out!
A great save by Sergio Rochet, who headed away the Korean striker's header.  
9:27 AM5 days ago


As we approach the 70th minute, Korea defends for Uruguay's big attack, Cavani shoots, but his shot is blocked.
9:22 AM5 days ago


Darwin misses!
Darwin misses scoring the first goal, Núñez crosses, but the shot is saved by goalkeeper Kim Seung-Gyu. Cavani enters the field and the paramedics come in to attend to Kim Min-Jae.
9:18 AM5 days ago


The matador is coming!
Cavani prepares to enter the field, with the possibility of Luis Suarez finishing his participation. 
9:14 AM5 days ago


A foul by Caceres on Korea's number 7. Sonny ends up on the ground and the medics come in and Martin gets a yellow card.
9:11 AM5 days ago


There is a pause to check a play on the VAR, but the referee says there is nothing for a penalty kick to be awarded to Korea.   
9:09 AM5 days ago


José María Giménez avoids Son's shot, Korea takes the ball from behind, passing the ball in the midfield to then go down the flanks. Son again gets a corner kick.  
9:06 AM5 days ago


Korea starts aggressively, Uruguay returns to take the ball, coming from behind. 
8:50 AM5 days ago


Both teams came close to scoring, Godin had the clearest chance for the Charrúas, while on the Korean side it was Hwang Eui-Jo who missed the ball in front of Rochet. Scorecard zero to zero.

8:46 AM5 days ago


Sixty seconds will be added. We will go to halftime, with an alternating dominance, but both teams trying to score the first goal.    

8:44 AM5 days ago


Uruguay had it!  

Diego Godín shoots in the box after a corner kick and hits the post.   

8:40 AM5 days ago


Korea had it!  
Hwang Eui-Jo sends it wide from long distance, but only Rochet sees it go by, seconds later the Koreans get the ball back, but the Korean cross is unsuccessful.  
8:35 AM5 days ago


Korea had it!  

Hwang Eui-Jo sends it wide, Korea's closest, the striker shoots alone against Rochet and it goes over the Uruguayan goal.

8:33 AM5 days ago


They keep pressing!
Korea look for crosses again, but again the Uruguayan defense prevents them from finding a Korean finisher in the box.  
8:29 AM5 days ago


Darwin can't beat goalkeeper Kim Seung-Gyu, preventing Kim from being beaten, coming out well for the ball. 
8:27 AM5 days ago


Son pops up!
Son gets past the Uruguayan defenders, but Sonny's shot is deflected wide and misses the finisher in the box.  
8:22 AM5 days ago


They're back!
Luis Suárez appears in the six-yard box but can't finish well in the six-yard box. 
8:20 AM5 days ago


Darwin looked to win the ball back, giving up possession to press Korea, who were looking for a fourth time down the flank, but Valverde had a chance seconds later with a good reception inside the box, but his shot went wide.    
8:17 AM5 days ago


The Uruguayans regained possession of the ball, but looking to get closer to the Korean goal, Jung Woo-Young stole the ball and the Koreans had the ball in their own half, looking for the flanks with Kim and the cross went wide of Rochet's goal.  
8:11 AM5 days ago


Godin cuts off Hwang Eui-Jo's attack, Korea in Uruguay's box very steadily, but Rochet has the ball to move the ball from the back. 
8:09 AM5 days ago


Korea dominated, again looking for the flanks with Na Sang-Ho, but they got a corner kick, after the break through the line of the 17th.  
Son's cross went into the six-yard box, but he was unlucky not to get a shot on target. 
8:05 AM5 days ago


A foul committed by Uruguay near midfield, Korea looks to start the attack on the wings, but the Charrúas get a throw-in that is wasted and the Koreans recover the ball coming out from the back.  
8:02 AM5 days ago


The first for Korea, the Koreans get a corner kick, but Son's cross is unsuccessful, Uruguay presses to steal the ball. 
8:00 AM5 days ago


The ball rolls at the Education City Stadium.
7:52 AM5 days ago

Already on the field

Both teams are already out on the field, minutes before the anthems of Uruguay and South Korea are played.
7:40 AM5 days ago

South Korea's lineup

Kim Seung-Gyu, Kim Min-Jae, Kim Moon- Hwan, Kim, Hwang In-Beom, Jung Woo-Young, Na Sang-Ho, Lee Jae-Sung, Heung-Min and Hwang Eui-Jo.
7:40 AM5 days ago

Uruguay lineup

Sergio Rochet, Martín Cáceres, Diego Godin, Jose Maria Gimenez, Mathias Olivera, Federico Valverde, Matias Vecino, Rodrigo Bentancur, Facundo Pellistri, Darwin Núñez and Luis Suarez.
7:38 AM5 days ago

The refereeing team

For this match, Frenchman Clement Turppin will be in charge of the game, along with the other two Frenchmen Nicolas Danos and Cryril Gringore. The fourth official will be Istvan Kovacs. 
7:28 AM5 days ago

Already warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to the start of the Uruguay vs South Korea Group H game at the Education City Stadium.
7:22 AM5 days ago

Watch out for this fact

Diego Godín one of the captains of this Uruguayan national team has 4 World Cups, being in 2010 his debut, in Brazil 2014 he scored a goal, having more than 14 games with Uruguay in World Cups. His last performance was in Russia 2018, today in Qatar 2022 may be his last World Cup at the age of 36.
7:19 AM5 days ago

Why is Son wearing a mask?

Heung-min Son, the winger and captain of this Korean team had an eye injury after suffering a fracture in the left eye socket in a Spurs match. That is why he wears this protection on his face to avoid a more serious injury.

7:07 AM5 days ago

They have already arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the stadium, just minutes away from warming up, after which the action will begin at the Education City Stadium.

7:03 AM5 days ago

Minutes away from kick-off

We are a few minutes away from the start of this game between Uruguay vs. South Korea, from the Education City Stadium, corresponding to the first game of Group H. In a few moments we will share with you the line-ups of the teams, with many surprises on both sides.
7:01 AM5 days ago

We're back!

We are back for a minute-by-minute coverage of the Uruguay vs South Korea match. We will shortly share with you the confirmed line-ups and relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
6:15 PM5 days ago

Tune in here Uruguay vs South Korea Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Uruguay vs South Korea live, as well as the latest information from the Education City Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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How to watch Uruguay vs South Korea Live Stream on TV andOnline?

If you want to watch the game Uruguay vs South Korea live on TV, your options is: Telemundo Deportes and Fox Sports.

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If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Uruguay vs South Korea match for the in FIFA World Cup 2022 Match?

This is the start time of the game Uruguay vs South Korea of November 24 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 hours in Televisión Pública, DIRECTV Sports Argentina, DeporTV.

Bolivia: 9:00 hoursin Tigo Sports Bolivia.

Brazil: 11:00 hours in NOW NET e Claro, SporTV, Canais Globo, GloboEsporte.com, Globo.

Chile: 10:00 hours in Canal 13, DIRECTV Sports Chile, Chilevision.

Colombia: 8:00 hours in RCN Television, DIRECTV Sports Colombia, Caracol TV, Deportes RCN En Vivo, Caracol Play.

Ecuador: 8:00 hours in DIRECTV Sports Ecuador, Canal del Futbol, CNT Play, Teleamazonas.

Spain: 13:00 hours in Gol Mundial.

USA: 7:00 hours in UFORIA App, Foxsports.com, Fox Sports 1, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo, SiriusXM FC, Tubi, Telemundo, FOX Sports App, Peacock, Sling.

Mexico: 7:00 hours in Canal 5 Televisa, Blue To Go Video Everywhere, TUDN En Vivo, TUDN, Azteca 7, Blim TV, Azteca Deportes En Vivo, VIX+, Sky HD.

Paraguay: 10:00 hours in Tigo Sports Paraguay.

Peru: 8:00 hours in DIRECTV Sports App y DIRECTV Sports Peru.

Uruguay: 10:00 hours in TeleDoce Uruguay, DIRECTV Sports Uruguay, TCC, Canal 4, NS Eventos 1, MCGo Live, Antel TV, Canal 10 Uruguay, Montecable HD 1.

Venezuela: 9:00 hours in DIRECTV Sports Venezuela.

6:00 PM5 days ago

World Cup history

The Koreans come to this World Cup appointment from an elimination in the group stage in Russia 2018 as in Brazil 2014, being South Africa 2010 their best performance reaching the Round of 16, because the farthest they have been from World Cup glory was in 2002 reaching the 3rd place match.

As for the Uruguayans, they won the World Cup in 1930 and 1950. But the Charruas have fought in the World Cups, in Russia 2018 they were eliminated in the quarterfinals, in Brazil 2014 they fell in the round of 16 and in South Africa 2010 they reached the match for third place and finished fourth.

5:55 PM5 days ago

South Korea's final lineup

Kim Seung-Gyu, Park, Hong Chul, Yoon Jong-Gyu, Kwon Kyung-Won, Kwon, Jung Woo-Young, Paik Seung-Ho, Kim Young-Gwon, Song and Cho Gue-Sung.
5:50 PM5 days ago

Uruguay's last lineup

Rochet, Varela, Cáceres, Olivera, Cáceres, Canobbio, Bentacur, Valverde, De la Cruz, Suárez and Núñez.
5:45 PM5 days ago

Watch out for this South Korean player

On the side of the Koreans we find Heung-min Son, the winger and captain of this Korean team arrives this first game of the World Cup with an eye injury, after suffering a fracture in the left eye socket in a Spurs game.

But this will not prevent Son from playing in the World Cup, with his club this season he has scored 3 goals and 2 assists. In the Champions League he has scored 2 goals in over 1,489 minutes.

Sonny can play as a winger or center forward, but with his national team he has been characterized by his position on the right wing.

Photo: FIFA
Photo: FIFA
5:40 PM5 days ago

Watch out for this player from Uruguay

The little bird, Federico Valverde the midfielder of Real Madrid is the player to follow, in a good moment lives Fede with his club with 14 games, adding 6 goals and 2 assists in league. But in the Champions League he has scored 2 goals and assists, adding more than 1,612 minutes.

The little bird can also play on the wings, occasionally used with Los Merengues as a winger or inside, but with Uruguay he stays in the midfield, his natural position.

Photo: Uruguay
Photo: Uruguay
5:35 PM5 days ago

How is South Korea coming?

The Koreans are playing in a new edition of the World Cup, they previously faced 3 friendly matches on different dates, looking similar to the rivals in their group, against Costa Rica they tied by two goals, against Cameroon Korea won by one goal and in the most recent match against Iceland they won by the minimum.

The Koreans find themselves in a scenario that few teams would like to be in, sharing a group with Portugal, Ghana and Uruguay. South Korea will have to look for the first points against the Charrúas, being the key match to get points and be able to get one of the two positions to qualify to the Round of 16 and leave out the favorites.

All eyes are on Tottenham Hotspur's Son Heung-min as the star of this team, who will be looking for revenge after the last World Cup in Russia 2018.

Prior to this game, some of the selected players spoke before this first game against Uruguay, Na Sangho argued about the teamwork that this group has: "Teamwork is good, we communicate a lot, mental strength, motivation and seriousness are ahead of us, we trust each other and we are preparing well, we hope to have good results".

For Cho Guesung personally he commented that the rhythm he has in training has not been exhausting, he seeks to enjoy every moment: "The condition is very good, I am not tired even after training, although there is a load in training, I try to enjoy and trust my body that is in good condition. I want to meet my opponents in the World Cup.

Photo: South Korea
Photo: South Korea
5:30 PM5 days ago

How does Uruguay arrive?

The Uruguayan national team arrives to this World Cup with two previous friendlies, they faced Iran and lost by one goal with a goal scored by Mehdi Taremi. A very surprising victory because Uruguay made 6 shots at goal, had more ball possession with 64%, with a starting line-up, the team coached by Diego Alonso could not get a draw.

The Charrúas, when they faced Canada, won by two goals to zero, with goals by Nicolás de la Cruz and Darwin Núñez. 

This list of the sky-blue team is led by the most experienced players with Luis Suárez, Edison Cavani, Diego Godín, Fernando Muslera, Martín Cáceres and the new blood of this selection with Ronald Araujo, who seemed to be out of the World Cup, but is working hard to have minutes in this tournament, Darwin Núñez, the new hope in the attack of the Charrúas and Federico Valverde, who is in a great moment with Real Madrid.

But for the Uruguayans prior to this game against South Korea, they have respect for the Koreans and their star player Son, the goalkeeper Sergio Rochet spoke in midweek commenting the following: "You are prepared for everything, not only for Son Heung-min, in the national team there are the best, Son at world level is at a very high level, you have been watching him for a long time, you have to study him and respect him, but trusting in what you do".

In addition, the goalkeeper pointed out that they are looking to go as far as possible in the competition, but with a step-by-step philosophy and very happy for his possible debut.

"We have to take it step by step, it's a very even group where any team can beat anyone. Today we are focused on Korea, tomorrow will happen and it will be Portugal, but always with confidence because we have a great squad."

"We have some nice days ahead, we have been preparing in a great way, we have been working very well. The group is very well and looking forward to the debut".

After facing Korea, the Uruguayans will face Portugal next Monday 28th and will close the group stage against Ghana on Friday 2nd December. 

Photo: Uruguay
Photo: Uruguay
5:25 PM5 days ago

The stadium

The Education City Stadium is located in Rayan, Qatar, with a capacity for 40 thousand fans, was inaugurated in 2016, but they ended up opening it until June 15, 2020, hosting different FIFA tournaments such as the Club World Cup in 2020 and the FIFA Arab Cup in 2021 and now having a World Cup.
5:20 PM5 days ago

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