Goals and Highlights: Indonesia 2-1 Cambodia in AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup
Photo: Disclosure/AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup


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With the victory, Indonesia debuted in the competition with the three points, while Cambodia lost the first match.
6:27 AMa year ago


Indonesia 2-1 Cambodia.
6:23 AMa year ago


Indonesia continues to attack in the final minutes, seeking the third goal for relief on the scoreboard.
6:22 AMa year ago


Let's go to 96 minutes.
6:17 AMa year ago

86' Yellow

Amat received card.
6:15 AMa year ago

84' Change in Cambodia

Joined: Noron

Out: Chanthea.

6:14 AMa year ago

82' Change in Indonesia

Joined: Sulistyawan

Out: Sulaeman.

6:11 AMa year ago


Game loses intensity at the end and Indonesia manages the result.
6:04 AMa year ago

73' Change in Cambodia

Joined: Bin

Out: Visal.

6:03 AMa year ago

68' Yellow

Kok received a yellow card.
6:03 AMa year ago

67' Changes in Cambodia

Entered: Kok and Sokpheng

Out: Sidavid and Pisoth.

6:02 AMa year ago

61' Changes in Indonesia

Entered: Febriansyah and Sayuri

Left: Mangkuakam and Rifai,

5:48 AMa year ago


Cambodia started the second half in the offensive sector and looking for the equalizer.
5:46 AMa year ago

52' Change in Indonesia

Joined: Sayuri

Out: Rifai.

5:45 AMa year ago

Moving in Cambodia

Joined: Sa Ty

Out: Bunheing.

5:44 AMa year ago

Changes in Indonesia

Enter: Spasojevic and Ramdani

Out: Rafku and Vukri.

5:42 AMa year ago


Indonesia is winning 2-1.
5:19 AMa year ago


Indonesia 2-1 Cambodia.
5:18 AMa year ago


Let's go to 47 minutes.
5:16 AMa year ago


Finals: 11-3.
5:13 AMa year ago


Indonesia continues to play in the offensive sector, even after the second goal. Cambodia defends itself.
5:11 AMa year ago


Ferdinan found Sulaeman, who finished and put Indonesia back in the lead.
5:03 AMa year ago


Indonesia has 61% possession and seven shots; Cambodia defends itself at this time.
5:02 AMa year ago


Indonesia grows in the game and acts in attack.
4:49 AMa year ago


Busy game at the start. Krya took advantage of Baraing's pass and left everything the same for Cambodia.
4:46 AMa year ago


After a more withdrawn start, Indonesia already has more finalizations and possession of the ball in the game, in addition to winning the confrontation by 1-0.
4:45 AMa year ago


The first one is out. Vikri received a pass from Rifai and opened the scoring for the hosts.
4:37 AMa year ago


Cambodia starts better, looking for the attack and with more possession.
4:34 AMa year ago


It's AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup at VAVEL.
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Cambodia set!

Soksela; Sambath, Chanchav, Visai; Kyra, Sodavid, Chanpolin, Beraing; Chanthea, Pisoth, Bunheing.
4:20 AMa year ago

Indonesia definitely!

Argawinata; Mangkualam, Aryanto, Amat, Rifai; Kambuya, Ferdinan, Vikri, Sulaeman, Klok; Rafli.
11:24 PMa year ago

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Speak up, Shin Tae-Yong!

"Since the training center in Bali on November 28th, everything is in order. well and doing well, I hope the future goes well too", STY told the magazine. media.

“For the first match [against Cambodia] it might be a difficult match because after the Kanjuruhan tragedy there were no matches, the performance of the players declined.''< /p>

"For the training sessions we are 100 percent prepared, but for the game, honestly, I still don’t know why I haven’t opened the card yet", he concluded.

"With the authorization of the public to watch the National Police stadium, it certainly increases the enthusiasm and motivation of the players. We expect players to always be focused, work hard and never take opponents seriously", said the man with the nickname Iwan Bule.

11:14 PMa year ago

Indonesia likely!

Fadillah; Ridho, Baggott, Irianto; Sayuri, Vikri, Kambuaya, Rifai; Sulaeman, Ramdani, Drajad.
11:09 PMa year ago

How do you get to Indonesia?

Indonesia has not yet played in the competition and will do so. your debut. The team occupies the 155º ranked in the FIFA rankings, winning the last three games against Curaçao - twice - and Nepal.
11:04 PMa year ago

Speak up, Ryu Hirose!

"The players had a long season and only we have two days to work before the game", said Ryu Hirose. "But that game (against Malaysia) gave us some problems to work on".

"We continue to prepare better for our opening match against the Philippines," said Ryu Hirose during a pre-match press conference with the Philippines.

“It was hard to play when we lost to Malaysia in a friendly (the week before). The players had just come off a long season and just had to play. we had two days to work before the game,” Hirose said.

“But the match gave us some problems to work on and better prepare for our opening game against the Philippines.

“For us, we are working to find the right balance between keeping possession and going forward.”

“Team spirit is important. good and we will do our best for our first home game,” added Souey.

“We are working on certain tactics to confront the Philippines.”

10:59 PMa year ago

Cambodia likely!

Soksela; Chanchav, Sambath, Visal; Pisoth, Chapolin, Yeu, Baraing, Souhana; Chanthea, Bunheing.
10:54 PMa year ago

How do you get to Cambodia?

Cambodia started the competition with a 3-2 victory over the Philippines, breaking a four-game losing streak without a win. Cambodia is ranked 177 in the FIFA rankings, one of the last teams.
10:49 PMa year ago

AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup

  the former Suzuki Cup, where it changed its name due to sponsorship.   a championship of selections affiliated to the; AFF, Asian Football Federation.

Will it be? to 14º edition of the tournament that is It is contested between teams from South East Asia and is the most popular event in the world. It has been held every year since 1996. The first edition took place in 1996, a year ago. 26 years ago, when Thailand beat Malaysia 1-0 in Singapore.

Thailand is currently the world's largest country.   of the tournament with six titles, followed by Singapore with four, Vietnam with two and Malaysia with one title. The last edition in 2020, in Singapore, Thailand beat Indonesia 6-2 on aggregate in a two-game duel (4-0 and 2-2).

In this edition, there will be two stadiums in Malaysia, three in Singapore, two in Cambodia, two in Thailand, one in Vietnam, one in Myanmar and one in the Philippines .

The tournament is on! Course is scheduled to start on December 17th at the end of the year. January 16, with home and away games.

Photo: Disclosure/AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup
Photo: Disclosure/AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup
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The game will be played at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

The Indonesia vs Cambodia game will be played at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, with a capacity of 77.193 people.
10:39 PMa year ago

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