Goals and Highlights: Chivas 0-2 Cruz Azul in Final Copa Sky
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It's over

Cruz Azul beat Chivas 2-0 in the final of the Sky Cup and the red and white team, despite having the upper hand at times, did not give up and could not get the goal that would give them the victory, while the Cementeros won again in this Cup and continue their favorable streak over Chivas, adding one more title to their trophy cabinet. 
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Yellow card for Rafa Guerrero
10:58 PM3 months ago


5 minutes of compensation are added
Cruz Azul substitution, Rafael Guerrero and Cristian Jiménez enter, Ignacio Rivero and Alexis Gutiérrez exit.
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GOOOOOL! by Cruz Azul, Gonzalo Carneiro found the ball after a mistake by the red and white goalkeeper, who passed the ball into a hole in his body.
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Cruz Azul substitute Ariel Antuna for Rafa Bacca
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Tempers began to heat up, with pushing and shoving and fouls becoming more frequent in the second half. 
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The match restarts after Oso Gonzalez was treated.
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Collision between Carneiro and Oso Gonzalez, which leaves the Chivas player with a gash on his face.
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Chivas substitution, Fernando Beltran comes out and Pocho Guzmán goes in.
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Chivas wants the equalizer, but they can't get ahead, as Cruz Azul is falling back to keep the game alive.
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Chivas substitution, 
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GOOOOOL! by Cruz Azul, Alexis Gutierrez takes advantage and takes a great cutback to fire a shot into the right post. 
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Conejo Brizuela came close to the first after a corner kick and tried to head the ball alone in the area, but he didn't measure the ball and it went wide.
Cruz Azul substitution, Michael Estrada comes on for Gonzalo Carneiro.
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Yellow card for Michael Estrada
Chivas substitute Santiago Ormeño for Tepa Gonzalez
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Cruz Azul attempted a long-range shot by Wuacho that ended up hitting the goalkeeper's hands and the defense arrived to recover the ball.
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Both clubs start with everything this second half, having at least one chance that is left in the defenses.
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Chivas substitution, Zahid Muñoz comes out, Alexis Vega comes in.
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The second half of the scoreless draw between Chivas and Cruz Azul begins.
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The first half of the scoreless draw between Chivas and Cruz Azul is over.
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2 minutes of compensation are added. 
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In a match with little rhythm, both teams are looking for a chance, but without any deep arrivals in the forwards, letting the chances go by.
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The red-and-whites try to get forward, looking for a counterattack down the flank, but the attack doesn't get there in time.
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Cruz Azul substitution, Christian Tabó in, Rodo Rotondi out.
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Chivas are starting to lose the ball very easily and are complicating the game. 
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Cruz Azul has the upper hand in these last few minutes, but Chivas tries to get forward. 
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At times the Cementero team is leading the attack, but the ball ends up in the defense or in the goalkeeper. 
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Chivas starts to have more of the ball, but getting past the midfield starts to cost them. 
8:53 PM3 months ago


Both clubs start with everything, but Cruz Azul starts to have their first attack that doesn't result in anything.
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The match kicks off

The match between Chivas and Cruz Azul is ready to begin at the Jalisco Stadium, where a stadium with a large crowd can be seen.
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They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this Sky Cup match at the Jalisco Stadium.
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Upcoming matches for Cruz Azul

The hosts are coming off a 2-1 win over América in their last match, but still have several games left to play.
Sun. Jan. 8, Tijuana vs Cruz Azul, Liga MX    
Sat., Jan. 14, Cruz Azul vs Monterrey, Liga MX
8:33 PM3 months ago

Chivas' starting XI

This is the XI with which the local team will take the field at the Jalisco Stadium, a match corresponding to the Sky Cup.
8:28 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul's starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Jalisco Stadium, a match corresponding to the Sky Cup.
8:23 PM3 months ago

Chivas' upcoming matches

The visitors are coming off a 1-0 win over Atlas last time out, but still have several games in hand.    
Sat., Jan. 7, Monterrey vs Guadalajara, Liga MX    
Fri. Jan. 13, Atlético San Luis vs Guadalajara, Liga MX
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Group A: Pumas, Cruz Azul, Necaxa, America and Toluca
Group B: Mazatlan, Atlas, Chivas, Santos, and Tigres.
8:13 PM3 months ago


This Cup will only be played in four venues:
Nemesio Diez Stadium
Olímpico Universitario Stadium
Jalisco Stadium
Universitario Stadium (Volcano)
8:08 PM3 months ago

Group B Matches

Atlas vs Santos Laguna | Monday, December 12 | 9:00 pm
Tigres vs Mazatlan | Tuesday, December 13 | 9:00 pm
Chivas vs Mazatlan | Friday, December 16 | 21:00 hours
Atlas vs Tigres | Saturday, December 17 | 21:00 hours
Chivas vs Santos Laguna | Monday, December 19 | 9:00 pm
Atlas vs Mazatlan | Tuesday, December 20 | 9:00 pm 
Chivas vs Tigres | Thursday, December 22 | 9:00 pm 
Mazatlan vs Santos Laguna | Friday, December 23 | 9:00 pm 
Tigres vs Santos Laguna | Tuesday, December 27th | 17:00 hours 
Chivas vs Atlas | Tuesday, December 27 | 9:00 pm
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Group A Matches

Cruz Azul vs Necaxa | Monday, December 12 | 7:00 p.m.
Pumas vs Toluca | Tuesday, December 13 | 7:00 pm
América vs Necaxa : Thursday, December 15, 7:00 p.m.
Pumas vs Cruz Azul | Friday, December 16 | 7:00 pm
América vs Toluca | Monday, December 19 | 19:00 pm
Pumas vs Necaxa | Tuesday, December 20 | 7:00 p.m.
Toluca vs Cruz Azul | Thursday, December 22 | 7:00 pm
América vs Pumas | Friday, December 23 | 7:00 pm
Toluca vs Necaxa | Monday, December 26 | 9:00 pm
Cruz Azul vs América | Tuesday, December 27 | 7:00 pm
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Trust in Hierro

Raúl González, the former Real Madrid player, asked Chivas fans to have confidence in Fernando Hierro, new Sporting Director, and Vieljko Paunovic, technical director.
"Be calm, trust them because I think they are two people with a lot of wisdom and experience. It is their first experience in Mexican soccer and their first experience there, but in the end soccer is the same everywhere and I am sure that, with the great structure that the club has, the help that they will have, they will be able to contribute to make sure that the fans enjoy every matchday and that in every match they can achieve victory".
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There was a brawl

Not even the cold weather at the Estadio Nemesio Diez was an impediment for tempers to flare in the América vs Cruz Azul match. At minute 69', Michael Estrada committed a tackle on Israel Reyes, so immediately, all the eagles went after the Ecuadorian, causing the Celestes to come to his defense.
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Tune in here Cruz Azul vs Chivas in Copa Sky

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Cruz Azul vs Chivas match in the Copa Sky.
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What time is Cruz Azul vs Chivas match for Copa Sky?

This is the start time of the game Cruz Azul vs Chivas of December 30th, in several countries:
México: 20:00 horas CDMX
Argentina: 23:00 horas
Chile: 23:00 horas
Colombia: 20:00 horas
Perú: 20:00 horas
EE.UU.: 21:00 horas ET
Ecuador: 20:00 horas
Uruguay: 21:00 horas
Paraguay: 20:00 horas
España: 04:00 horas
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Where and how to watch Cruz Azul vs Chivas live and in real time

The match will be broadcasted on Sky.
If you want to watch Cruz Azul vs Chivas in streaming it will be available on Blue To Go.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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 This will be the 60th meeting between these two teams in all competitions, so it will be a great match for both teams, who will be looking to improve their record and tip the scales a little on their side, as the blue-and-whites have 18 wins, the red-and-whites 17 and 24 draws.
Cruz Azul 2-1 Guadalajara, 1 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Cruz Azul 0-1 Guadalajara, 16 Apr, 2022, Liga MX
Guadalajara 1-1 Cruz Azul, 23 Oct, 2021, Liga MX
Cruz Azul 1-0 Guadalajara, 10 Apr, 2021, Liga MX
Guadalajara 0-2 Cruz Azul, 25 Oct, 2020, Liga MX
7:28 PM3 months ago

How is Cruz Azul doing?

The locals in their last 5 matches have had a not very good performance, as they have not had a victory in the last matches, their best result was the 1-0 against Atlas in the last tournament, having a streak of 1 victory, 2 draws and 2 defeats, a very unfavorable streak for the team, but they need to not make mistakes, to have confidence for the next tournament.
Cruz Azul 2-1 América, 27, Dec, 2022, Sky Cup
Toluca 1-1 Cruz Azul, 22, Dec, 2022, Sky Cup
Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul, 16, Dec, 2022, Sky Cup
Cruz Azul 0-0 Necaxa, December 12, Dec, 2022, Sky Cup
Monterrey 3-0 Cruz Azul, Oct 15, 2022, Liga MX
7:23 PM3 months ago

How are Chivas doing?

The visitors in their last 5 matches have had a very good performance, as they have had several victories in the last matches, their best result was the 4-0 against Santos, having a streak of 4 wins, 0 draws and 1 loss, a very unfavorable streak for the team, but they need to not make mistakes, in order to have confidence for the next tournament.
Atlas 0-1 Chivas, Dec 27, 2022, Sky Cup
Chivas 2-1 Tigres, Dec 22, 2022, Sky Cup
Chivas 4-0 Santos, Dec 19, 2022, Sky Cup
Chivas 1-o Mazatlan, Dec 16, 2022, Sky Cup
Athletic Club 2-0 Guadalajara, 11 Dec, 2022, Friendly Match
7:18 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this player of La Maquina

The Uruguayan forward, Ignacio Rivero has had a good performance, being the main player of the team in this preseason, being the one who carries the team in the most important moments despite having high caliber competition, who has also been a factor in the last tournament, the Uruguayan played in 3 games scoring 1 goal in this Sky Cup.
7:13 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Chivas player

The Mexican-Peruvian striker, Santiago Ormeño, 28 years old, has had a good performance, the attacker has played 14 matches, scoring 1 goal in the last tournament, being crucial for the team, looking for help and victory, hoping to respond for the good moment he is currently going through, so he will try to take advantage of Alexis Vega coming from a rest due to the World Cup process so he can have the confidence of the coach and look for a place for the next tournament. 
7:08 PM3 months ago

Perfect step

Guadalajara has shown good things in this preparatory tournament and has its fans excited for the Clausura 2023.
Antonio Briseño came close to opening the scoring when he took a corner kick, shook off a defensive marker and headed the ball over the crossbar. The ball was deflected by a rival and hit the crossbar.
The Serbian Veljko Paunovic put an end to the Zorros' hegemony over them. Chivas had not beaten Atlas in six matches.
7:03 PM3 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the Cruz Azul vs Chivas match, corresponding to the Sky Cup Final. The match will take place at the Jalisco Stadium at 21:00.