Highlights and Best Moments: America 0-0 Queretaro in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the América vs Querétaro game.
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Balanta almost scored an own goal that went wide.
8:46 PM5 months ago


Add 6 more minutes.
8:41 PM5 months ago


Rodriguez's flick right to the goalkeeper's position.
8:36 PM5 months ago


Reyes and Suárez enter

Fuentes and Zendejas come out

América changes


Barbieri and Guzmán come in

Madueña and Sepúlveda come out

Querétaro changes

8:31 PM5 months ago


Henry's header and great save by Alcalá
8:26 PM5 months ago


Escamilla enters and Hernandez leaves, Queretaro changes
8:21 PM5 months ago


Sánchez and Martín enter

Valdés and Aquino come out

América's changes

8:16 PM5 months ago


Valdés' header that went over the top

Duarte and Ayón came on

Zúñiga and Quiñones came off the bench

Querétaro changes

8:11 PM5 months ago


Viñas' header went over the top of the goal.
8:06 PM5 months ago


Rodriguez leaves and Viñas enters, América change
8:01 PM5 months ago


Viñas enters and Rodriguez leaves, change of América.
7:56 PM5 months ago


Aquino's header and Alcalá's save from a set piece.
7:51 PM5 months ago


Sepulveda's header and a great save by Jimenez.
7:46 PM5 months ago


A good save by Alcalá, who manages to clear the ball.
7:41 PM5 months ago


The second half begins between América and Querétaro.
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7:31 PM5 months ago


No goal for a previous handball by Zendejas.
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Add 2 more minutes.
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Zendejas on the rebound with Alcalá ends up pushing the ball in for the 1-0.

7:16 PM5 months ago


Zendejas' shot goes over the top of the goal.
7:11 PM5 months ago


Zúñiga with the flash that Jiménez flies in to save his goal.
7:06 PM5 months ago


Fuentes' header to the far post goes high.
7:01 PM5 months ago


Balanta manages to deflect the ball when Cabecita was already arriving.
6:56 PM5 months ago


Rodriguez's shot goes wide.
6:51 PM5 months ago


A great save by Jiménez who does not touch the ball outside the box in a risky move.
6:46 PM5 months ago


Rojas' shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
6:41 PM5 months ago


Madueña's cross shot goes wide. Querétaro close.
6:36 PM5 months ago


Dangerous cross that Alcalá keeps out with his fists.
6:31 PM5 months ago


Sepúlveda's shot goes over the top of the goal.
6:26 PM5 months ago


Fuentes' cross is blocked by Balanta at the near post.
6:21 PM5 months ago


Good start by Alcalá to take the ball in his own half.
6:16 PM5 months ago


The game between América and Querétaro gets underway
6:11 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Liga MX match between América and Querétaro.
6:06 PM5 months ago

Querétaro substitutes

2 Omar Mendoza

11 Manuel Duarte

6 Miguel Barbieri

5 Kevin Escamilla

26 Ettson Ayón

31 Alejandro Arana

9 Jonathan Torres

3 Carlos Guzmán

25 Daniel Cervantes

28 Alberto García

6:01 PM5 months ago

America substitutes

25 Jürgen Damm

26 Salvador Reyes

21 Henry Martín

32 Leo Suárez

24 Federico Viñas

14 Néstor Araujo

6 Jonathan dos Santos

23 Emilio Lara

20 Richard Sánchez

33 Luis Malagón

5:56 PM5 months ago

XI Queretaro

1 Gil Alcalá, 27 Gabriel Rojas, 4 Rafael Fernández, 35 Kevin Balanta, 23 Christian Rivera, 22 José Madueña, 14 Jorge Hernández, 7 Rodrigo López, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda, 19 Raúl Zúñiga, 18 Pablo Barrera.
5:51 PM5 months ago

XI America

27 Óscar Jiménez, 2 Luis Fuentes, 4 Sebastián Cáceres, 3 Israel Reyes, 19 Miguel Layún, 17 Alejandro Zendejas, 7 Brian Rodríguez, 10 Diego Valdés, 5 Pedro Aquino, 11 Jonathan Rodríguez, 8 Álvaro Fidalgo.
5:46 PM5 months ago


With this video, the Gallos demonstrate how they arrived at the Coloso de Santa Ursula.
5:41 PM5 months ago

They have arrived

The Aguilas del America have arrived at the Azteca Stadium in this manner:
5:36 PM5 months ago

Avoid fine

Querétaro's mission will be to avoid finishing last, as they did last season, and to avoid the relegation penalty because they are at the bottom of the percentage table.
5:31 PM5 months ago


After several seasons and championships, Bruno Valdez's departure from América was finalized this Friday due to the number of foreigners in the Águilas.
5:26 PM5 months ago


The excitement continues in Liga MX and this Saturday América will debut against Querétaro for the first three points in the Clausura 2023. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
5:21 PM5 months ago

Tune in here America vs Queretaro Live Score in Liga MX 2023

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What time is America vs Queretaro match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game America vs Queretaro of January 7th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 7:00 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 5:00 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 6:00 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 6:00 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 6:00 PM on TUDN and ViX

Spain: 12:00 AM to be confirmed

Mexico: 5:00 PM on ViX Plus

Paraguay: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 6:00 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

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Last games America vs Queretaro

The Eagles have slightly dominated the series in recent matches with two wins, two draws and only one loss.

Queretaro 0-1 America, Apertura 2022

America 1-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2022

Queretaro 0-0 America, Apertura 2021

America 2-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2021

Queretaro 4-1 America, Apertura 2020

5:06 PM5 months ago

Key Player Queretaro

Many changes for Los Gallos, but Ángel Sepúlveda, who will have to carry the weight of the offense and reflect it at home, because it looks like a very complicated tournament for Los Emplumados.
5:01 PM5 months ago

Key player America

He closed 2022 with a great level and is expected to take the baton of America's midfield so that he can lead them towards good results, as is the case of Alejandro Zendejas, while it is being defined in which national team he will play, whether with the United States or with Mexico thinking about the 2026 World Cup.
Foto: Récord
Image: Récord
4:56 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Queretaro (Apertura 2022)

4 Antonio Rodríguez, 17 Erik Vera, 3 Jordan Silva, 35 Kevin Balanta, 2 Omar Mendoza, 18 Pablo Barrera, 11 Mario Osuna, 202 Rodrigo López, 7 Leonardo Sequeira, 32 Ariel Nahuelán, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda.
4:51 PM5 months ago

Last lineup America

27 Óscar Jiménez, 20 Richard Sánchez, 26 Israel Reyes, 14 Néstor Araujo, 4 Sebastián Cáceres, 7 Brian Rodríguez, 17 Alejandro Zendejas, 19 Miguel Layún, 8 Álvaro Fidalgo, 9 Roger Martínez, 11 Jonathan Rodríguez.
4:46 PM5 months ago

Thinking about the captain

Fernando Ortiz stated a few days ago that after Memo Ochoa's departure, there was no definite captain for the matches, but the options could be between Óscar Jiménez and Henry Martín.

"Regarding the captain, it is a dialogue that we have daily and we will resolve it in the week prior to the start of the tournament. There are several captains after Memo, such as Henry, Óscar and whoever presents it, will do so in the best way," he stated.

4:41 PM5 months ago

Queretaro: avoid the fine

With the vote of confidence in Mauro Gerk's project, remembering that they were last in the Apertura 2022, the mission of the Gallos Blancos del Queretaro is to avoid being at the bottom of the general table and to get out of the last places in the quotient to avoid the fine of not being relegated, as they have had seasons to forget that they will try not to have them since 2023 and giving a blow of authority in the first match will be key.
4:36 PM5 months ago

America: for the championship

A new tournament begins for the Águilas del America with the mission of ending the four-year drought without a title and being able to say goodbye to the Coloso de Santa Úrsula, before their manita de gato, with a longed-for title in the post-Guillermo Ochoa era, who will no longer be here and his place will be taken by Óscar Jiménez in a dispute with Luis Malagón. America failed to qualify for the SKY Cup Final, where it left some doubts, especially in defense, losing to Pumas and Cruz Azul.
4:31 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The America vs Queretaro match will be played at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:00 pm ET.
4:26 PM5 months ago

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