Goals and Highlights: Pachuca 5-1 Puebla in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX match between Pachuca and Puebla.
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Add 6 more minutes.
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There was no penalty kick and the foul was called just outside the area.
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The referee awards a penalty kick in favor of Pachuca.
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Goal disallowed to Puebla for a previous offside.
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Ibañez headed in a cross to the far post to increase the lead and seal the win.

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Kevin Álvarez scored with class and side-footed past the goalkeeper to make it 4-1.

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Robles, Aguilar and López

Martinez, Vazquez and Martinez come out.

Puebla's changes

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López arrives at the far post to shoot a shot that goes into the back of the net to make it 3-1.

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Avilés Hurtado is fouled and Pachuca have a good set piece option.
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Ibanez's header to the near post is saved by Silva.
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Ferraréis enters and Castillo leaves, Puebla change
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Powerful shot that Ustari saves with some trouble.
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The second half begins between Pachuca and Puebla.
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Lopez's shot from half distance was saved by Silva.
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Ibañez takes the penalty kick and Silva flies to avoid the goal and save the penalty.
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The referee awards a penalty kick in favor of Pachuca after reviewing the play in the VAR.
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A possible penalty kick for Pachuca is reviewed.
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Add 8 more minutes.
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Martín Barragán deceives the goalkeeper and scores the 1-2 goal at the Hidalgo.

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Parra misses a one-on-one against Ustari, but on the rebound he recovers the ball and is run over, so the referee awards the penalty.
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Hurtado enters and de la Fuente leaves, Pachuca's substitution due to injury.
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Dangerous cross that Ibáñez cannot finish, but ends up in the corner.
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Little by little, Puebla tried to balance the balance in the midfield, but still without any goals.
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Yellow card for Puebla's Castillo.
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Ibañez gets the rebound inside the box and sends the ball into the net to make it 2-0.

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From a direct free kick Chávez sends the ball into the net to make it 1-0.

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Sanchez's shot is blocked and easily reaches Silva.
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Pachuca and Puebla kick off.
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between Pachuca and Puebla.
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Puebla substitutes

23 Daniel Aguilar

 8 Fernando Arce

 6 Pablo González

 30 Jesús Rodríguez

 19 Ángel Robles

 18 Luis Arcadio García

 7 Daniel Álvarez

 27 Lucas Varone

 2 Gustavo Ferrareis

 16 Alberto Herrera

10:16 PM5 months ago

Pachuca substitutes

 14 José Castillo

 35 Bryan González

 18 Marino Hinestroza

 25 Carlos Moreno

 29 Illian Hernandez

 13 Luis Calzadilla

 26 Jahaziel Marchand

 100 Israel Luna

 9 Roberto de la Rosa

 11 Avilés Hurtado

10:11 PM5 months ago

XI Puebla

1 Antony Silva, 21 Gastón Silva, 26 Ivo Vázquez, 204 Emilio Martínez, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 5 Diego de Buen, 10 Federico Mancuello, 14 Pablo Parra, 24 Raúl Castillo, 15 Guillermo Martínez, 28 Martín Barragán.
10:06 PM5 months ago

XI Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 12 Mauricio Isais, 2 Kevin Álvarez, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 4 Miguel Tapias, 16 Javier López, 28 Jesús Hernández, 24 Luis Chávez, 19 Paulino De La Fuente, 7 Nicolás Ibáñez, 10 Érick Sánchez.
10:01 PM5 months ago


Puebla announced the return of Volkswagen as a sponsor, recalling that for a long time they wore it in the center of their jersey.
9:56 PM5 months ago

Champion patch

The Tuzos will wear the champion's patch on their jerseys, which they obtained in the Apertura 2022 by beating Toluca.
9:51 PM5 months ago

It was post Nicolás Larcamón

Puebla will begin a new era without Nicolás Larcamón and now under the command of Eduardo Arce in search of the first upset of the day.
9:46 PM5 months ago

The champion

Tonight's debut will be the debut of the champion, who, despite the loss of Víctor Guzmán, maintained the essence of his squad and is one of the favorites to reach the Liga MX Grand Final.
9:41 PM5 months ago


Pachuca and Puebla close the matchday 1 activity, which still has two matches pending, from the Bella Airosa. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Pachuca vs Puebla Live Score in Liga MX 2023

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What time is Pachuca vs Puebla match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Pachuca vs Puebla of January 9th in several countries:

Argentina: 12:10 AM on Claro Sports

Bolivia: 11:10 PM on Claro Sports

Brazil: 12:10 AM on Claro Sports

Chile: 12:10 AM on Claro Sports

Costa Rica: 9:10 PM on Claro Sports

Colombia: 10:10 PM on Claro Sports

Ecuador: 10:10 PM on Claro Sports

United States (ET): 10:10 PM on TUDN and ViX

Spain: 4:10 AM on Claro Sports

Mexico: 9:10 PM on Fox Sports, Fox Sports Premium, Marca Claro and Claro Sports

Paraguay: 12:10 AM on Claro Sports

Peru: 10:10 PM on Claro Sports

Uruguay: 12:10 AM on Claro Sports

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Last games Pachuca vs Puebla

In the last five matches, Puebla have had a clear dominance with a balance of four wins and one loss, although a couple of years ago they were surprised and lost 3-1, a situation they will seek to avoid this Monday.

Puebla 2-2 Pachuca, Apertura 2022

Pachuca 1-0 Puebla, Clausura 2021

Puebla 1-2 Pachuca, Apertura 2021

Pachuca 1-3 Puebla, Clausura 2021

Puebla 0-1 Pachuca, Apertura 2020

9:21 PM5 months ago

Key Player Puebla

He has been one of the best players since he arrived at La Franja due to his solvency and saves under the three posts, which is why Paraguayan Antony Silva will have to be at his best to get a positive result from a complicated field.
9:16 PM5 months ago

Key player Pachuca

Last season's goal scorer wants to repeat for this championship, which is why Argentine Nicolás Ibáñez will be one of the elements to follow not only for this match, but also throughout the Clausura 2023, where he has been a guarantee of goals since he arrived in Mexican soccer.
Foto: Mexsport
Image: Mexsport
9:11 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Puebla

1 Antony Silva, 12 Israel Reyes, 21 Gastón Silva, 5 Diego de Buen, 26 Ivo Vázquez, 204 Emilio Martínez, 10 Federico Mancuello, 14 Pablo Parra, 20 Maximiliano Araujo, 22 Jordi Cortizo, 15 Guillermo Martínez.
9:06 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 23 Óscar Murillo, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 85 Mauricio Isais, 2 Kevin Álvarez, 6 Víctor Guzmán, 24 Luis Chávez, 10 Érick Sánchez, 7 Nicolás Ibáñez, 30 Romario Ibarra, 19 Paulino De La Fuente.
9:01 PM5 months ago

Puebla: a new era

After the departure of Nicolás Larcamón and the arrival of coach Eduardo Arce, La Franja del Puebla wants to continue qualifying for the Liguillas and end the long streak of not being able to win the title, although the outlook does not look so encouraging due to some important departures, such as that of Maxi Araujo, who left for Toluca.
8:56 PM5 months ago

Pachuca: to crown for the first time

The reigning champions of Mexican soccer, the Tuzos del Pachuca, are making their debut after a few months and will be looking to do so on the right foot, under a project led by Guillermo Almada, who has been very solid in his first year as coach and who has the task of not slowing down and continuing to place the team from the Bella Airosa among the best in Liga MX.
8:51 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The Pachuca vs Puebla match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium, in Pachuca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 22:10 pm ET.
8:46 PM5 months ago

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