Goals and Highlights: Tigres 4-1 Pachuca in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX match between Tigres and Pachuca.
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Add 5 minutes more.
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Gignac gives a great pass to Quiñones and signs his brace for the goal.

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Marino Hinestroza of Pachuca is cautioned.
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Vigón enters and Carioca leaves, Tigres changes
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Quiñones scores alone in front of the goal for 3-1.

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Enter Luna, Hernández, Figueroa

Exit Isais, López, Hurtado

Changes for Pachuca

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Goal disallowed to Gignac for a previous offside by Quiñones
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Lopez's shot goes over the top of the goal.
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Samir's header goes wide.
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Hinestroza enters and Hernández leaves, Pachuca changes.
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Gignac pumped the ball and missed a clear option that looked like the third goal.
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Garza's pass and Gignac's great first-time finish to turn the scoreboard around.

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Gignac arrives at the far post with a shot that is wide of the post.
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De la Rosa's very weak shot to Nahuel's hands.
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Second half begins between Tigres and Pachuca
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Add 5 minutes more
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Javier Aquino knocks down Álvarez and is cautioned.
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Luis Quiñones has been cautioned.
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Quiñones' left-footed shot goes wide.
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A cross to the far post is headed in by Fernando Gorriarán to make it 1-1.

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Gignac with the shot, but it was offside first
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Gignac's header into Ustari's hands.
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Sanchez's shot went wide.
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The play was reviewed in the VAR and the referee did not sanction a foul and gave Chávez a yellow card.
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Luis Chávez of Pachuca has been cautioned.
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Gignac's direct free kick is saved by Ustari.
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Gignac with a direct free kick that hits the wall.
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GOAL PACHUCA. Eduardo López heads in a cross to the far post to open the scoring 1-0 at the Volcán.
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De la Rosa had the first but Guzmán made a good save to prevent it from happening.
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Aquino with a weak shot into Ustari's hands
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Tigres and Pachuca kick off the game
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Liga MX match between Tigres and Pachuca.
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Pachuca substitutes

 21 Francisco Figueroa

 25 Carlos Moreno

 18 Marino Hinestroza

 26 Jahaziel Marchand

 33 Pedro Pedraza

 14 José Castillo

 13 Luis Calzadilla

 29 Illian Hernandez

 35 Bryan González

 100 Israel Luna

7:50 PM5 months ago

Tigres substitutes

 13 Diego Reyes

 201 Sebastián Fierro

 32 Vladimir Loroña

 11 Nico López

 15 Eduardo Tercero

 30 Miguel Ortega

 26 Florian Thauvin

 199 Fernando González Peña

 17 Francisco Córdova

 6 Juan Vigón

7:45 PM5 months ago

XI Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 4 Miguel Tapias, 12 Mauricio Isais, 2 Kevin Álvarez, 24 Luis Chávez, 28 Jesús Hernández, 16 Javier López, 9 Roberto de la Rosa, 10 Érick Sánchez, 11 Avilés Hurtado.
7:40 PM5 months ago

XI Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 3 Samir, 2 Igor Lichnovsky, 27 Jesús Angulo, 14 Jesús Garza, 19 Guido Pizarro, 5 Rafael Carioca, 8 Fernando Gorriarán, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 23 Luis Quiñones, 20 Javier Aquino.
7:35 PM5 months ago


Álvarez and Chávez celebrated their birthdays today and will be looking to validate it with a win as visitors:
7:30 PM5 months ago

The Felines are here

This is how Tigres arrived at the Volcán for this match.
7:25 PM5 months ago

Great shock

It should be remembered that these two teams won on the first matchday and the winner will remain at the top of the Clausura 2023 despite the fact that these are only the first matches.
7:20 PM5 months ago

Ibanez leaves.

Many media reported yesterday that the signing of Nicolás Ibáñez with the Tigres was already a fact, but so far there has been no official confirmation.
7:15 PM5 months ago


UANL Tigres and Pachuca Tuzos continue with the Liga MX Matchday 2 activity this Sunday and we kick off with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Tigres vs Pachuca Live Score in Liga MX 2023

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What time is Tigres vs Pachuca match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs Pachuca of January 14th in several countries:

Argentina: 10:05 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 9:05 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 10:05 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 10:05 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 7:05 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 8:05 PM on TUDN and ViX

Spain: 2:05 AM to be confirmed

Mexico: 7:05 PM on ViX Plus

Paraguay: 10:05 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 10:05 PM to be confirmed

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Last games Tigres vs Pachuca

The balance between these two teams has been very even, with three wins for the Tuzos and two for the regios, with the home side having won in the last five matches.

Pachuca 2-1 Tigres, Apertura 2022 (Quarterfinals, Second Leg)

Tigres 1-0 Pachuca, Apertura 2022 (Quarterfinals First Leg)

Pachuca 2-0 Tigres, Apertura 2022 (First Leg Quarterfinals)

Pachuca 2-1 Tigres, Clausura 2022 (First Leg Quarterfinals)

Tigres 3-0 Pachuca, Apertura 2021

6:55 PM5 months ago

Key Player Pachuca

Just as he closed last season, where he played a vital role in the championship, Argentine Nicolás Ibáñez has also started the Clausura 2023 season, as he contributed a brace in the opener against Puebla and will be looking to keep his powder keg burning in a complicated field.
6:50 PM5 months ago

Key player Tigres

Despite his seniority, Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac continues to silence critics and in the first matchday he scored a goal in the victory against Santos Laguna, where he took the opportunity to celebrate as "Viejito" to all those journalists who criticize him for his age; it was Miguel Herrera who assured that the message was not for him, but gave the opportunity to do so after his controversial statements that left him out of the feline institution.
Foto: Marca
Photo: Marca
6:45 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 12 Mauricio Isais, 2 Kevin Álvarez, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 4 Miguel Tapias, 16 Javier López, 28 Jesús Hernández, 24 Luis Chávez, 19 Paulino De La Fuente, 7 Nicolás Ibáñez, 10 Érick Sánchez.
6:40 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 13 Diego Reyes, 2 Igor Lichnovsky, 27 Jesús Angulo, 14 Jesús Garza, 19 Guido Pizarro, 5 Rafael Carioca, 8 Fernando Gorriarán, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 23 Luis Quiñones, 20 Javier Aquino.
6:35 PM5 months ago

Will he be the star player?

At the end of the drubbing against Santos, Diego Cocca assured that he still doesn't know the whole team and some players are still not at a good level, so he hopes that there will be greater competitiveness for the following days:

"I don't know, I don't know them yet, 32 days of training are going, what I want is for them to make it more difficult for me, I still don't have it as difficult as I want, I am convinced that there are players who are not at the highest level, when that happens we will have more tools, more player movements, it is a very big challenge ahead of me, it is just the first step" 1Nahuel Guzmán

6:30 PM5 months ago

Pachuca: keeping up the pace

It seems that in the first matchday there were no champions after a 5-1 thrashing of Puebla, but this will truly be their first litmus test to show what they are made of and to be able to score points and remain at the top, despite the fact that these are just the first games of the Clausura 2023.
6:25 PM5 months ago

Tigres: roar at home

The Felinos' mission is to start roaring at home in order to strengthen their relationship with their fans and, above all, with their new coach Diego Cocca, who began his time with Tigres with the best of sensations by defeating Santos Laguna 3-0, a venue that is normally difficult for them.
6:20 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The Tigres vs Pachuca match will be played at the Universitario Stadium, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:05 pm ET.
6:15 PM5 months ago

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