Highlights and goals: Pays de Cassel 0-7 PSG in Coupe de France 2022-23
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4:41 PM10 days ago


Our coverage of the match between Pays de Cassel and PSG in the Round of 32 of the Coupe de France 2022-23 comes to an end.

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4:40 PM10 days ago

⌚ 90'

End of the match! Game over at the Stade Bollaert-Delelis. Great win for PSG 7-0 over Pays de Cassel, who held almost the first half hour without conceding, but from then on succumbed.
4:32 PM10 days ago

⌚ 85'

PSG had a chance! Vitinha's shot was well saved by Romain Samson.
4:27 PM10 days ago

⚽ 79'

GOOOOOOOOAL for PSG! KYLIAN MBAPPÉ! The French striker scored his seventh goal of the match and fifth of his career after a cross from Carlos Soler.
4:24 PM10 days ago

⌚ 15

Half an hour into the second half. Only 15 minutes left to confirm PSG's qualification.
4:16 PM10 days ago

🔄 67'

Double change for Pays de Cassel. Charles Delcourt and Emmanuel Djelema replace Dimitri Santrain and Clément Bogdanski.
4:14 PM10 days ago

🔄 67'

Double change at PSG. El Chadaille Bitshiabu and Ismaël Gharbi come on in place of Sergio Ramos and Hugo Ekitike.
4:13 PM10 days ago

⚽ 64'

GOOOOAL for PSG! Carlos Soler! The Spaniard scores with a back-heel, after receiving a pass from Neymar and finding himself in front of goal.
4:11 PM10 days ago

⌚ 63'

PSG had a chance! Fabian Ruiz's shot down low, but goalkeeper Romain Samson's reaction was better.
4:10 PM10 days ago

🔄 59'

Double change at PSG. Fabian Ruiz and Achraf Hakimi come on in place of Renato Sanchez and Timothée Pembélé.
4:06 PM10 days ago

⚽ 55'

GOOOOOOOOAL for PSG! KYLIAN MBAPPÉ AGAIN! The French striker scores his fourth goal after a great pass from Sergio Ramos.
4:05 PM10 days ago

🔄 54'

Double change for Pays de Cassel. Kevin Rudent and Robin Itoua replace Kiba Sané and Ayrance Leganase.
4:03 PM10 days ago

⌚ 53'

PSG had a chance! Vitinha tried inside the box after being left with the ball, but the opposing defense saved on the line.
4:01 PM10 days ago

⌚ 50'

First minutes of the second half. Not much happens so far.
3:53 PM10 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts with a change for PSG, with Juan Bernat replacing Nuno Mendes.
3:36 PM10 days ago

⌚ 45'

End of the first half. PSG's goal so far against Pays de Cassel. 4-0, partial score.
3:31 PM10 days ago

⚽ 40'

GOOOOAL for PSG! KYLIAN MBAPPÉ! The French striker received Vitinha's pass and finished exquisitely to score the fourth goal of the match.
3:28 PM10 days ago

⌚ 39'

Neymar missed it! The Brazilian received a pass from Carlos Soler and missed his shot in front of goal.
3:25 PM10 days ago

⚽ 35'

GOOOOOOOOOOAL for PSG! KYLIAN MBAPPÉ! The French striker scored a great finish over the goalkeeper after a long delivery from Danilo Pereira. It was a night to remember for the Pays de Cassel side.
3:23 PM10 days ago

⚽ 33'

GOOOOAL for PSG! NEYMAR! The Brazilian played a nice move with Kylian Mbappé, who set him up, and then got out of the way of three players and shot into the net. Although goalkeeper Romain Samson took a touch, he couldn't prevent the second goal.
3:20 PM10 days ago

🟨 30'

Yellow card. Nicolas Bruneel is cautioned for Pays de Cassel. Dangerous free kick for PSG.
3:19 PM10 days ago

⚽ 29'

GOOOOOOOAL for PSG! KYLIAN MBAPPÉ! A great run down the left by Nuno Mendes found the French striker, who shot and was fortunate that the ball deflected off an opponent.
3:16 PM10 days ago

🟨 26'

Yellow card. The first of the match goes to Neymar for PSG.
3:16 PM10 days ago

⌚ 25'

There are still no scoring chances in the match. Pays de Cassel has been able to control PSG's intentions.
3:15 PM10 days ago

⌚ 20'

The score remains 0-0 for the moment. PSG have not managed to break their opponents' resistance.
3:04 PM10 days ago

⌚ 15'

First quarter of the match. Still goalless so far with Pays de Cassel trying to surprise their opponents.
2:59 PM10 days ago

⚽❌ 9'

Goal disallowed for PSG. Kylian Mbappé scored low to the right post, but it was disallowed for offside.
2:56 PM10 days ago

⌚ 5'

First minutes of the match. It's crazy in the stadium every time Pays de Cassel takes the ball. They know they are playing the game of their lives.
2:51 PM10 days ago

Match starts

The match between Pays de Cassel and PSG kicks off.
2:45 PM10 days ago

Team on the field

The players of Pays de Cassel and PSG take the field at the Stade Bollaert-Delelis.
2:40 PM10 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Willy Delajod

Assistant No.1: Philippe Jeanne

Assistant No.2: Erwan Finjean

Fourth Official: Guillaume Paradis

2:35 PM10 days ago

Substitutes - PSG

16. Sergio Rico (GK),12. Achraf Hakimi, 13. El Chadaille Bitshiabu, 14. Juan Bernat, 15. Marquinhos, 17. Warren Zaïre-Emery, 18. Fabián Ruiz, 19. Ismaël Gharbi, 20. Ilyes Housni.

2:30 PM10 days ago

Starting XI - PSG

| 01. Keylor Navas |
| 02. Timothée Pembélé | 05. Danilo Pereira | 04. Sergio Ramos | 03. Nuno Mendes |
| 11. Carlos Soler | 08. Renato Sánchez | 06. Vitinha | 10. Neymar Jr. |
| 09. Hugo Ekitike | 07. Kylian Mbappé |

Coach: Christophe Galtier

2:25 PM10 days ago

Substitutes - Pays de Cassel

16. Elio Clausi (GK), 12. Kevin Rudent, 13. Charles Delcourt, 14. Mathieu Valdher, 15. Mathias Dron, 17. Emmanuel Djelema, 18. Hugo Dubreucq, 19. Robin Itoua, 20. Arthur Bogdanski.

2:20 PM10 days ago

Starting XI - Pays de Cassel

| 01. Romain Samson |
| 02. Dimitri Santrain | 05. Alexis Zmijak | 04. Lucas Thoor | 03. Corentin Rapaille |
| 06. Baptiste Leclerc | 07. Nicolas Bruneel |
| 11. Kiba Sané | 08. Clément Boudjema | 10. Clément Bogdanski |
| 09. Ayrance Leganase |

Coach: Samuel Goethals

2:15 PM10 days ago

All set

This is how the teams will be dressed in this game.
2:10 PM10 days ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match Pays de Cassel vs PSG, corresponding to the round of 32 of the Coupe de France. We invite you to follow the match.
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What time is Pays de Cassel vs PSG match for Coupe de France?

This is the start time of the game Pays de Cassel vs PSG of January 23rd, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 4:45 PM on DirecTV Sports and DirecTV Sports App
Bolivia: 3:45 PM
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1:50 PM10 days ago

Key player - PSG

In PSG, the presence of Kylian Mbappé stands out. The 24-year-old French striker is one of the most outstanding players of the team so far this season, scoring 20 goals and five assists in 23 matches played, where he has started 21 of them. He has a total of 1890 minutes.

1:45 PM10 days ago

Key player - Pays de Cassel

In Pays de Cassel, the presence of Alexis Zmijak stands out. The 34-year-old French defender is one of the team's most outstanding players so far this season, scoring two goals in three matches played, where he has been a starter in all of them. He has 279 minutes in total.

1:40 PM10 days ago


PSG comes into this match with a chance to advance to the next round. Christophe Galtier's men are coming off the back of a friendly win against a combination of Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal players, where they had to dig deep to get the win.

The Parisian team's season is not going badly at all, especially because they have managed to find a great version of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé to exploit this combination.

However, after the two defeats suffered between their last matches in Ligue 1, PSG will have to be very attentive, despite the fact that the opponent they will face is on paper much inferior.

1:35 PM10 days ago

Pays de Cassel

Pays de Cassel is PSG's surprise opponent for this occasion. The team, which is part of the sixth division of French soccer, has just eliminated Chaumont FC, Drancy and Whasquehal Football in the previous rounds. This will undoubtedly be a huge opportunity for a very modest team, which will certainly want to impress against the very powerful Parisian team.

To locate this team a bit, you have to go to Cassel, which is located in Flanders, a region of Northern France, and is a city of 56,000 inhabitants. It should be noted that the club is a merger of four teams. The players are semi-professionals.

"Playing on Monday shakes up the professional schedules a bit. I'm fortunate to have a fairly friendly and flexible clientele. I got organized and simply postponed my projects to later dates. When you have the opportunity to play against PSG, whether it's a Monday, a Tuesday, a Thursday... you take it, you play. It's the game of a lifetime - we don't care, we play! We had to adapt the week, but inevitably then we have to find time slots. We don't have time to rest. Tuesday is attack, straight away," commented Alexis Zmijak, defender and team captain.

1:30 PM10 days ago

The match will be played at the Stade Bollaert-Delelis

The match Pays de Cassel vs PSG will be played at the Stade Bollaert-Delelelis, located in the city of Lens, in the region of Pas-de-Calais in France. This stadium, inaugurated in 1933, has a capacity for 41,000 spectators. It is worth mentioning that this stadium is the home stadium of RC Lens and that this venue has been part of the 1984 and 2016 European Championships, the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2007 Rugby World Cup.
1:25 PM10 days ago

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