Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 2-1 Necaxa in Liga MX 2023
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Funes Mori leaves and Moreno enters, Monterrey changes.
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Berterame's header off a corner kick into the net to make it 2-1.

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Add 8 more minutes.
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Gallardo's shot into the hands of Hugo González.
7:46 PMa month ago


Cortizo's mid-range shot hit the crossbar.
7:41 PMa month ago


Govea and Cortizo 

Gonzalez and Aguirre come out

Monterrey changes

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Monreal with the overflow and takes the shot that Andrada saves.
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Edgar Méndez, with power and through the center, sends the ball into the net to make it 1-1.

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Guzman sweeps after Dominguez's shot hits his hand.
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Monreal and Domínguez join the team

Poggi and Silvera leave

Necaxa changes

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Berterame's cross shot by Funes Mori at the far post to open the scoring 1-0.

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Romo leaves and Meza enters, Rayados change.
7:06 PMa month ago


Funes Mori's mid-range shot straight into the stands.
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Berterame's shot from inside the area goes high after Funes Mori's pass in the area.
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Garnica leaves and Madrigal enters, Necaxa change
6:51 PMa month ago


Poggi with a long shot that goes over the top.
6:46 PMa month ago


Funes Mori's shot into the hands of González.
6:41 PMa month ago


Luis Romo is cautioned for a strong foul.

Batallini enters and Bastista leaves, Necaxa change.

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The second half begins between Monterrey and Necaxa.
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A Monterrey cross that Hugo González manages to deflect with his fingernails.
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Add 8 more minutes.
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Aguirre's penalty kick is kicked to the side.
6:11 PMa month ago


Penalty on Funes Mori by Hugo González.
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A foul was called on Funes Mori, but the goalkeeper did not award a penalty.
6:01 PMa month ago


Van Rankin's cross shot was saved by Van Rankin from the line for the first of the afternoon.
5:56 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Hugo Gonzalez for stalling.
5:51 PMa month ago


Goal disallowed for offside by Gonzalez
5:46 PMa month ago



A shot hit the post and was blocked by González, but Arturo González pushed the ball into the net to make it 1-0.

5:41 PMa month ago


Berterame's shot gained position inside the area, but goes wide.
5:36 PMa month ago


Necaxa offside on a set piece.
5:31 PMa month ago


Berterame's header right to the goalkeeper's location.
5:26 PMa month ago


Rayados had more possession of the ball in the first few minutes, but were still unable to generate danger.
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Monterrey and Necaxa kick off the game
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of action between Rayados de Monterrey and Rayos del Necaxa in Liga MX.
5:11 PMa month ago

Necaxa subtitutes

 10 Damián Batallini

 196 Diego Gómez

 27 Heriberto De Jesus

 8 Fernando Madrigal González

 28 Rafael Ramírez

 30 Ricardo Monreal

 5 Edson Partida

 23 Alan Montes Castro

 17 Juan Domínguez

 15 Arturo Palma

5:06 PMa month ago

Monterrey substitutes

 5 Omar Govea

 23 Luis Sánchez

 24 César Ramos

 19 Jordi Cortizo

 201 Isidro Suárez

 47 Ali Avila

 62 Iván Tona

 14 Érick Aguirre

 15 Héctor Moreno

 11 Maximiliano Meza

5:01 PMa month ago

XI Necaxa

22 Hugo González, 2 José Van Rankin, 6 Juan Pablo Segovia, 16 José Esquivel, 25 Vicente Poggi, 18 Brayan Garnica, 3 Agustín Oliveros, 4 Alexis Peña, 11 Facundo Batista, 21 Maximiliano Silvera, 7 Édgar Méndez.
4:56 PMa month ago

XI Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 33 Stefan Medina, 17 Jesús Gallardo, 4 Víctor Guzmán, 21 Alfonso González, 27 Luis Romo, 16 Celso Ortiz, 9 Germán Berterame, 29 Rodrigo Aguirre, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori.
4:51 PMa month ago

The rental classic

Recalling the characters of the Chavo del 8, Necaxa catalogued this game as the Clásico de la Renta that they will be looking to pull out this day:
4:46 PMa month ago

They have arrived

This is how the Rayados arrived at the Steel Giant.
4:41 PMa month ago

Saturday activity

This is the Saturday activity of Day 8 of Liga MX:

San Luis vs Santos Laguna

Monterrey vs Necaxa

Atlas vs Tigres

Pumas vs Chivas

4:36 PMa month ago

For another triumph

Monterrey is looking for its seventh win, which would mean retaining its leadership position in the face of champion Pachuca and undefeated Tigres. Los Rayados have 18 points at the top.
4:31 PMa month ago


Rayados de Monterrey are looking for their seventh win in a row and hope that Necaxa can be the victim of their goal. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the Liga MX Matchday 8 game.
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Tune in here Rayados Monterrey vs Rayos Necaxa Live Score in Liga MX 2023

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What time is Monterrey vs Necaxa match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Monterrey vs Necaxa of February 18th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 7:05 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 5:05 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 7:05 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 6:05 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 6:05 PM on Fox Deportes

Spain: 12:05 AM to be confirmed

Mexico: 7:05 PM on Azteca 7, Azteca Deportes, Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 6:05 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 8:05 PM to be confirmed

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Last games Monterrey vs Necaxa

Since 2019 that Rayados have not been able to pull out a win against the hydrocalidos, although they have only lost one of the last five games on any field.

Necaxa 1-2 Rayados Monterrey, Apertura 2022

Necaxa 0-4 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2022

Rayados Monterrey 0-1 Necaxa, Apertura 2021

Necaxa 1-1 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2022

Rayados Monterrey 1-1 Necaxa, Apertura 2021

4:11 PMa month ago

Key Player Necaxa

Spaniard Édgar Méndez already made his mark on the championship last game by scoring a brace and has shown that he can be an important part of the Aguascalientes team's offensive scheme.
4:06 PMa month ago

Key player Monterrey

The Rayados have had a love affair with the goal in the first games of the championship, but beyond Funes Mori, Berterame and Aguirre, the one who has scored the goals has been Alfonso González with five goals and, in fact, they have just collaborated with one of them in the most recent victory against Querétaro.
Foto: Fútbol Total
Image: Fútbol Total
4:01 PMa month ago

Last lineup Necaxa

22 Hugo González, 6 Juan Pablo Segovia, 4 Alexis Peña, 3 Agustín Oliveros, 2 José Van Rankin, 16 José Esquivel, 25 Vicente Poggi, 7 Édgar Méndez, 18 Brayan Garnica, 21 Maximiliano Silvera, 11 Facundo Batista.
3:56 PMa month ago

Last lineup Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 15 Héctor Moreno, 4 Víctor Guzmán, 17 Jesús Gallardo, 33 Stefan Medina, 16 Celso Ortiz, 27 Luis Romo, 21 Alfonso González, 11 Maximiliano Meza, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori, 9 Germán Berterame.
3:51 PMa month ago

Tighten the throttle

Víctor Manuel Vucetich acknowledged that in the game against Querétaro they lowered their offense a little and should have been more forceful, so they will be looking to pick it up again this Saturday at home.

"We faced a team that has not won away for a long time, with respect for Querétaro, we had to play cautiously and aggressively to hurt them, with that perseverance to seek results, which leaves us satisfied that the positive streak will continue", he commented at the press conference.

3:46 PMa month ago

Necaxa: repeat the dose

Little by little, the Rayos del Necaxa have picked up rhythm and have obtained good results at home, as they did last Wednesday against the Pumas of the UNAM, but the pending debt of Andrés Lillini's team has been to obtain points away from home, something they will try to change this Saturday to continue climbing positions and take advantage of the fact that the last playoff tournament in the Liga MX will be played.
3:41 PMa month ago

Rayados de Monterrey: for their seventh victory

Víctor Manuel Vucetich's work has received little recognition, but the reality is that he has done a great job with Rayados de Monterrey. After starting with a loss against Chivas del Guadalajara, they have been on a roll with six wins in a row where they have found consistency in attack and defense and this has paid off in points.
3:36 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Monterrey vs Necaxa match will be played at the BBVA Stadium, in Monterrey, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:05 pm ET.
3:31 PMa month ago

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