Goals and Highlights: Queretaro 1-1 Mazatlan in Liga MX 2023
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Thank you for following the Querétaro-Mazatlán game for Day 8 of Liga MX.
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Duarte's shot inside the area went wide, it was the winning goal.
8:42 PM7 months ago


Barrera's shot from half distance goes wide of the goal.
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Add 5 minutes more.
8:32 PM7 months ago


Alcalá's header into Nahuelpán's hands.
8:27 PM7 months ago


Fabián and Nahuelpán enter

Loba and Benedetti leave.

Mazatlan changes

8:22 PM7 months ago


Guzmán and Verda enter

Perlaza and Torres leave

Querétaro changes

8:17 PM7 months ago


Enter Hernández and Duarte

Aboagyé and Escamilla come out.

Querétaro changes

8:12 PM7 months ago


Venegas leaves and Colman enters, change for Mazatlan.
8:07 PM7 months ago


Shot over the top by Mendoza in another Querétaro warning.
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A counter-attack that takes the shot hard and low where Vikonis reacts and avoids the second.
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Benedetti's cross shot inside the box effectively makes it 1-1.

7:47 PM7 months ago


Bello enters and Montaño leaves, Mazatlan change.
7:42 PM7 months ago


The second half begins between Querétaro and Mazatlán.
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Half time

Queretaro 1-0 Mazatlan
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Add 3 more minutes.
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Sandoval with a deflected shot in one of Mazatlan's few chances.
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Zúñiga takes advantage of a defensive error and the ball goes into the net to make it 1-0.

7:12 PM7 months ago


Barbieri's header from a corner goes wide.
7:07 PM7 months ago


Zúñiga's shot that Vikonis managed to deflect with his fingernails.
7:02 PM7 months ago


Benedetti's shot goes wide of the goal.
6:57 PM7 months ago


The game has become less and less interesting, with Mazatlan balancing the midfield.
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Querétaro's Rivera has been cautioned.
6:47 PM7 months ago


Omar Mendoza has been cautioned for Querétaro.

Then Sandoval of Mazatlán is cautioned.

6:42 PM7 months ago


Escamilla's free kick into the goalkeeper's hands.
6:37 PM7 months ago


Kevin Escamilla is cautioned.
6:32 PM7 months ago


Barrera's cross is blocked by the Mazatlan defense.
6:27 PM7 months ago


Rivera's shot from half distance goes just over the frame. Querétaro close.
6:22 PM7 months ago


Rivera's header goes over the frame.
6:17 PM7 months ago


The game begins between Querétaro and Mazatlán.
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Minutes awway

We are minutes away from the start of the Liga MX Week 8 game between Querétaro and Mazatlán.
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Mazatlan substitutes

 32 Ariel Nahuelpán

 21 Eduard Bello

 4 Efraín Orona

 29 Fernando Illescas

 8 David Colman

 16 Emilio Sánchez

 15 Bryan Colula

 11 Marco Fabián

 1 Ricardo Gutiérrez

 18 Enrique Cedillo

6:02 PM7 months ago

Queretaro substitutes

14 Jorge Hernández

 17 Erik Vera

 7 Rodrigo López

 25 Daniel Cervantes

 11 Manuel Duarte

 3 Carlos Guzmán

 28 Alberto García

 4 Rafael Fernández

 33 Álvaro Verda

 13 Carlos Higuera

5:57 PM7 months ago

XI Mazatlan

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 28 Jorge Padilla, 17 Francisco Venegas, 14 Oswaldo Alanís, 5 Facundo Almada, 19 Raúl Sandoval, 6 Roberto Meraz, 22 Andrés Montaño, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 10 Nicolas Benedetti, 9 Aké Arnaud Loba.
5:52 PM7 months ago

XI Queretaro

1 Gil Alcalá, 6 Miguel Barbieri, 2 Omar Mendoza, 35 Kevin Balanta, 23 Christian Rivera, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 24 Jonathan Perlaza, 10 Clifford Aboagye, 19 Raúl Zúñiga, 9 Jonathan Torres, 18 Pablo Barrera.
5:47 PM7 months ago

Dressing room ready

This is what the Gallos Blancos' dressing room looks like before the game.
5:42 PM7 months ago

The schedules

These are the schedules in different parts of the country for this game:
5:37 PM7 months ago


Although they have not won in the championship, Mazatlán under Rubén Omar Romano has improved its performance, especially against Pachuca, but it was not enough to obtain at least a draw.
5:32 PM7 months ago

The fans are approaching

Querétaro is close to the end of a one-year suspension without fans and this could be the last game without fans in the stands.
5:27 PM7 months ago


The Gallos Blancos del Querétaro and the Cañoneros de Mazatlán will be looking for their first win of the Clausura 2023 and here we kick off VAVEL's coverage of the Liga MX game.
5:22 PM7 months ago

Tune in here Queretaro vs Mazatlan Live Score in Liga MX 2023

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Queretaro vs Mazatlan match for the Liga MX 2023 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Queretaro vs Mazatlan match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Queretaro vs Mazatlan of February 19th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 7:00 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 5:00 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 7:00 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 6:00 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 6:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 12:00 AM to be confirmed

Mexico: 7:00 PM on Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 6:00 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 8:00 PM to be confirmed

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Last games Queretaro vs Mazatlan

The series has been very even in the last five matches, although the balance slightly favors the Cañoneros with two wins, two draws and one loss, although the loss came in their most recent visit.

Mazatlan FC 1-1 Queretaro, Apertura 2022

Queretaro 2-0 Mazatlan FC, Clausura 2022

Mazatlán FC 2-1 Querétaro, Apertura 2021

Mazatlán FC 3-0 Querétaro, Clausura 2021

Querétaro 1-1 Mazatlán FC, Apertura 2020

5:07 PM7 months ago

Key Player Mazatlan

He is one of the most experienced players in the attack and in the team, so Ariel Nahuelpán will have to help the Cañoneros get out of the bad streak and a great test will be providing goals and what better way to do it than against his former team.
5:02 PM7 months ago

Key player Queretaro

Despite being one of the worst defenses in the tournament, the feathered team could have conceded more goals if it had not been for the saves of Gil Alcalá, who has had a good individual performance in front of the goalkeeper.
Foto: Futbol Total
Image: Futbol Total
4:57 PM7 months ago

Last lineup Mazatlan

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 4 Efraín Orona, 17 Francisco Venegas, 5 Facundo Almada, 15 Bryan Colula, 28 Jorge Padilla, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 6 Roberto Meraz, 29 Fernando Illescas, 22 Andrés Montaño, 32 Ariel Nahuelpán.
4:52 PM7 months ago

Last lineup Queretaro

1 Gil Alcalá, 6 Miguel Barbieri, 4 Rafael Fernández, 25 Daniel Cervantes, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 23 Christian Rivera, 24 Jonathan Perlaza, 22 José Madueña, 19 Raúl Zúñiga, 18 Pablo Barrera, 7 Rodrigo López.
4:47 PM7 months ago

Mazatlan: back to winning ways

Mazatan has not had a good start and that is why they thanked Gabriel Caballero for bringing in Rubén Omar Romano, however, the level has still not been optimal and this will be a match in the calendar in which they must leave everything to get the three points and change the team's face.
4:42 PM7 months ago

Queretaro: regaining confidence

Beyond the fact that the soccer level is not adequate or optimal, the issue for the Gallos Blancos del Queretaro is already based on the mental aspect and Mauro Gerk will have to work on it with the entire squad, considering that in this game they could break the jinx against a team that is in the same circumstances as them.
4:37 PM7 months ago

The Kick-off

The Queretaro vs Mazatlan match will be played at the Corregidora Stadium, in Queretaro, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:00 pm ET.
4:32 PM7 months ago

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