Goal and Highlights: Hoffenheim 0-1 Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga
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11:31 AMa month ago


On Friday (3), Dortmund will face RB Leipzig at Signal Iduna Park. Hoffe, meanwhile, take the field the next day against Mainz at the MEWA Arena.
11:30 AMa month ago

How it looks

The victory leaves Borussia Dortmund at the top of the Bundesliga, temporarily, with 46 points. It is worth remembering that they can be overtaken by Bayern Munich or Union Berlin, who face each other in the round. Hoffenheim are 14th, with the same 20 points.
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11:29 AMa month ago


Baumann goes for a free-kick in the box. Kramaric swings in the corner. Bicakcic heads the ball away and Kobel puts it in the corner.
11:28 AMa month ago

93' Yellow card for Hoffenheim

11:24 AMa month ago


Bellingham fills his foot from the left side. The ball bounces off the post and into the goalmouth
11:22 AMa month ago


11:21 AMa month ago

88' Substitution in Dortmund

In: Hummels

Out: Reus

11:20 AMa month ago


Guerrero had the chance to give the visitors peace of mind, when he shot hard inside the box, but Baumann made a great save
11:17 AMa month ago


Angelino lifts the ball to Asllani at the second post. The Albanian heads the ball down and dangerously strikes it to the left of the goal.
11:15 AMa month ago


Asllani kicks a cross at Süle
11:11 AMa month ago

78' Substitution in Hoffenheim

In: Rudy

Out: Stiller

11:08 AMa month ago

77' Substitution in Dortmund

In: Özcan

Out: Haller

11:07 AMa month ago


After a good exchange of passes, Bellingham shoots low from the edge of the area. The goalkeeper struggles, but manages to hold on
11:03 AMa month ago


Dolberg gets rid of his marker and shoots. Kobel saves near the post
11:02 AMa month ago


Kramaric shoots a cross from the edge of the box. The ball skims the post
11:00 AMa month ago

70' Yellow card for Dortmund

10:59 AMa month ago


Baumgartner moves forward on the left, takes it into the middle and hits a placed shot. Kobel jumps to save
10:57 AMa month ago

65' Substitutions for Hoffenheim

In: Asllani and Dolberg

Out: Bebou and Tohumcu

10:56 AMa month ago


Guerrero hits with a bad leg inside the area and Baumann makes a great save
10:49 AMa month ago


VAR confirms Schlotterbeck's foul on Bebou at the origin of the play
10:49 AMa month ago


Bellingham sets up a counterattack with Brandt. The midfielder plays to Wolf in the middle, who unleashes a bomb from the edge of the area. The ball hits the post and goes in
10:44 AMa month ago

52' VAR

Referee understands that the foul was outside the area
10:42 AMa month ago

50' VAR

Referee will reach Can's foul on Akpoguma. Had been marked off, but has a chance of penalty
10:40 AMa month ago


Game restarts
10:19 AMa month ago


The first half ends
10:17 AMa month ago


10:15 AMa month ago


IT'S AGAIN! Reus takes a free-kick in the box. Brandt awkwardly ducks and the ball hits his back and goes in
10:12 AMa month ago


Can takes a long shot and Baumann makes the save in the middle of the goal
10:04 AMa month ago

32' WOW

Haller is triggered in the area, he spins, and even surrounded by three, manages to finish strong, forcing the goalkeeper to save
10:00 AMa month ago

30' Substitution in Hoffenheim

In: Bicakcic

Out: Kabak

9:59 AMa month ago


Kabak goes hard on Reus and ends up feeling a muscle problem
9:57 AMa month ago

27' Yellow card for Hoffenheim

9:56 AMa month ago


Angelino crosses into Kobel's hands
9:53 AMa month ago


Brandt takes a corner, Süle heads it into the box and Schlotterbeck deflects it at the second post, but sends it wide
9:52 AMa month ago


Kaderabek deflects with his head, the ball goes to Kramaric, who completes and Kobel saves
9:46 AMa month ago


Kramaric shoots from the edge of the box. The ball deflects off Wolf and goes out. Corner
9:41 AMa month ago


After a short corner kick, Guerrero finds Reus on the half moon, who shoots from there. The ball explodes in the defense
9:38 AMa month ago


Dortmund put Hoffenheim under pressure
9:36 AMa month ago


Dortmund spins the ball from foot to foot. Reus opens with Bynoe-Gittens, who dribbles past Vogt and shoots low. Baumann puts the ball out for a corner
9:31 AMa month ago


Ball rolling
9:24 AMa month ago


Teams on the field
9:08 AMa month ago


BlackYellow in the warm-up
8:45 AMa month ago


Dortmund also in the area
8:44 AMa month ago


Arrival of Hoffe
8:36 AMa month ago

Dortmund reserves

Meyer, Özcan, Reyna, Dahoud, Hummels, Modeste, Malen, Meunier, Passlack
8:36 AMa month ago

Dortmund with its 11

Kobel; Wolf, Süle, Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro; Can, Bellingham; Brandt, Reus, Bynoe-Gittens; Haller
8:35 AMa month ago

Hoffenheim reserves

Philipp, Bicakcic, Dabbur, Stiller, Delaney, Dolberg, Becker, Brooks, Asllani
8:35 AMa month ago

Hoffenheim lineup

Baumann; Kabak, Vogt, Akpoguma; Kaderabek, Tohumcu, Rudy, Angelino; Baumgartner; Bebou, Kramaric
8:34 AMa month ago

Advantage BlackYellow

Dortmund have won their last three Bundesliga matches against Hoffenheim, although all of them were by a one-goal margin
8:33 AMa month ago

More coming from the top scorer?

Brandt is Dortmund's top scorer with seven goals
8:28 AMa month ago

Video Refereeing

VAR: Daniel Schlager

AVAR:  Stefan  Lupp

8:23 AMa month ago

Field Referee

Referee: Martin Petersen

Assistant Referee 1: Alexander Sather

Assistant Referee 2: Robert Wessel

Fourth official: Christof Günsch

8:18 AMa month ago

How and where to watch the Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund match live?

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+

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What time is Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund match for Bundesliga?

This is the start time of the game Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund of 25th February 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 11:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Bolivia 10:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Brazil 11:30 am: Onefootball

Chile 10:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Colombia 9:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Ecuador 9:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

USA 9:30 am ET: ESPN+

Spain 3:30 pm: Movistar Liga de Campeones, Movistar+, #Vamos

Mexico 8:30 am: Sky HD, Blue To Go Video Everywhere

Paraguay 10:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Peru 2 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Uruguay 11:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

Venezuela 10:30 am: ESPN2, Star +

8:08 AMa month ago

Speak up, Terzic!

"So we are sure that we will be refreshed and ready for the next task with a lot of self-confidence. It gets quieter when you don't have a game during the week and you have a little more time. In the English weeks we spend a lot of time in the meeting room and do analysis. What we need to improve and what was good in the previous games.

The fact that Hoffenheim are now at the bottom of the table was not expected. We know the potential of the players. Every week will do the new coach more good. They can be really dangerous.

Apart from the known absences (Morey, Duranville, Moukoko, Adeyemi), everyone else is ready to play. Haller benefited from the break against Hertha. We also won the two games in which Karim was suspended. There are enough quality options that can compensate (his absence) in the same way.

"It's good that our fans can enjoy this phase and can't wait to get back. We are happy that things are going so well now, but that doesn't automatically mean that we will win the next games. We keep working hard."

8:03 AMa month ago
Photo: Borussia Dortmund
Photo: Borussia Dortmund
7:58 AMa month ago

Probable lineup for Dortmund

Kobel; Ryerson, Süle, Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro; Can, Bellingham; Brandt, Reus, Bynoe-Gittens; Haller.
7:53 AMa month ago

Dortmund's situation

Adeyemi and Duranville, with thigh injuries, Kamara, knee, Moukoko, ankle, and Morey, in transition, are Edin Terzic's casualties.
7:48 AMa month ago

Speak up, Matarazzo!

"BVB has a very good attacking team. We need a solid defense, it will be a challenge to defend it. But there will also be times and phases when we can contribute our strengths. That's what we are focusing on. Of course it's always a challenge against Dortmund, especially in our current situation. I expect an intense game in front of a packed stadium. I expect us to fight and be competitive. We do everything so that our performance is also converted into results. We approach the game with full strength and energy. The game starts 0-0. It must be clear to everyone that we can also win the game.

Dortmund has always served us in the past. Of course, the game can deliver a liberating blow, because few will believe in us. Every series ends at some point - in both directions. We want to take advantage of this opportunity.

All the players in the squad can support at any time and contribute their experience. Everyone plays an important role, whether you play or not. Thomas Delaney can give his opinion, even if he is out, or Grischa Prömel or Sebastian Rudy, even if he hasn't played in the last few games. That's very important for us."

7:43 AMa month ago
Photo: Hoffenheim
Photo: Hoffenheim
7:38 AMa month ago

Probable lineup for Hoffenheim

Baumann;  Kabak, Bicakcic, Brooks; Kaderabek, Geiger, Delaney, Angelino; Baumgartner; Bebou, Kramaric.
7:33 AMa month ago

Hoffenheim's situation

Pellegrino Matarazzo will be without Larsen, with groin problems, Prömel, ankle, Justin Che, knee and adductor, and Skov, calf. Thomas Delaney and Tom Bischof are doubts.
7:28 AMa month ago


Borussia Dortmund, on the other hand, have won six in a row and, thanks to the last one, have climbed to second place, equal to leader Bayern Munich in points: 43.
7:23 AMa month ago


Hoffenheim are not enjoying the best of seasons. Without a win in four games, the blue and white team is situated in 15th position, with 19 points, the same as Bochum, the team located in the relegation playoff.
7:18 AMa month ago

Eye on the game

Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund live this Saturday (25), at the PreZero Arena at 9:30 am ET, for the Bundesliga. The match is valid for the 22th round of the competition
7:13 AMa month ago

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