Goals and Highlights: Toluca 4-1 Mazatlan in Liga MX


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Thank you for following the Liga MX game between Toluca and Mazatlan.
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3:50 PM7 months ago


Saucedo's shot goes wide.

Four minutes are added.

3:45 PM7 months ago



Sanvezzo cuts back and shoots wide of the goalkeeper to seal the 4-1 scoreline.

3:40 PM7 months ago


Saucedo's shot straight at Vikonis.
3:35 PM7 months ago


Sanvezzo's free kick hits the bar and goes over the top.
3:30 PM7 months ago


Araujo, Lopez and Meneses left

Lopez, Venegas and Violante are substituted

Toluca changes

3:25 PM7 months ago


Marcel Ruiz's shot goes over the goal.
3:20 PM7 months ago


Meneses' shot is saved by Vikonis.
3:15 PM7 months ago


Sansores and Colman join, Bello and Meraz leave, Mazatlan changes
3:10 PM7 months ago


Meneses' goal disallowed for a previous offside.
3:05 PM7 months ago


Toluca's change

Angulo left

Saucedo was substituted

3:00 PM7 months ago


Camilo Sanvezzo's cross shot goes wide.
2:55 PM7 months ago


Huerta's shot goes over the top of the goal.
2:50 PM7 months ago


Gacelo's shot is saved by Vikonis with a firm foot.
2:45 PM7 months ago


González leaves and Sanvezzo enters, change for Toluca.
2:40 PM7 months ago



González's shot is blocked by Vikonis, but Araújo appears to push the ball in and make it 3-1.

2:35 PM7 months ago


Bárcenas enters

Loba leaves and 

Mazatlan change

2:30 PM7 months ago


The second half begins between Toluca and Mazatlan.
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On a corner kick, Gacelo López gets forward and takes advantage of Vikonis' poor exit to make it 2-1.

2:15 PM7 months ago


Valber Huerta's shot is saved by the goalkeeper.
2:10 PM7 months ago


Add 5 more minutes.
2:05 PM7 months ago


The referee reviews the play in the VAR and Benedetti is sent off.
2:00 PM7 months ago


Benedetti's hard tackle and the Mazatlan player is cautioned.
1:55 PM7 months ago


Araujo's shot goes wide of the goal.
1:50 PM7 months ago



Benedetti opens up space and gets a shot across the face of goal to make it 1-1.

1:45 PM7 months ago


Little by little, Mazatlan moved forward to try to generate damage.
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1:35 PM7 months ago



Carlos González defines with class on the filtered pass to make it 1-0 at the Nemesio Diez.

1:30 PM7 months ago


A delayed diagonal that Bello hits over the top of the goal.
1:25 PM7 months ago


Araujo's powerful shot goes over the top.
1:20 PM7 months ago


Montaño enters and Intriago leaves due to injury, Mazatlan change.
1:15 PM7 months ago


Meneses' powerful shot hits the defender.
1:10 PM7 months ago


Intriago of Mazatlan got the worst of it.
1:05 PM7 months ago


Meneses stretched the ball inside the area and could not make a good definition.
1:00 PM7 months ago


García's powerful shot goes over the top.
12:55 PM7 months ago


VAR confirms offside that cancels Toluca's goal
12:50 PM7 months ago


Goal disallowed for offside against Toluca
12:45 PM7 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the game between Toluca and Mazatlan will kick off for Day 11 of the Liga MX.
12:40 PM7 months ago

Mazatlán substitutes

 16 Emilio Sánchez

 22 Andrés Montaño

 8 David Colman

 28 Jorge Padilla

 7 Édgar Bárcenas

 1 Ricardo Gutiérrez

 4 Efraín Orona

 25 Miguel Sansores

 18 Enrique Cedillo

 29 Fernando Illescas

12:35 PM7 months ago

Toluca substitutes

 204 Everardo López

 7 Camilo Sanvezzo

 30 Jesús Venegas

 6 Jorge Torres

 22 Luis García

 199 Arturo Del Campo

 28 Juan Gamboa

 190 Isaías Violante

 8 Sebastián Saucedo

 23 Claudio Baeza

12:30 PM7 months ago

XI Mazatlán

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 3 Néstor Vidrio, 15 Bryan Colula, 14 Oswaldo Alanís, 17 Francisco Venegas, 5 Facundo Almada, 21 Eduard Bello, 6 Roberto Meraz, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 10 Nicolas Benedetti, 9 Aké Arnaud Loba.
12:25 PM7 months ago

XI Toluca

1 Tiago Volpi, 26 Andrés Mosquera, 21 Brayan Angulo, 4 Valber Huerta, 17 Brian García, 18 Fernando Navarro, 14 Marcel Ruiz, 16 Jean Meneses, 32 Carlos González, 11 Maximiliano Araujo, 19 Edgar López.
12:20 PM7 months ago

The schedules

Here are some times in other parts of the world to watch this game.
12:15 PM7 months ago

The Devils are here

Supported by their fans, Toluca arrived at Estadio Nemesio Diez.
12:10 PM7 months ago

Sharpening the aim

Toluca will have to work on the issue of their attacking ability, as they are coming off a 1-0 loss to Querétaro, where even though they had the ball and had some chances, they were unable to break the deadlock and this has already happened to them on several occasions.
12:05 PM7 months ago

Sunday Billboard

These are the games to close Day 11 of Liga MX:

Toluca vs Mazatlan

Pachuca vs Monterrey

Santos vs Tijuana

Juarez vs Necaxa

12:00 PM7 months ago


Intense Sunday activity in Liga MX will begin with this game when Toluca does the honors against Mazatlán. We begin with coverage of the Liga MX match on VAVEL.
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Tune in here Toluca vs Mazatlan Live Score in Liga MX 2023

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Toluca vs Mazatlan match for the Liga MX 2023 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Toluca vs Mazatlan match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Toluca vs Mazatlan of March 12th in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 2:00 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 2:00 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 12:00 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 2:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 7:00 PM to be confirmed

Mexico: 12:00 PM on Las Estrellas, TUDN and ViX Plus

Paraguay: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

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Last games Toluca vs Mazatlan

These teams have faced each other five times in Liga MX, with the Red Devils winning twice, drawing twice and losing only once, remembering that they have never lost at home.

Mazatlán 1-1 Toluca, Apertura 2022

Mazatlán 1-2 Toluca, Clausura 2022

Toluca 2-2 Mazatlan, Apertura 2021

Toluca 4-1 Mazatlan, Clausura 2021

Mazatlan 2-1 Toluca, Apertura 2020

11:40 AM7 months ago

Key Player Mazatlan

One of the most unbalanced players the Cañoneros have to make a difference in the end zone is Colombian Nicolás Benedetti, who must have constant contact with the ball in order to generate depth in the end zone and hope to get a good result away from home.
11:35 AM7 months ago

Key player Toluca

The good performances he has had with the Scarlet team have already brought good dividends to Marcel Ruiz, who has already been called up to the Mexican National Team due to the fact that he has been a decisive player with the Mexican team, both in the preparation and in the definition of plays.
Foto: Toluca
Image: Toluca
11:30 AM7 months ago

Last lineup Mazatlan

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 14 Oswaldo Alanís, 3 Néstor Vidrio, 17 Francisco Venegas, 5 Facundo Almada, 6 Roberto Meraz, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 19 Raúl Sandoval, 15 Bryan Colula, 9 Aké Arnaud Loba, 10 Nicolás Benedetti.
11:25 AM7 months ago

Last lineup Toluca

1 Tiago Volpi, 4 Valber Huerta, 26 Andres Mosquera, 11 Maximiliano Araujo, 17 Brian García, 30 Jesús Venegas, 14 Marcel Ruiz, 10 Leonardo Fernández, 16 Jean Meneses, 32 Carlos González, 19 Edgar López.
11:20 AM7 months ago

Mazatlán: fixed-tactic plays

Although Toluca is not Cruz Azul, the key to their first victory of the Clausura 2023 was through fixed tactics to take the 3 points, a situation that they could emulate with their actions this Sunday at the Inferno, in order to link victories for the first time in the season, now under the command of Rubén Omar Romano.
11:15 AM7 months ago

Toluca: healing the wounds

One of the problems that the Diablos Rojos del Toluca have had this season has been when teams have completely closed down on them, due to the fact that they have shown a lack of imagination up front, which ended up weighing on them in last Sunday's defeat against Querétaro and, now against the other bottom team, they hope to be able to recover from this situation.
11:10 AM7 months ago

The Kick-off

The Toluca vs Mazatlan match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, in Toluca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 14:00 pm ET.
11:05 AM7 months ago

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