Goal and Highlights: Cruz
Azul 1-0 Pumas in Liga MX 2023
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10:14 PM13 days ago

Goal and summary

10:03 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul won by the minimum with a great goal by Jesús Escoboza. Pumas tried in the final minutes, but it was not enough for them; the Celestes were more convincing.

10:01 PM13 days ago


Corona saves and sends this to the sideline. Falling Dinenno and Chuy stay on the ground.
9:59 PM13 days ago


5 minutes are added and we are in the 93rd minute. 
9:58 PM13 days ago


Pumas almost reached Cruz Azul's end zone, the Celeste defense cleared and succeeded. Huerta sends in a cross and Corona keeps it in his hands.
9:53 PM13 days ago


Changes for the Pumas, with Rafa Puente and Gustavo Del Prete going all out for the Pumas.
9:52 PM13 days ago


GOOOOL For Cruz Azul 

Jesus Escoboza opens the scoring, with a great volley from Nacho's cross.

9:47 PM13 days ago


Chino Huerta misses the pass to Dinenno and Pumas show more in these final 10 minutes.

9:40 PM13 days ago


Antuna missed it, it was Cruz Azul's first. The wizard sent it to the 36th row.
9:38 PM13 days ago


Chino Huerta knocks down Funes Mori, after missing a clear scoring chance for Pumas.
9:34 PM13 days ago


Rotondi hits and hits the post. Seconds later a striker of the light blue team falls in the area. Antuna, when it was time to shoot, fell the same way.
9:32 PM13 days ago


Failure of the commander 
 Dinenno misses the clearest chance for Pumas. The visitors from the pedregal miss the goal.
9:29 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul tried to score a clear goal, but the counterattack was lost due to Rotondi's poor reception.
9:25 PM13 days ago


Diogo went on a counterattack and Cata cut back well on offense.
9:22 PM13 days ago


Cata misses the goal, heading poorly.
9:18 PM13 days ago


Rivero drops back in the box to call for a penalty, nothing for the Celestes.
9:15 PM13 days ago


Carlos Rotondi hits it but Sosa stops the ball and it goes for a corner kick.  Cruz Azul close to scoring.
9:14 PM13 days ago


Corner kick for Cruz Azul, the Celestes more consistent in their attack.
9:12 PM13 days ago


Antuna almost scored a goal, the Mexican winger sent his shot on goal but it was blocked by the defense.
9:11 PM13 days ago

Second half begins

Changes in blue Carrera and Lotti leave the field. Gonzalo Carneiro and Michel Estrada are substituted.
8:55 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul and Pumas played to a scoreless draw. Juan Ignacio Dinenno was yellow carded for complaining. Uriel Antuna could have scored some of the goals he had, as could Lotti, who missed some clear ones.

8:53 PM13 days ago


Juan Ignacio Dinenno was yellow carded for complaining.
8:52 PM13 days ago


3 minutes more are added.
8:50 PM13 days ago


Pumas tried to get out, but couldn't, and missed a clear opportunity for a counterattack. Monroy is knocked down for a foul on Lotti.
8:48 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul dominates this first half, constantly reaching Pumas' small area.
8:41 PM13 days ago


Lotti misses his header after Antuna's cross. Cruz Azul close to the first.
8:38 PM13 days ago


El Toto Salvio sends his shot and Pumas misses a clear scoring chance.
8:35 PM13 days ago


El Toto Salvio sends his shot into the wall and Funes Mori falls to the ground after being hit by the ball.
8:33 PM13 days ago


Free kick for Pumas, Nacho Rivero brings down Pablo Monroy. The Uruguayan is painted yellow.
8:28 PM13 days ago


Pumas makes its presence felt on the attack with Dinenno sending the ball wide.
8:25 PM13 days ago


Antuna hits it, but the shot goes wide and misses the target. Cruz Azul close to scoring.
8:24 PM13 days ago


Corner kick for Cruz Azul, Funes Mori's shot is kicked out.
8:19 PM13 days ago


Foul for Pumas, Erik Lira is yellow carded for a tackle on Diogo.
8:13 PM13 days ago


Antuna slips and misses a great cross. Seconds later the brujo loses it, the ball goes to him and he can't finish it well.
8:09 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul dominates these opening minutes, with Carrera's shot from outside the box going wide of Sosa's goal.
8:06 PM13 days ago


The ball is rolling at the Azteca.
7:49 PM13 days ago

Mishaps outside the stadium

Some Cruz Azul fans have shown up outside the Azteca with a caravan, but some have had some mishaps with police officers who have taken them away from the area.
7:45 PM13 days ago

Cruz Azul Lineups

José Corona, Julio Domínguez, Juan Escobar, José Funes Mori, Erik Lira, José Rivero, Carlos Rodríguez, Augusto Lotti, Carlos Rotondi, Uriel Antuna and Ramiro Carrera.
7:45 PM13 days ago

Pumas Lineups

Carlos Sosa, Pablo Bennevendo, Jonathan Sánchez, Jesús Molina, Nicolás Freire, Pablo Monroy, Higor Meritao, Eduardo Salvio, Ulises Rivas, Diogo de Olivera and Juan Dinenno.
7:42 PM13 days ago

Already warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to the start of the game between Cruz Azul vs Pumas of the 11th round of Liga MX.
7:40 PM13 days ago

In danger?

Rafa Puente's minutes could be numbered due to the lack of results, but the players have the full backing of the Mexican coach, as Diogo de Oliveira commented.
"We have Rafa as one more player in our team, we will go out with the victory".
7:35 PM13 days ago

The reunion

Tonight Erik Lira returns to meet his former Pumas teammates. El Tuca with Memo Vázquez, former university coaches. We also find Jaime Lozano, Tito Villa, Palencia and many more players who have had a past with both clubs.

7:30 PM13 days ago

Wants to stay

Jesús Corona is looking to renew his contract with Cruz Azul for one more year after considering retirement, today the captain of La Maquina will start the game against Pumas.

7:25 PM13 days ago

The fans have arrived

The fans of both teams have arrived at the Azteca Stadium, waiting for their team to warm up. Fan ID is being used.
7:20 PM13 days ago

They have already arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the stadium, just minutes away from warming up, after which the actions will begin in this matchday 11 game.

7:15 PM13 days ago

We are back!

We're back for minute-by-minute coverage of Cruz Azul vs Pumas. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
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6:55 PM13 days ago

Confidence in Rafa Puente

At Pedegral, Diogo de Oliveira believes in Rafa Puente's project and is focused on the match against Cruz Azul.

"Now comes a classic that we have to win, we are working well to get the victory. We are ready to play against Cruz Azul, Puebla was a fatality, we have to win."

"All derbies are tough matches against Cruz Azul we are working we have to win, with the coaching staff we are 100 percent with them, we have Rafa as one more player in our team, we are going to come out with the victory."

6:50 PM13 days ago

Extremely important matches

Jesús Corona clarified that at Cruz Azul they have the need to win, where pressure does not exist and it is a motivation to win.

"I'm speaking for Cruz Azul, we have this need, rather than taking it as pressure, rather as a motivation to know that it will be an attractive match against a great rival, by obtaining a victory with a combination of results we can be in eighth place, with a match pending and we depend on ourselves which is something important, it motivates us rather than putting pressure on us".

6:45 PM13 days ago

They are not going to let themselves win because of the love they have for each other

For Ricardo Ferretti, he believes that the affection he has for Pumas is still there, but he believes that they will not let themselves win because they are fond of Tuca.

"I spent 17 years at Pumas, there is affection, but we are professionals, but they are not going to let me win because of the affection they have for me and neither am I, we are naturally going to seek victory for both institutions, with Rafa we were together some time ago, now he is working at Pumas doing a great job, the friendship that exists, each team is going to seek its own".

6:40 PM13 days ago


In 64 games between Cruz Azul and Pumas they have faced each other since the winter of 1996 to date, with 28 wins for the Pedregal team and Cruz Azul has 28 victories. They have only 21 draws. The last two games were in favor of the Celestes, by the same score, 2 goals to 1.
6:35 PM13 days ago

Watch out for these players

On the visitors' side we have the Argentinean Juan Ignacio Dinenno, who in 10 games has scored 7 goals in 900 possible minutes with 2 yellow cards. Dinenno has not scored since matchday 9. Cruz Azul, on the other hand, has the well-known wizard Uriel Antuna with 3 goals in 7 games in 579 possible minutes.

6:30 PM13 days ago

How do Pumas fare?

The universitarios are coming off a big defeat against Puebla where they were turned around. The blue and gold team has not won since matchday 9 away against Mazatlán and with 4 away defeats, the team coached by Rafa Puente has not shown that consistency. In the 11th position with 11 points, the team from El Pedregal would need 3 points in most of these 6 games to be in the playoffs or in a direct phase.

6:25 PM13 days ago

How are the Celestes doing?

Cruz Azul is coming from a great defeat against Mazatlán, who was the last place in the table, where they lost the victory due to a bad defensive performance in set pieces. The team coached by Tuca has an undefeated record of 2 wins at the Azteca in this new stage of the Brazilian. With one game pending, the Cementeros are in 12th place with a one-point difference with Pumas.

6:20 PM13 days ago

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