Goals and Highlights Benfica 5-1 Vitória SC in Primeira Liga Bwin
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3:54 PM3 months ago


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The referee blows the whistle. End of story. Benfica wins against Vitória de Guimarães by 5 to 1.
3:49 PM3 months ago


And the referee still gives three more time-outs.
3:47 PM3 months ago


BENFICA! As if it wasn't enough, Benfica humiliates Vitoria de Guimarães: 5-1.
3:46 PM3 months ago


Andre Narciso shows the yellow card to Alisson Pelegrini Safira, who cannot be surprised since the entry was really harsh.
3:38 PM3 months ago


VITÓRIA SC! Andrezinho finishes the team's offensive play with a good shot, sending the ball past the goalkeeper: 4-1.
3:31 PM3 months ago


Benfica's players show brilliant short passes and great movement with the ball. They hope to open up the opposing defense to set up a play.
3:28 PM3 months ago


BENFICA! The score is open. Daniel Silva scores for Benfica and makes it 4-0 against Vitória de Guimarães.
3:23 PM3 months ago


Gonçalo Ramos (Benfica) is shown a yellow card.
3:17 PM3 months ago


Rafa Silva sends a cross over the top into the penalty area. Unfortunately for him, the opposing defense comfortably handles the cross and intercepts the long ball.
3:16 PM3 months ago


Substitution. Alisson Safira (Guimaraes) takes the place of Jota.
3:11 PM3 months ago


Gonçalo Ramos wins the aerial dispute with his marker and fires a header towards goal from the free-kick. Unfortunately, his shot from close range grazes the left post. The ball is out of play and it's a goal kick for Vitoria SC.
3:08 PM3 months ago


Thanks to a fantastic intervention by the defender, the corner taken by Vitória SC was perfectly cancelled.
3:03 PM3 months ago


The ball is rolling for the second half of Benfica-Vitoria de Guimarães.
2:51 PM3 months ago


End of the first half. Benfica goes on to beat Vitória de Guimarães 3-0.
2:41 PM3 months ago


Five minutes into the first half of an onslaught by Benfica.
2:36 PM3 months ago


BENFICA! Him again: Joao Mário.

3-0 to the Reds still in the first half.

2:35 PM3 months ago


Gonçalo Ramos receives a cross and hits the crossbar after a strong header.
2:33 PM3 months ago


Alexander Bah unleashed the bomb that was blocked by the defender. Good work by Benfica, who win a corner in their favor.
2:29 PM3 months ago


BENFICA! João Mário takes the penalty with perfection. No chance for the goalkeeper: 2-0.
2:24 PM3 months ago


Mikel Villanueva concedes a foul after a rough entry. Referee Andre Narciso sees the whole situation. Foul for Benfica. They can get closer to the goal.
2:18 PM3 months ago


Alexander Bah hits the sideline with speed and catches the opponent's defense outnumbered.
2:15 PM3 months ago


The corner cross produced by Vitoria SC is comfortably intercepted by one of the defense players.
2:14 PM3 months ago


BENFICA! Gonçalo Ramos opens the scoring against Vitória Guimarães: 1-0.
2:11 PM3 months ago


Another attempt by Joao Mario to send the ball over the defense is avoided and safely cleared.
2:11 PM3 months ago


Gonçalo Ramos falls on the field and needs assistance.
2:09 PM3 months ago


David Neres produces a cross into the box. The opponent's defense catches the ball and isolates it far away.
2:09 PM3 months ago


It seems certain that one of the Vitoria SC players touched the ball with his hand inside the area, but the referee only signals for play to continue.
2:08 PM3 months ago


Benfica shows excellent teamwork. Exchanging some short passes and one-two passes, hoping to open up the opposing defense to set up a play.
2:00 PM3 months ago


Ball rolling for Benfica vs. Vitoria de Guimarães at Estádio da Luz
1:55 PM3 months ago


There is very little time left before the game kicks off at the Estádio da Luz for Benfica x Vitória de Guimarães.
1:49 PM3 months ago


Benfica: Aursnes (suspended), Draxler (ankle injury), Gonçalo Guedes (knee injury), Ristic (Muscular injury)

Vitória: Bamba (injury), Fernandes (injury), Varela (muscle injury), Zé Carlos (foot injury)

1:45 PM3 months ago

Roger Schmidt:

"We are very motivated to play well and win. That's the big goal tomorrow."
1:40 PM3 months ago


Vitória De Guimarães is in regular form in the competition, as they have managed to pick up 10 points in their last few games.
1:37 PM3 months ago


Benfica is in good form in the competition, as they have managed to pick up 15 points in their last few games.
1:32 PM3 months ago


Goncalo Matias Ramos is the top scorer for Benfica with 15 goals scored in the 20 games played. For Vitória Guimarães, Alisson Pelegrini Safira is the top scorer with 5 goals scored in the 16 matches he has played.

Speaking of goal passes, Alejandro Grimaldo García leads with 8 goal passes for the home team and Michael Johnston has 2 goal passes for the away team in the current Portuguese Championship season.

1:24 PM3 months ago

Vitória SC reserves:

Rafa, Ryiya, Bruno Gaspar, Tourkara, Matheus índio, Nico Jarvier, Tomás Harder, Anderson Silva, Safira
1:18 PM3 months ago

Vitória SC XI:

Rafa, Ryiya, Bruno Gaspar, Tourkara, Matheus índio, Nico Jarvier, Tomás Harder, Anderson Silva, Safira
1:12 PM3 months ago

Benfica Reserves:

Samuel S., Gilberto, L. Veríssimo, Morato, João Neves, Cher Ndour, Schjelderup, Tengstedt e Musa.
1:07 PM3 months ago

Benfica XI:

Vlachodimos, Bah, Otamendi, António Silva, Grimaldo, Florentino, Chiquinho, Neres, João Mário, Rafa e Gonçalo Ramos.
1:02 PM3 months ago


There is one hour left before the ball starts rolling for Benfica-Vitoria de Guimarães in the Primeira Liga Bwin.
12:57 PM3 months ago

Where and how to watch the Benfica-Vitoria SC match on TV and in real time?

Benfica vs Vitoria SC
Premier League Round 26

Date: 18 March 2023

Time: 1:00pm ET

Venue: Estádio da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal
Broadcast: Star+.

12:52 PM3 months ago

When is the Benfica-Vitoria SC match and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The match between Benfica vs. Vitoria SC will kick off at 3 pm (EST), being played at Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal, in the 26th round of the Portuguese Championship. The duel will be broadcast by STAR+ streaming service. You can check everything here on VAVEL Brazil.
12:47 PM3 months ago


Pedro Oliveira, Villanueva, Mamadou Tounkara, Andre Amaro; Afonso Freitas, Daniel Silva, Tiago Silva, Miguel Maga; André Silva, Jota Silva e Alisson Safira.
12:42 PM3 months ago


Vlachodimos, Bah, Otamendi, António Silva e Grimaldo; Chiquinho, Luís, João Mário, Rafa Silva, David Campos e Gonçalo Ramos.
12:37 PM3 months ago


Old adversaries in Portuguese soccer, the teams have faced each other an incredible 179 times, and the numbers are vastly better for the Lisbon team. According to data from the OGol website, Benfica have won 124 times against only 25 for Vitoria de Guimarães, with another 30 draws. As a result, the Reds have scored more than twice as many goals, 406 for and 146 against.

To get an idea of the size of Benfica's dominance over their opponents, the team has not lost in the clash for almost a decade, since May 2013. Since then, 26 other meetings have taken place, with an incredible 20 wins for the Reds and six draws.

12:32 PM3 months ago

Previous games of the teams:

As the absolute leader with 65 points, Benfica has opened up an eight-point gap to second-placed Porto. Moreover, it has accumulated six straight wins, having beaten Marítimo 3-0 in the last round. Before all that, they thrashed Club Brugge 5-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League after beating Famalicão 2-0.

On the other hand, Vitória de Guimarães is 5th with 40 points, trying to secure itself the position to go to the Conference League. However, they were defeated by Arouca at home last round, after having beaten Santa Clara as a visitor by 3-1. Previously, they beat Braga in the Minho derby by 2-1.

12:27 PM3 months ago


Vitória de Guimarães suffered a heavy blow on the previous day. After establishing an unbeaten streak of six matches (five wins and a draw), the series was broken precisely by a direct opponent in the fight for a place in the continental tournament. To make matters worse, the defeat was at home. They were beaten 2-0 by Arouca on Saturday, March 11.

The result put the fifth position of the Portuguese League, the last place that ensures a place in international competition in the 2023/2024 season, at risk. By staying with 40 points (12 wins, four draws and eight losses), Vitória de Guimarães kept the position. However, it was only three points above Arouca, which took sixth place.

12:22 PM3 months ago


There are ten rounds left to the end of the Portuguese Championship season. Benfica, still in the lead, has not given its opponents a chance to get closer. They have won all of their matches in the previous eight rounds. Their most recent victim in the competition was Marítimo. Even playing at the Estadio dos Barreiros, he scored 3-0 at the club that is marking pace in the relegation zone.

He even had the luxury of wasting a penalty when the score was still zero. João Mário executed the penalty in the 30th minute of the first half. However, the midfielder made up for his failure by providing the assist that allowed David Neres to open the scoring in the 48th minute. In the second half, João Mário hit the target in the fifth minute to extend the advantage. At 12 minutes, this time having Grimaldo as a waiter, David Neres completed the job.

Foto: Benfica


12:17 PM3 months ago


The match between Benfica x Vitoria SC is valid for the 25th round of the Primeira Liga Bwin.

Benfica has a great season and continues to lead the Portuguese League. The Eagles take the field this Saturday against Vitoria de Guimaraes in Lisbon. The hosts are on a winning streak and have opened up an advantage over Porto in the title race. To improve, Benfica is the only representative of the country in the Champions League.

However, Vitória de Guimarães has a good campaign this season. The visitors are in fifth place and still dream of approaching the top positions. Porto, on the other hand, will have a complicated engagement against Braga, away from home, in a direct confrontation for second place in the championship, since the opponent is in third position in the table.

Benfica are big favorites, even for being at home. The ball rolls for Benfica x Vitoria SC, at 3 pm (GMT), at the Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, Portugal.

12:12 PM3 months ago

Welcome and welcome to the Benfica x Vitoria SC live score

ello, soccer lover! It is now time for a decisive match between two teams from Portugal: on one side Benfica, who live an excellent phase in the Premier League, being the current sole leader of the tournament. The Reds are also in the quarter-finals of the Uefa Champions League and will face Internazionale Milano. On the other side, Vitória de Guimarães is in a good moment, being 5th and second in the classification zone for the Uefa Europa Conference League. The difference to the sixth placed, however, is only three points. Both teams face each other in the 25th round of the Bwin Premier League 2022/23. The match between the 1st and the 5th place of the Portuguese League takes place at Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, Portugal, at 15h (Brasília). Follow everything from the duel between the Portuguese here, in real time from VAVEL Brazil.