Goals and Highlights: Aston Villa 3-0 Newcastle in Premier League
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Aston Villa 3-0 Newcastle
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92 Yellow

Duran got a card.
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Let's go to 94 minutes.
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McGinn made a play on the right and crossed in the area. Waltkins alone, dominated and finished to write down the third of the house's owners.
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Almirón received a pass inside the area and with freedom, finished, but was blocked by the suit.
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Aston Villa continue to attack.
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NOW VALUE! Waltkins received a pass inside the area and scored, managed to turn to finish and score Villa's second goal.
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McGinn kept the ball and with a lot of space he was leading to the edge of the area. The midfielder finished in place and the ball went out.
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Waltkins received a pass from McGinn, entered the area and finished to score the goal, but after VAR analysis, the bid was canceled due to the striker's impediment.
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Isak made a beautiful play at the edge of the area and with plenty of space, he finished in the left corner, but goalkeeper Martínez made a spectacular save to save Aston Villa.
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55' Changes at Newcastle

Entered: Wilson and Almiron

Out: Murphy and Gordon.

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Waltkins received from the left, entered the area, took it to the middle and released a straw. Goalkeeper Pope made a great save with his feet.
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Let's go to 47 minutes.
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Bruno Guimarães received it at the entrance to the area and tried the placed kick, but sent it straight out.
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McGinn asked for a penalty and the referee called follow.
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Aston Villa are on the attack. Newcastle struggle to build plays.
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Finals: 7-1.
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23' Yellow

Schar received card.
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Ramsey kept the ball inside the area and finished. The ball exploded off the crossbar. What pressure from Aston Villa.
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Ramsey received a pass on the edge of the area and dropped a bomb to open the scoring.
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Aston Villa are on the attack.
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AND WHAT A CHANCE! Waltkins received a pass inside the area and hit the Newcastle post, wasting the opportunity to open the scoring.
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It's Premier League at VAVEL.
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Aston Villa

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Speak up, Unai Emery!

“We are very happy because everything is perfect. This is a positive in the Villa family. The women are playing their semi-final and we are very proud of them.

“We have to be very demanding with our goals and try to be consistent.

“We have to try to create a great atmosphere between us and our fans. We have to create good feelings with them and be great with them.”

“I spoke to him when I got here and we went to Dubai, and I told him that football is hot. It's changing and so are the players.  20, 30, 40 years old it would be impossible to keep a 37-year-old player in the squad, very difficult.

“At Villarreal I had players aged 40, 38 and now I have changed my mind with young and old –   the same thing.

“Today players care about their health, they care about physical work.    I'm just watching Young and his match, just focusing on how he's doing.     how old is he - 25 years old? Thirty-eight? Maybe, but for me it's a lot. the same.

“I know his contract is up. It's over [in the summer] and we'll decide. I'm happy with him, and in the last game he played against Nottingham, he played really well. He used his experiences to help the team, and I appreciate that. this a lot.”

“The first thing was to be aware of our mistakes and some things we weren’t doing well. Through our analysis and being consistent with our work, our games ;s we improve].

“We got upset and decided to change some things to improve and be competitive. We wanted to be more consistent as a team with our organization.

“So is it? practice. By practicing you? you can improve. By practicing, you can improve. You can be tough on yourself. When we talked about conceding 11 goals in three matches, we got really mad.

“Our reaction was fantastic. First, to be humble enough to work harder and analyze matches at our level on video and try to change that as we have been doing.


“Newcastle is one of the best cities in the world. a team whose development has been very strong. They are building a very serious team, a very organized team.

“Now they are one of the best teams in the Premier League, playing with his (Eddie Howe’s) identity. They are very aggressive in high pressure, aggressive individually and are feeling strong in your mindset.

“We have faced many great challenges and we have been successful, but tomorrow is the day of the year.   It is the hardest challenge we will face in the last few matches.”

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Likely Aston Villa!

Martinez; Young, Konsa, Mings e Moreno; McGinn e Douglas Luiz; Traore, Buendía e Ramsey; Watkins
2:45 AMa month ago

How does the Aston Villa arrive?

Aston Villa arrives for the clash with four straight victories and packed, moving up to the Europa League classification zone.
2:40 AMa month ago

Speak up, Eddie Howe!

“I don’t think it’s a serious injury, but he’s okay. He is out for treatment at the moment. He is not available. This is with us, but we hope that at some point it will come back and be available soon.

“I firmly believe that you have achieved this goal. You don't need to be in Newcastle to get the best possible treatment.  It's always about how the player can get back as soon as possible in the best physical condition. If that means going away to see someone you love.   If you've worked and who you really like, I have no problem with that.

“We send a staff member with him so he is not alone. We have contact and this member is in contact with us. If you're thinking of Newcastle United, then I think that's it. It's an important combination. The job he's been doing.   It's good and it's about trying to recover it as quickly as possible”.

"He is here. very good.   This is early so cross your fingers that he finishes training and can be available very soon. There is a possibility (to be involved in the trip to Villa). We need to see how he trains today.   had limited training time, but he looked pretty good.

“The smile is still a smile. He's so great with Miggy. He's got this personality - he's in it. You are always in a positive frame of mind. This is the way to go. It’s one of the things we love about him.  really committed to your rehabilitation.

"He left a few times for injections and spent time in Barcelona for treatment. He's back, really excited and he's happy. He's a very professional guy, so he came back sooner than we thought."

“Thereá There is a growing belief that we are going back to the past. We are in top form after a difficult period in January. We were a little frustrated with ourselves in the Premier League.

“The Wolves victory was a great moment for us. It brought us back to winning ways and we backed that up. We had three very difficult games to play. We played six days last week, which were a huge test for us both mentally and physically. We got through that and now we're off to what I see as the last set of games this season.

“ There’s a big test to come, nothing is off. decided and we have everything to prove.”

“ It’s a squad game. We’re going to need everyone to contribute, starting or not.  it can have a game changing effect and we hope to get a positive result for us at any stage.

“Only! I can choose eleven players, but I have a very strong squad when everyone is in shape. I think the understanding of the group has been very good. I haven't had any internal problems. Of course, the players I are not playing are disappointed, but I think it's okay. It's the same at any level, but I have to try to make the right decisions for the team”.

“I think they complement each other very well. We wouldn’t have this defensive record if they didn’t have (played) the amount of games together, but they have a good understanding .

“Both are very good on the ball, first of all, which helps us build the attack and be a good attacking unit. Defensively, they really excelled. Aerically, they have been very good and mobile, what do you want? it has to do with the way we play.

“They have covered the defense very well together with the full-backs, who have also been excellent for us. It has been a great team effort from them."

“We had a conversation. His levels of enthusiasm, aggressiveness, and motivation are really high.  You are fiercely determined to do well and achieve and are This is one of his strengths and we want to embrace that. We love that about him, but I think there are times when he needs a cool head.

“It’s about trying to explain the situation and talk it through. I have no problems with him - he trained really well this week.

“    You want.  You want good people off the field, good role models, and professionals who are living their lives to try and succeed. On the field, you want to be successful. You want people to absolutely want to win, and to do everything in their power to try and achieve that, while being passionate about what they're doing”.

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Likely Newcastle!

Pope; Trippier, Schar, Botman e Burn; Longstaff, Bruno Guimarães e Joelinton; Almirón, Wilson e Murphy
2:30 AMa month ago

How does Newcastle arrive?

 Newcastle arrives for the clash with five straight victories, recovering well in the Premier League and remaining within the group that guarantees a place in the Champions League.
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Photo: Disclosure/Premier League
Photo: Disclosure/Premier League
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The game will be played at Villa Park

The Aston Villa vs Newcastle game will be played at Villa Park, with a capacity of 42.640 people.
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