Highlights: Crystal Palace 0-0 Everton in Premier League
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12:03 PM5 months ago

How it looks

With the draw, Crystal Palace figure 12th place with 37 points, while Everton are inside Everton, in 18th, adding 28.
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Keane deflects a throw-in to the second post. Mitchell tries to lift again, but is blocked
11:41 AM5 months ago

80' Red card for Everton

Holgate, for the second yellow
11:40 AM5 months ago


Ayew is reversed to the left, which triggers Eze on the edge of the box. The midfielder shoots for the corner. Pickford dives to save
11:33 AM5 months ago

70' Substitutions in Palace

In: Mateta and Hughes

Out: Edouard and Sclupp

11:32 AM5 months ago


Edouard fights with Keane and ends up falling inside the area. He calls for a penalty and the referee orders the match to go ahead
11:25 AM5 months ago

63' Yellow card for Everton

11:24 AM5 months ago

62' LOST

Iwobi finds Calvert-Lewin on the edge of the box, who turns beautifully over his marker and shoots the ball past the post
11:22 AM5 months ago


Eze is sent into the box, he covers Pickford, and scores a great goal. However, the assistant signals offside, to the despair of the player
11:19 AM5 months ago


Eze ends up losing his grip and hits Gueye's shin with the latches
11:19 AM5 months ago
11:04 AM5 months ago


Game restarts
10:57 AM5 months ago


The first half ends
10:57 AM5 months ago


10:56 AM5 months ago


Calvert-Lewin shoots from distance and the goalkeeper drops to make the save
10:56 AM5 months ago

37' Yellow card for Everton

10:54 AM5 months ago

32' WOW

Iwobi is picked out in the box and hits a low shot. Johnstone stretches out to save the ball in the corner
10:53 AM5 months ago

28' Yellow card for Palace

10:50 AM5 months ago


Ayew lifts the ball. Schlupp can't clear, the ball goes to Mitchell, who crashes against the crossbar
10:25 AM5 months ago


Game is balanced. No major saves were required by the goalkeepers
10:18 AM5 months ago


After a short corner, Eze leaves it for Mitchell to lift it into the box. Pickford punches it away
10:16 AM5 months ago


Calvert-Lewin spins over Guehi and drives Iwobi, who deflects lightly, making it easy for the goalkeeper to save
10:07 AM5 months ago


McNeil takes a long shot and hits it weakly. Johnstone pulls off a save
10:04 AM5 months ago


Ayew crosses from the left, goes a little too far and the ball goes the other way, over the sideline
9:59 AM5 months ago


Ball rolling
9:56 AM5 months ago


Teams taking the field
9:55 AM5 months ago


9:44 AM5 months ago


Palace in warming up
9:41 AM5 months ago

Everton reserves

Begovic, Lonergan, PAtterson, Mina, Maupay, Godfrey, Davies, Coady, Simms
9:36 AM5 months ago

Everton lineup

ickford, Holgate, Tarkowski, Keane, Mykolenko, Gueye, Garner, Iwobi, McNeil, Gray, Calvert-Lewin
9:31 AM5 months ago

Palace reserves

Guaita, Milivojevic, Tomkins, Lokonga, Mateta, McArthur, Hughes, Richards, Riedewald
9:26 AM5 months ago

Palace set

Johnstone, Ward, Andersen, Guehi, Mitchell, Doucoure, Schlupp, Eze, Olise, Edouard, Ayew
9:21 AM5 months ago

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Speak up, Roy Hodgson!

Nathaniel Clyne we hope to enter boot camp next week. We also hope to bring Wilf [Zaha]  next week. Those are two things to look forward to, but not for this game.”

“We signed him [last summer] with strong competition from other clubs, because when he was leaving West Brom on a free transfer, he was already signed. had arrived at the; England selection.''

“We knew we were hiring someone who would be running for the position with Vicente. When Vicente is in shape, that competition will start again, and it will be up to me to decide which of the two goalkeepers I want to put on the team.''

“I am in a privileged position if both are fit, because I would feel confident to enter the game with either goalkeeper.''

“Management choices are often quite difficult. I'm choosing between two good ones. I will worry about this issue when the time comes, and let's hope I make the right decision.”

 “Knowing that we were in a dark position and players were being hit with nasty stats, players had to live with it – that outside noise, the criticism.  It is very difficult for players to experience these moments.''

“If the team plays well enough to deserve, as I think it has, three straight wins, all of a sudden that noise dissipates and you’re happy. You’ll feel a little better about yourself and a little more confident. We always thought we could do this, and now we’re starting to prove it.''

“We have to make sure, as a club, that we don’t lose anything that gave us these three victories.''

“ It's a double-edged sword: when the odds are against you, you don't. you can't find the confidence and courage to get out of the melancholy, but it's good. Of course, [players might think] 'Now that's it! It’s easy, and that’s easy. an equally dangerous advantage in my opinion.''

“ It's a matter of balancing those two edges and trying to produce, every time we play, the kind of performance we've seen so far. now.”

9:11 AM5 months ago

Probable Crystal Palace!

Johnstone; Ward, Andersen, Guéhi e Mitchell; Eze, Doucouré e Schlupp; Olise, Ayew e Édouard. 
9:06 AM5 months ago

How does Crystal Palace arrive?

Crystal Palace arrives for the clash with three straight wins against Leicester, Leeds and Southampton, ending a long series of games without a positive result.
9:01 AM5 months ago

Speak up, Sam Dyche!

“ accept the challenge. People say, "They cant stop this, they cant stop that," so I remind players to change that. Lets change this. noise. Let's change this story.  you can't just hope that a little powder will come out. make it change. It is up to us as a collective force to make that happen.''

“ That’s what Ive been telling players. Let’t wait for things to happen. Let’s make things happen. Let’s change the rhetoric and the story.”

“I have been talking since I arrived here about the consistency of what we do and we lost that throughout the match against Fulham”, he said.  It’s just a week-to-week consistency, it’s good. actually over the course of a game.''

“We just missed the details; a few inconsistent moments and we got punished.    This is what the Premier League does to you.''

“We have a lot of experience in the squad. They are not stupid. They know when we get out of what we were doing. We remind them, we pass them on. We discussed it with them and showed them some analysis. I think they were as disappointed as I was with their reaction to just losing by one goal.''


Despite his frustration, Dyche knows his players can play at a higher level, and he's ready to help. looking forward to your team getting back to this after a tough few weeks.''

“It does not change everything”, he added, referring to last week's result. “ There's lots of football to play. We've just passed our spot and it's time to play. It's important to react to what happened, because you don't always know what happened. can control all games.''

“These things go against you.    can bounce back and get to the top of the game. We've done it really well since I got here and we remind players of that fact.''

8:56 AM5 months ago

Possible Everton!

Pickford; Godfrey, Tarkowski, Keane e Mykolenko; Gueye, Garner, McNeil e Iowbi; Gray e Maupay. 
8:51 AM5 months ago

How do Everton arrive?

Everton arrives for the clash with four games without a win, where they lost to Manchester United and Fulham, in addition to the draws against Chelsea and Tottenham.
8:46 AM5 months ago


Photo: Disclosure / Premier League
Photo: Disclosure / Premier League
8:41 AM5 months ago

The game will be played atSelhurst Park Stadium

The Crystal Palace vs Everton game will be played at Selhurst Park Stadium, with a capacity of 25,486 people.
8:36 AM5 months ago

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