Goals and Highlights: Leeds 2-2 Newcastle in Premier League
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Leeds 2-2 Newcastle.
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Schar released a first-rate rocket from the edge of the area and Robles made a great save to save Leeds.
9:24 AMa month ago

93' Change at Leeds

In: Struijk

Out: Bamford.

9:23 AMa month ago

92' Yellow

Bamford got carded.
9:21 AMa month ago


Let's go to 96 minutes.
9:20 AMa month ago


Firpo was fouled at the entrance to the area and received a direct red card. Leeds with 10 on the field.
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Newcastle presses down the final stretch.
9:19 AMa month ago

87' Change at Leeds

Joined: Aaronson

Out: Rodrigo.

9:18 AMa month ago

87' Change at Newcastle

Joined: Anderson

Out: Willock.

9:16 AMa month ago


THE DRAW! Kristensen finished for the goal and left everything the same.
9:15 AMa month ago

73' Changes at Newcastle

In: Gordon and Saint-Maximin

Out: Almiron and Wilson.

9:15 AMa month ago

72' Yellow

Wilson was carded.
9:14 AMa month ago


Wilson again. The attacker took the penalty and turned the game around for Newcastle.
9:13 AMa month ago

68' Yellow

Robles received a card.
9:13 AMa month ago

68' Yellow

Gnonto received a card.
9:13 AMa month ago


Willock was brought down inside the area and the referee awarded a penalty to Newcastle.
9:12 AMa month ago

64' Change at Leeds

Joined: Forshaw

Out: Harrison.

8:49 AMa month ago

59' Yellow

Firpo received a card.
8:41 AMa month ago


Wilson stayed with the rebound inside the area and released a rocket. The ball deflected in the marking and passed with a lot of danger of the goal.
8:40 AMa month ago


Leeds restart attack.
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8:19 AMa month ago


Almirón received from the right, entered the area and finished looking for the corner. The ball went past Leeds' crossbar.
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Let's go to 47 minutes.
8:16 AMa month ago


Leeds went on the counterattack and Greenwood finished from the edge of the area, but the ball went too high.
8:13 AMa month ago


Game is more open at this time.
8:07 AMa month ago


Newcastle rents the offensive field and seeks the second.
8:03 AMa month ago


Callum Wilson kicked in the right corner to tie the game for Newcastle.
8:02 AMa month ago


Penalty there, penalty here. Wober fouled Isak and the referee awarded a penalty.
8:00 AMa month ago


Bamford finished in the right corner and Pope flew in to save the Leeds striker's penalty.
7:58 AMa month ago


Joelinton was fouled inside the area by Júnior Firpo and the referee awarded Leeds a penalty.
7:48 AMa month ago


Newcastle press.
7:43 AMa month ago


Wilson finished from the left and Robles defended.
7:39 AMa month ago


After a cross in the area, Rodrigo deflected with his head and Pope made a great save. On the rebound, Ayling completed for the goal and opened the scoring.
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Joelinton finished from outside the area but straight out.
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It's Premier League at VAVEL.
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Speak up, Sam Allardyce!

“Fear has to drive players”, said the Leeds manager. "The fear of relegation and the fear of losing Premier League status should make them fight and want to fight for their Premier League status".

“Was I disappointed? Yes. It was a big blow, but I always bounce back and move on. It was a blow to my career at that time and I wanted to take [the club] to where it is today. now. That was my ambition and that of [previous owner], Freddie Shepherd at the time.”

11:50 PMa month ago

Likely Leeds!

Robles; Ayling, Kristensen, Wober, Firpo; McKennie, Roca, Gnonto, Forshaw, Harrison; Bamford.
11:45 PMa month ago

How do Leeds arrive?

Leeds arrive for the clash with two consecutive defeats. If you expand the team’s moment, there are six games without a victory, they have conceded a goal in 12 of the last clashes and are currently in the 19th place in the league. Premier League placement with 30 points, within the relegation zone.
11:40 PMa month ago

Speak up, Howe!

"All the work is done. of relationship. For me, for a player to be able to do his best on the pitch, he has to be in a good space off the pitch. We are very interested in players' lives and making sure they are happy, comfortable and have everything they need. I believe in communication to avoid future problems. I think healthy communication is important. a very powerful thing.

" it's all about trying to give the best product to the players. I'm always thinking about what they need, not anything else."

     It is the least that the people of Newcastle and everyone who has given me this opportunity deserve - that I repay with the best effort I can give. That was always my promise to whoever hired me, really. I will work as hard as I can to bring you success. I have to look in the mirror and know that I gave it all I could.”

"I would probably still be a little short of where I needed to be, to be honest," he replies. "The two eras are incomparable. I'm putting myself in a different era here – it makes me sound old – true.   It's so different now than when I played. The players here are treated well, they have good facilities, but they are a very, very professional and very, very talented bunch. We have some amazing players on the team. I would have done my best to stay with them, but I would probably fall a little short."

"As coaches, we always try to put ourselves in the player’s shoes whenever we make a decision or choose a path forward. I don’t think the levels are comparable either. But emotions are the main thing – try to always understand how players feel, what they need and what is needed. It's best for us to decide over the course of the season."

 " You have to remember that players are under a lot of scrutiny, a lot of pressure to play, so they have to have that selfish streak they're trying to tune into to be at their best in the game. weekend. I don’t think there isn’t there. It's another way they are and I have to say, for all the things the players are feeling, the group this year has been amazing to each other. They fostered a brilliant team spirit that I think you will appreciate. You can see in the field when you enter.   play."

"I worked really hard, I felt, to get where I was. I was not blessed with a great deal of natural talent. It was a lot of work to get where I am. I got a move to Portsmouth after a very intense period where I gave everything to try to improve as a player."

"I realized this would have a terminal effect on my career, in fact, and a detrimental effect in the long run. My dreams and everything just kind of flashed by and disappeared," he recalls. "It was a huge sinking feeling. It was a huge period where I had to be really strong mentally because my only focus was trying to get to the top, and then I realized I wasn't going to get there. But I try to keep everything in context, and that was really important. Yes, your playing career is not going to be what you made it out to be. what I wanted, but knowing that you If you still have the love and support of your family around you, you'll be able to do it yourself. was fit and healthy, except for the knee... try to see the positive side of the negative, it's good. what I'm trying to say. That's what I tried to do, even though I knew my dreams wouldn't come true."

 "Your work is in progress. being judged.     with your supporters, your players, it's all about you. highly emotional.   so much going on. But I feel that the manager's job is to do this. drown it all out and focus on how we can win the game.   If you face the media on the fly, then it's a good idea. You will be bombarded with a series of questions and whether it is right? good or bad, you have You have to control what you do. do you speak, because your message is important? important for fans to take.   "You go home," he exhales, "and you go home," he exhales. reflects on everything that happened.   rarely have the chance to really get away from these processes."

"I think the only way to change mindsets and mindsets is to be consistent with your message and your work. In the cup final with the players, it was a case of sticking to the basics. We weren't looking at it as, 'We didn't do it in a way. amazing to reach the cup final?' We were looking at it almost as we expected it to be there, and that's how I wanted players to approach it. If you build that game too much, it can have a negative effect on performance. We want that to be the norm."

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Likely Newcastle!

Pope; Triiper, Schar, Botman, Burn; Bruno Guimarães, Joelonton, Willock; Murphy, Isak, Wilson.
11:30 PMa month ago

How does Newcastle arrive?

Newcastle arrives for the match in third place in the Premier League, but with a defeat in the last game against Arsenal, at home.   You are very close to guaranteeing a place in the next edition of the Champions League and for that, you only need to register. victory matters to Eddie Howe's team.
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Photo: Disclosure/Newcastle
Photo: Disclosure/Newcastle
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The game will be played atElland Road

The Leeds vs Newcastle game will be played at Elland Road, with a capacity of 37.890 people.
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