Goals and Highlights: Lazio 3-2 Cremonese in Serie A
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Add 5 minutes more.
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Johan Vazquez's cross was saved from the line by Johan Vazquez, but Milinkovic-Savic's rebound made it 3-2.

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Lazio's Pellegrini is cautioned.
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Hysaj rises and ingresa Pellegrini, Lazio change
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Mexican Vázquez enters and Lochoshvili leaves Cremonese.
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Inmobile with the shot inside the area that goes high of the goal.
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Felipe Anderson with a mid-range shot that hits the goalkeeper for his good shot.
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Felipe enters and Pedro leaves, Lazio substitution.

Buonaiuto enters and Ciofani leaves, Cremonese substitution.

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Lazzari's shot towards his own goal, which crosses the goal line for the 2-2.

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Galdames finishes the delayed diagonal from outside the box to score the goal and put the scoreboard 1-2.

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The second half begins between Lazio and Cremonese.
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Nothing more is added and the teams go to the break: LAZIO 2-0 CREMONESE
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Milinkovic-Savic's first-time cross to the near post makes it 2-0.

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Romagnoli's header into the goalkeeper's hands.
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Sernicola of Cremonese is cautioned.
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Frank Tsadjout's shot from half distance goes wide of the goal.
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Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is penalized for an offensive foul and the dangerous play disappears.
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Vecino's mid-range shot hits the goalkeeper's hands.
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Pedro with a mid-range shot that goes over the top.
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On the first approach, Elseid Hysaj steps into the box and gets the cross shot to open the scoring 1-0.

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Lazio-Cremonese game begins
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of action between Lazio and Cremonese in Serie A.
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Cremonese substitutes

  5 Johan Vásquez

  4 Emanuel Aiwu

  77 David Okereke

  21 Vlad Chiriches

  19 Michele Castagnetti

  23 Christian Acella

  10 Cristian Buonaiuto

  12 Marco Carnesecchi

  18 Paolo Ghiglione

  20 Felix Afena-Gyan

  13 Gianluca Saro

  33 Giacomo Quagliata

11:50 AM4 months ago

Lazio substitutes

 11 Matteo Cancellieri

  1 Luís Maximiano

  31 Marius Adamonis

  22 Diego González

  26 Stefan Radu

  34 Mario Gila

  50 Marco Bertini

  3 Luca Pellegrini

  46 Fabio Ruggeri

  6 Marcos Antonio

  7 Felipe Anderson

  88 Toma Basic

  4 Patric

11:45 AM4 months ago

XI Cremonese

45 Mouhamadou Sarr, 24 Alex Ferrari, 44 Luka Lochoshvili, 15 Matteo Bianchetti, 28 Souahilo Meïté, 6 Charles Pickel, 27 Pablo Galdames, 3 Emanuele Valeri, 17 Leonardo Sernicola, 9 Daniel Ciofani, 74 Frank Tsadjout.
11:40 AM4 months ago

XI Lazio

94 Ivan Provedel, 13 Alessio Romagnoli, 15 Nicolo Casale, 23 Elseid Hysaj, 29 Manuel Lazzari, 5 Matías Vecino, 10 Luis Alberto, 21 Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, 9 Pedro, 20 Mattia Zaccagni, 17 Ciro Immobile.
11:35 AM4 months ago

The dressing room and the stadium

Both the dressing room and the stadium are in excellent condition for this game.
11:30 AM4 months ago


This is how Lazio arrived at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.
11:25 AM4 months ago

To say goodbye

Cremonese are already relegated and will only have to play for their honor and end in a better way a campaign that had been marked by the return to the First Division, but that only lasted a year.
11:20 AM4 months ago

Recovering the second rung

Lazio need to win to take second place from Inter and guarantee their place in the UEFA Champions League.
11:15 AM4 months ago


Lazio bids farewell to its people with the mission of climbing to Champions League places against Cremonese of Mexican Johan Vázquez. We begin with the coverage of the Serie A game through VAVEL.
11:10 AM4 months ago

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What time is Lazio vs Cremonese match for Serie A 2023?

This is the start time of the game Lazio vs Cremonese of May 28th in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

Bolivia: 12:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

Brasil: 1:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

Chile: 1:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

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Estados Unidos (ET): 12:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

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México: 10:00 AM en ESPN y Star Plus

Paraguay: 1:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

Perú: 11:00 AM en ESPN y Star Plus

Uruguay: 1:00 PM en ESPN y Star Plus

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Last games Lazio vs Cremonese

Due to Cremonese's recent promotion that lasted only one year, the history between these two teams is short, although the balance favors Lazio categorically by an identical score.

Cremonese 0-4 Lazio, season 2022 Serie A

Lazio 4-0 Cremonese, Coppa Italia 2022

10:55 AM4 months ago

Key Player Cremonese

For the second consecutive year, Mexican Johan Vásquez suffered a relegation in Italy, although this time he had much more regular minutes and his performance has improved a lot, where he indicated that he barely knew how to defend when he arrived in Italy, so he will try to give his best in the remaining 180 minutes to see if any other club is interested in his services.
10:50 AM4 months ago

Key player Lazio

The seasons go by and Ciro Immobile continues to be a reliable player in attack and continues to perform, even though this season he struggled with some injuries, but he will try to say goodbye to his fans with a victory and collaborating with his team with several goals.
Foto: Récord
Image: Récord
10:45 AM4 months ago

Last lineup Cremonese

12 Marco Carnesecchi, 5 Johan Vasquez, 21 Vlad Chiriches, 3 Emanuele Valeri, 17 Leonardo Sernicola, 27 Pablo Galdames, 28 Souahilo Meïté, 19 Michele Castagnetti, 74 Frank Tsadjout, 77 David Okereke, 6 Charles Pickel.
10:40 AM4 months ago

Last lineup Lazio

94 Ivan Provedel, 13 Alessio Romagnoli, 15 Nicolo Casale, 23 Elseid Hysaj, 29 Manuel Lazzari, 5 Matias Vecino, 10 Luis Alberto, 21 Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, 17 Ciro Immobile, 20 Mattia Zaccagni, 7 Felipe Anderson.
10:35 AM4 months ago

Cremonese: farewell with dignity

Cremonese was officially relegated last matchday and has no way to save the category even if they win the two remaining matches, however, they will have to act like professionals and go out to the field to win what they have left to leave with their heads held high, as many of these players will not be back in the First Division and others will be sold so they can continue their careers, either in Serie A or in another league in Europe.
10:30 AM4 months ago

Lazio: looking for the Champions League

Lazio has in its hands to qualify to the UEFA Champions League directly for the following season as long as it obtains two positive results (wins) in the matches that await it, pending to know if Juventus will really have the sanction it has for capital gains or not, but Lazio is nothing away from having a great campaign in Italy.
10:25 AM4 months ago

The Kick-off

The Lazio vs Cremonese match will be played at the Olympic Stadium, in Roma, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:00 pm ET.
10:20 AM4 months ago

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