Resume and Highlights:  Espanyol 3-3 Almeria in LaLiga 2023.


5:14 PM4 months ago


Thank you for following the Espanyol 3-3 Almeria game, this afternoon Almeria is saved from relegation in a very disputed match. Be sure to visit so you don't miss any details of the upcoming season.
5:08 PM4 months ago


Espanyol and Almeria tied at 3-3 and with this the visiting team is saved from relegation.
5:04 PM4 months ago


Match ends.
4:57 PM4 months ago


Molero receives a yellow card.
4:51 PM4 months ago


Goooooooool for Almeria! Embarba equalizes the score.
4:50 PM4 months ago


Penalty for Almeria.
4:47 PM4 months ago


Ely misses a chance for Almeria.
4:39 PM4 months ago


Kolesho's right-footed shot from the right gives Espanyol the lead.
4:35 PM4 months ago


Corner kick for Espanyol.
4:33 PM4 months ago


Few chances on the field.
4:23 PM4 months ago


Goooooooooooool for Almeria! Embarba equalizes the score after a great left-footed shot.
4:22 PM4 months ago


Oliván misses a great opportunity.
4:15 PM4 months ago


Goooooooooool Espanyol goal! Gabriel gave the home team the lead.
4:09 PM4 months ago


The second half begins.
3:52 PM4 months ago


End of the first half.
3:46 PM4 months ago


Costa receives a yellow card.
3:42 PM4 months ago


Montes receives a yellow card.
3:40 PM4 months ago


Puado's header puts the ball in the goalkeeper's hands.
3:31 PM4 months ago


Suarez tries from the left and misses.
3:26 PM4 months ago


Espanyol has a corner kick.
3:21 PM4 months ago


Calero sends the ball to the corner.
3:19 PM4 months ago


Missed opportunity for Espanyol.
3:15 PM4 months ago


Goooooooooooooooool Espanyol goal! Puado with a great shot from the right scores the equalizer.
3:12 PM4 months ago


Goooooooooooool for Almeria! Touré with a great header from the center of the area already put the visitors ahead.
3:11 PM4 months ago

Centelles shoots outside the area and puts the ball wide.
3:09 PM4 months ago

Darder shoots right-footed outside the area and the ball is saved.
3:08 PM4 months ago

Again Espanyol charged from the corner.
3:05 PM4 months ago

Espanyol gets the first corner kick.
3:01 PM4 months ago

The match begins.
2:59 PM4 months ago

The importance of this day

All the duels of those involved in the relegation will be simultaneous, there are six teams that are looking to avoid relegation, Espanyol and Elche have already confirmed relegation and this afternoon the third relegated team will be confirmed.
2:50 PM4 months ago

Starting XI Almeria

This is how the visiting team comes out:
2:45 PM4 months ago

Starting XI Espanyol

This is how the home team comes out:
2:40 PM4 months ago

Espanyol closed poorly

Espanyol's closing has been somewhat tragic in its last three games, scoring five points, but prior to that, in eleven games, it scored only four points, which led to its relegation with one game to go.
2:35 PM4 months ago

Espanyol is at home

Thus came the home team:
2:30 PM4 months ago

Espanyol with a difficult opponent

Espanyol Barcelona has only won in one of the last six meetings against Almeria in LaLiga, it was in January 2015 when they beat their rival 3-0, this afternoon's duel is crucial for the visitors.
2:25 PM4 months ago

Espanyol at its worst

Espanyol Barcelona is now on its second relegation in the last three appearances in LaLiga, equaling the number of relegations they had in the previous 47 participations in the competition, they will undoubtedly have to work much harder.
2:20 PM4 months ago

Almeria and its great concern

Almeria has the great responsibility to win this afternoon, however the team is going through a streak of two games without being able to score a goal, during those two duels they have taken a draw and a loss, their longest streak without scoring was in September 2022.
2:15 PM4 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Espanyol vs Almeria game, this afternoon Espanyol says goodbye to LaLiga and could take their rival to the second division. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the game.
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Stay tuned to follow Espanyol vs Almeria live here

In a few moments we will share with you the Espanyol vs Almeria live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the RCDE Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Espanyol vs Almeria live online

The match will be televised on SKY Sports.
Espanyol vs Almeria can be tuned in from BlueToGo's live streams.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this player from Almeria

Toure, striker. Player of 21 years old, he has the 9 on his back, for teams like Almeria, relying on young talent is their engine and no doubt trusting in this player could represent them the permanence in the first division, the team depends on itself to stay in LaLiga and with the presence of Toure it will probably be easier.
1:55 PM4 months ago

Watch out for this Espanyol player

Joselu, striker. An experienced 33-year-old Spanish player, he has undoubtedly been one of the team's best this season, although the team was unable to maintain the category, Joselu, with 16 goals this season, is among the best scorers, the last duel will be at home and the player will want to give the win to all the fans.
1:50 PM4 months ago

Last alignment Almeria

Martinez, Pozo, Ely, Babic, Centelles, Molero. Costa, Robertone, Lazaro, Sousa, Embarba.
1:45 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Espanyol

Pacheco, Olivan, Cabrera, Gomez, Montes, Gil, Suarez, Darder, Puado, Ribaudo, Joselu.
1:40 PM4 months ago

Face to face

Almeria 3-1 Espanyol
Almeria 1-1 Espanyol
Espanyol 2-1 Almeria
Espanyol 3-0 Almeria
Almeria 1-1 Espanyol
1:35 PM4 months ago

Arbitration quartet

To be confirmed.
1:30 PM4 months ago

Almeria for the most important victory of the season

Almeria is a team that has spent a long time in the second division, this team returned for this season and the circumstances have put them in a complicated situation, this team arrives at the last day of the season with 40 points, Almeria is still in the fight not to be relegated and only the victory could ensure them not to go down again, the team took seven seasons before returning to LaLiga, With so much work behind them, it would be a big setback to return. Against Espanyol, a very tense duel awaits them, since the locals are not afraid of relegation, the game will be very tense and if they manage to overcome the nervousness in the first minutes, everything will be easier, the three most important points for the team, although a defeat would not relegate them either, only a combination of results could cause that.
1:25 PM4 months ago

Espanyol says goodbye again

Espanyol of Barcelona says goodbye to the highest category after two seasons, the Periquitos team tried to keep the category in the last days, however time caught up with them on the penultimate day, when Valencia beat them in a controversial match and mathematically it was no longer possible to be saved, for a team with so much tradition it is not easy to go through this, but just as they did in the 2020-21 season, the team can and must return to LaLiga, the team although they can no longer do anything to save themselves, they can still cause a team to join them in relegation, there are six teams that are at risk of losing the category and it is in their hands to avoid it, even Valencia could be relegated and for Espanyol it would be good news after what happened recently, to say goodbye in the best way, Espanyol needs to get three points at home with their people.
Espanyol says goodbye/Image: RCDEspanyol
Espanyol says goodbye/Image: RCDEspanyol
1:20 PM4 months ago

The relegation is not solved

LaLiga will have a very interesting closing day and it is not because of the leaders, the relegation has already claimed its first two victims and in the last day, several teams are playing their permanence, an oversight can have severe consequences and that is why Espanyol vs Almeria has a special touch, something that has not happened for a long time.
1:15 PM4 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Espanyol vs Almeria live stream, corresponding to the LaLiga 2023. The match will take place at the RCDE Stadium at 15:00 PM ET.