Goals and Highlights: Japan 2-1 Morocco in Maurice Revello Tournament
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After pressing, Japan reached the second goal with Hisatsugu Ishii, after Kanda assisted.
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After the goal and Morocco's growth in the game, Japan had to return to the confrontation in order not to concede another goal. The reaction was immediate. The team tied and attacks at this time.
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Japan's reaction was immediate. Kotaro Uchino got the ball inside the area and tied the match for the Japanese team.
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Morocco's second half, which failed to create opportunities throughout the first half, but prevailed in the final stage, created and got the first goal. The team already has many more finishes than in the initial 45 minutes.
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Abde Raihani took advantage of a pass from Ilyes Ziani and did not waste the chance to open the scoring for the Moroccan team.
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Morocco grew in performance at the beginning of the second half and started to get more dangerously close to the goal.
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Second half has the same script as the first leg.
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Japan has three shots and 53% possession at this point in the game, but teams are unable to build good plays.
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Finished: 2-0.
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Game without great moments until this part of the confrontation.
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Japan exchange passes in the attack in search of the first goal.
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Japon in attack.
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With an eye on the numbers

Morocco comes to the duel without a victory in the last eight games and in that period, it conceded a goal in all of them. In that cut, in six, both teams scored goals. Morocco conceded their first goal in six straight matches.
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How does Japan arrive?

Japan arrives for the game with a friendly victory against Spain. The under-19 team that will compete in the tournament has five wins in the last 10 duels, three defeats and two draws.
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How does Morocco arrive?

Morocco arrives for the game with eight clashes without a victory, with four defeats and four victories.
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In the current edition in 2023, the tournament runs from the 5th to the 18th of June. 12 teams were displaced in three groups with four teams each, passing the first of each one and the best runner-up. Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, France and Venezuela are in group A. Australia, Mexico, Qatar and the Mediterranean Team are in group B, while Morocco, Japan, Panama and the rest of the world are in group B. and Ivory Coast are in group C.
Photo: Disclosure/Maurice Revello Tournament
Photo: Disclosure/Maurice Revello Tournament
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The biggest champion of the tournament is France with 13 titles. The team has a very positive record, despite having 14 runners-up and also reached other semis on eight occasions. Brazil has nine titles, the last one in 2019. The Amarelinha team has never been runner-up, but has reached a semifinal on four occasions.

England with seven, Portugal and Colombia with three, Bulgaria, Argentina and Hungary with two titles each, in addition to Italy, Mexico, Russia, Ivory Coast , Chile, Serbia, Poland and Serbia complete the list of competition champions. Czech Republic has never won a title, but has been runner-up on four occasions, also reaching the semis five times, just as the Netherlands has a good record, but has never won the tournament.

Photo: Disclosure/Maurice Revello Tournament
Photo: Disclosure/Maurice Revello Tournament
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Maurice Revello Tournament

  This is a different tournament for the reason that it is a training match competition, which traditionally has invited selections and is made up of athletes aged up to 20 years old. 23 years old, originally with under-17 and under-23 teams.   organized by FIFA and yes by the FFF, French Football Federation.

The tournament was founded in 1967 and was named Maurice Revello in 2016, in honor of the former president of the French Football Federation. The competition initially involved only under-21 teams, but in 1974 it was changed to under-23 teams.

The Maurice Revello Tournament attracts national teams from around the world, and many talented and up-and-coming players have already competed. participated in the event. Several international football stars, such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Alan Shearer, have already made their mark. competed in the tournament early in their careers.

The tournament format usually consists of teams competing in a group format followed by knockout games to determine the champion.   It is highly regarded by professional scouts and clubs as it provides a platform for young players to showcase their talents and gain experience at an international level.

 it is important to point out that, as my knowledge is   As of September 2021, I do not have up-to-date information on the latest Maurice Revello Tournament results. I recommend checking reputable sources or specialist websites for the latest information about the tournament.

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Photo: Disclosure/Morocco
Photo: Disclosure/Morocco
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The game will be played at T-Mobile Arena

The Japan vs Morocco game will be played at T-Mobile Arena, with a capacity of 18.300 people.
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