Goals and Highlights of River Plate 2-0 Fluminense in Libertadores
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10:32 PM4 months ago


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10:32 PM4 months ago


River Plate beats Fluminense and reaches 7 points in the Libertadores Cup, but still runs the risk of falling in the group stage
10:30 PM4 months ago


OF RIVER PLATE! Barco sends it into the net: 2-0.
10:28 PM4 months ago


Barco makes a beautiful move and concedes the penalty for River in the last throw.
10:26 PM4 months ago


River Plate fans go on a merrymaking spree at the Monumental.
10:23 PM4 months ago


We will have 5 minutes of overtime.
10:23 PM4 months ago


Cano receives a cross in the box, heads the ball into the middle, and the River defenders keep away.
10:23 PM4 months ago


Fluminense is putting a lot of pressure on right now. The Strongest is beating Sporting Cristal, but Flu is the group leader.
10:19 PM4 months ago


Lima, as right winger, crosses to Lelê, who heads the ball into Armani's hands. The striker was offside.
10:15 PM4 months ago


Fluminense has two chances to tie with Nino, but misses the chance. Armani gets in trouble and almost gives it away.
10:10 PM4 months ago


De La Cruz takes a corner kick, but Fabio makes a superb save.
10:06 PM4 months ago


Cano receives inside the area, tries a cross, but the River Plate defense keeps the danger away.
10:01 PM4 months ago


Samuel Xavier receives on the right, crosses in the area and the ball hits the arm of the River player. Fluminense's players ask for a penalty, but the referee orders it to go ahead.
9:57 PM4 months ago


Germán Cano receives the cross, head for goal and Armani fumbles and sends it for a corner.
9:54 PM4 months ago


Arias moves forward on the right, crosses and Lima receives in the area, but finishes over the goal. Out of the way.
9:51 PM4 months ago


Yellow card to Cano for fouling Aliendro. Hard tackle by the tricolor striker.
9:47 PM4 months ago


Nacho receives on the edge of the area, shoots from outside and Fabio saves.
9:47 PM4 months ago


In a free-kick for River Plate, the ball explodes in Lima, but is left to Herrera , who takes a shot from outside the area. The ball deflects on the way and is a corner.
9:43 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOOOOL OF RIVER PLATE! Beltrán opens the scoring early in the second half: 1-0 against Fluminense!
9:39 PM4 months ago


Herrera gets the shot off, but Fabio saves calmly.
9:38 PM4 months ago


All in for the second half of River Plate x Fluminense.
9:23 PM4 months ago


End of the first half and no goals for River Plate x Fluminense in the Libertadores.
9:18 PM4 months ago


We will have 4 minutes of overtime in the first half.
9:14 PM4 months ago


FÁAAAAAABIO! What a save by Fábio. The Fluminense goalkeeper saved what would have been River Plate's first goal.
9:09 PM4 months ago


Fluminense arrives well on the left side with Arias, who crosses low to Ganso, in the penalty area, who dominates and finishes over the goal.
9:09 PM4 months ago


Solari receives from Barco and crosses from the right side, Beltrán heads the ball, which goes out to the side of Fabio's goal.
9:06 PM4 months ago


Nacho Fernández takes a free-kick and rolls it to Barco, who hits it with danger, but Fábio sends it to the corner.
9:03 PM4 months ago


Germán Cano receives a beautiful pass from André, invades the area and finishes, but sends it away.
9:00 PM4 months ago

Game stoped!

Herrera falls and receives care. Diniz takes the opportunity to talk to the players of Fluminense.
8:57 PM4 months ago


Lima plays in Guga, who crosses in the area to Martinelli, but Rojas takes his head off.
8:57 PM4 months ago


Felipe Melo clears one more! De La Cruz steals the ball from Guga, tries to get a table with Herrera, but the defender gets there taking everything away.
8:51 PM4 months ago


De La Cruz receives the ball on the edge of the box and shoots dangerously over the goal.
8:50 PM4 months ago


Ganso knocks down De La Cruz, and River Plate's players go after Fluminense's athletes.
8:48 PM4 months ago


Solari receives a throw-in in the box, but his shot is blocked and he gets a corner.
8:45 PM4 months ago


After River's free-kick is lifted into the box, Herrera heads the ball into the middle, and Fabio punches it away.
8:42 PM4 months ago


Samuel Xavier advances through the middle and unleashes the bomb, but Armani deflects.
8:41 PM4 months ago


Ganso tries to pass and almost loses to Nacho, but Felipe Melo recovers and returns to Fabio.
8:40 PM4 months ago


Nacho Fernandez receives in the midfield, advances and takes a long shot, but the ball goes away.
8:40 PM4 months ago


River Plate starts on top of Fluminense. After having a goal disallowed, the Argentine team reacts, steals the ball once again, and Nacho Fernández comes out inside the area on the left side. The midfielder falls asking for a penalty, but the referee does not give.
8:35 PM4 months ago


After checking the VAR, Solari's goal is disallowed.
8:35 PM4 months ago


OF RIVER PLATE! Solari opens the scoring for River Plate against Fluminense: 1-0.
8:33 PM4 months ago


Barco starts from the left and tries to pass to Nacho Fernández, but Samuel Xavier cuts it off
8:30 PM4 months ago


The ball is rolling for River Plate x Fluminense.
8:27 PM4 months ago


Wilmar Roldán is the referee for the match. The Colombian referee refereed Fluminense's debut in the Libertadores, in which he did not give a penalty to Cano. The Argentinean even had his shirt torn by pulling in the area.

In addition, Roldán was present in a decision that ended in a fight 12 years ago

8:21 PM4 months ago


River Plate vs. Fluminense at Monumental de Núñez Stadium, Buenos Aires, 10 minutes away
8:17 PM4 months ago

Libertadores night!

8:11 PM4 months ago

86,000 TICKETS!

Fluminense fans are present at the Monumental de Núñez. Of the 86 thousand tickets sold, around 3,500 were destined to the tricolor fans.
8:05 PM4 months ago

Missing for Fluminense:

Alexsander (left knee), Jorge (right knee), Keno (left thigh) and Marcelo (calf). Vitor Mendes (out).
7:55 PM4 months ago

River Plate subs:

Centurión, Díaz, Maidana, Gómez, Kranevitter, Simón, Paradela, Palavecino, Echeverri, Alfonso, Suárez e Borja.
7:50 PM4 months ago

River Plate XI:

Armani, Herrera, Rojas, González, Pirez, Casco, Nacho Fernández, Aliendro, De La Cruz, Barco, Solari e Beltrán
7:45 PM4 months ago

Fluminense subs:

Pedro Rangel, John Kennedy, Alan, Alexandre Jesus, Pirani, Manoel, Thiago Santos, Isaac, Giovanni, David Braz, João Henrique e Lelê.
7:40 PM4 months ago

Fluminense XI:

Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Felipe Melo, Guga, André, Martinelli, Lima, Ganso, Jhon Arias e Germán Cano.
7:35 PM4 months ago


There is one hour left before the ball starts rolling for River Plate vs. Fluminense in the Libertadores Cup.
7:30 PM4 months ago

Where and how to watch the River Plate vs. Fluminense match on TV and in real time?

River Plate vs. Fluminense
Libertadores 2023, Round 4

Date: June 07, 2022

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Venue: Estadio Monumental de Núñez, Buenos Aires
Broadcast: ESPN

7:25 PM4 months ago

When is the River Plate x Fluminense match and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The match between River Plate x Fluminense will start at 8 pm (ET), being played at the Monumental de Núñez stadium in Buenos Aires, valid for the fourth round of Copa Libertadores. The duel will be broadcasted by ESPN. You can check everything here on VAVEL Brazil.
7:20 PM4 months ago

Probable River Plate;

Armani; Herrera, Rojas, González Pirez e Gómez; Palavecino, Aliendro, De La Cruz e Barco; Solari e Beltrán.
7:15 PM4 months ago

Probable Fluminense:

Fábio; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Felipe Melo e Guga; André, Matheus Martinelli, Lima e PH Ganso; Jhon Arias e Germán Cano.
7:10 PM4 months ago

Summoned from Flu:

GOLEIROS: Fábio, Pedro Rangel e Vitor Eudes
DEFENSORES: Alexandre Jesus, David Braz, Felipe Melo, Guga, João Henrique, Luan Freitas, Manoel, Nino e Samuel Xavier
MEIO-CAMPISTAS: André, Edinho, Gabriel Pirani, Giovanni, Jhon Arias, Lima, Martinelli, PH Ganso e Thiago Santos
ATACANTES: Alan, Germán Cano, Isaac, John Kennedy e Lelê
7:05 PM4 months ago

Missing for Fluminense:

Fernando Diniz is without the following players in the medical department: Alexsander (left knee), Marcelo (calf), Keno (left thigh), Jorge (right knee), Marrony (thigh) and Gustavo Apis (left knee).
7:00 PM4 months ago

River Plate

In their last match, River Plate drew 2-2 with Vélez Sarsfield in the Argentine Championship. In their last Libertadores match, River Plate drew 1-1 with Sporting Cristal (PER) in Lima. The Argentine team does not have a good campaign in the competition, with only four points from four games, and is currently at the bottom of group D.

For the fifth round of Libertadores, River Plate coach Martin Demichelis does not count with center forward Salomón Rondón expelled during the tie with Sporting Cristal in the last match of the competition.

6:55 PM4 months ago


A win or draw at the Monumental de Núñez will qualify Flu without needing to know the final score of the game between The Strongest and Sporting Cristal, which will be played on the same day, but starts at 11 pm.

A win on Argentinean soil puts Flu firmly in first place in the group, since only the Bolivians could catch Flu. Before the start of the fifth round the tricolor advantage to The Strongest is three points, plus a goal difference of 6 against 1. If the Argentines win on Wednesday and the Bolivian team does not overcome the Peruvian, Fluminense ensures first place in the group.

If Fernando Diniz's team returns to Brazil with a point in its baggage, Fluminense goes to 10 and eliminates River Plate. The Tricolor could only be reached by the winner of The Strongest x Sporting Cristal or by the Bolivians in case of a draw. Even so, in this scenario, Flu guarantees qualification because only one team would be able to knock them out of the lead.

Even if they lose at the Monumental de Núñez, Fluminense can still qualify for the last 16 of the Libertadores. To do so, they need a draw in the match between The Strongest and Sporting Cristal. This is because the Peruvians would have no way to reach Flu in the last round, while Bolivians and Argentines would face each other in the last round with only one of them being able to pass Fluminense.

Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense
Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense


6:50 PM4 months ago


The match between River Plate x Fluminense is valid for the fourth round of the Copa Libertadores.

The situation of the cariocas in the competition is quiet. Fluminense accumulates 9 points and occupies the top spot in Group D. With a draw, the team guarantees classification, with at least second place. After facing the Argentines, the Tricolor's duel for the last round of the group stage will be against Sporting Cristal, at Maracanã.

Fluminense is favored, even though the match is in Argentina. The ball starts rolling for River Plate x Fluminense at 8 pm ET, at the Monumental de Núñez stadium in Buenos Aires (ARG).

6:45 PM4 months ago

Welcome and welcome to the River Plate x Fluminense live score

Hello, football lover! Now it's a reserved match moment between two teams from South America: on the one hand, Fluminense, current leader of Group D. On the other, River Plate, which is the bottom of the group in Libertadores. Both teams face each other for the fifth round of the Copa Libertadores. The first round match ended with a 5-1 Brazilian victory at Maracanã. The return takes place at the Monumental de Núñez stadium, in Buenos Aires (ARG), at 8 pm ET (from Brasília). Follow everything from the duel between the Brazilians and Argentines here, in real time from VAVEL Brasil.