Highlights and goal: Ecuador 1-0 Bolivia in Friendly Match 2023
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10:12 PM3 months ago


Our coverage of the Ecuador vs Bolivia friendly match comes to an end.

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9:27 PM3 months ago

⌚ 90+5'

End of the match! The game ends at Red Bull New Jersey. Ecuador wins by the minimum difference against Bolivia thanks to Enner Valencia's goal.
9:24 PM3 months ago

⌚ 90'

Three more minutes will be played in the match.
9:19 PM3 months ago

⌚ 88'

Ecuador came close. Enner Valencia's shot went over the goal.
9:18 PM3 months ago

🟨 85'

Yellow card. Luciano Ursino was cautioned in Bolivia.
9:11 PM3 months ago

🔁 79'

Change in Ecuador. Ángel Mena replaces Gonzalo Plata.
9:10 PM3 months ago

🟨 73'

Yellow card. Jorge Arrascaita was cautioned in Bolivia.
9:09 PM3 months ago

🔁 71'

Double change in Bolivia. Jeyson Chura and Jaime Arrascaita replace Carmelo Algarañaz and Álvaro Quiroga.
9:02 PM3 months ago

⚽ 69'

GOOOOOOOOOOOAL for Ecuador! ENNER VALENCIA! The striker scores after Gonzalo Plata assists him in a bad Bolivian exit.
9:00 PM3 months ago

🔁 64'

Three changes for Bolivia. Roberto Fernández, Marcelo Moreno Martins and Luciano Ursino replace Carlos Roca, Miguel Terceros and Danny Bejarano.
8:58 PM3 months ago

⌚ 60'

First quarter of the second half. The score is still 0-0. Ecuador is looking for every possible way to open the scoreboard.

8:58 PM3 months ago

🔁 54'

Double change in Ecuador. Joao Ortiz and Enner Valencia come on in place of Alan Franco and Leonardo Campana.

8:58 PM3 months ago

🟨 53'

Yellow card. Miguel Terceros is cautioned in Bolivia.

8:47 PM3 months ago

⌚ 50'

First minutes of the second half. Still a goalless draw so far.
8:38 PM3 months ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There was a change in Bolivia with the entry of Gabriel Villamil in place of Ramiro Vaca.
8:30 PM3 months ago

⌚ 45+2'

The first half of the match comes to an end. Goalless draw for the moment at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.
8:28 PM3 months ago

⌚ 45'

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
8:28 PM3 months ago

⌚ 44'

Ecuador came closer. Félix Torres' header goes over the goal.

8:28 PM3 months ago

🟨 41'

Yellow card. Carlos Roca was cautioned in Bolivia.

8:28 PM3 months ago

⌚ 40'

Pervis Estupiñán's shot went wide.

8:28 PM3 months ago

🟨 36'

Yellow card. William Pacho is cautioned for Ecuador.

8:28 PM3 months ago

⌚ 35'

Ecuador had a chance. Alan Franco's shot was caught by Carlos Lampe.

8:26 PM3 months ago

⌚ 32'

Change in Ecuador. Robert Arboleda replaces Piero Hincapié, who had to leave due to injury.

8:15 PM3 months ago

⌚ 30'

Half an hour into the match. The score remains 0-0 at the Red Bull Arena.
8:12 PM3 months ago

⌚ 25'

The score is still 0-0. There are almost no scoring options so far.
8:03 PM3 months ago

⌚ 20'

The match remains scoreless.
8:01 PM3 months ago

🟨 13'

Yellow card. Pervis Estupiñán was cautioned for Ecuador.
8:00 PM3 months ago

⌚ 8'

Ecuador had it! Leonardo Campana's header that makes goalkeeper Carlos Lampe intervene.
8:00 PM3 months ago

⌚ 5'

First minutes of the match. The score remains 0-0 and the teams are trying to settle better.
7:35 PM3 months ago

Match starts

The match between Ecuador and Bolivia gets underway.
7:30 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Ecuador and Bolivia take the field at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.
7:25 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Bolivia

12. Bruno Poveda (GK), 23. Guillermo Viscarra (GK), 03. Diego Medina, 05. Adrián Jusino, 09. Marcelo Moreno Martins, 13. Jaime Arrascaeta, 14. Boris Céspedes, 15. Gabriel Villamil, 17. Roberto Fernández, 18. Lucas Chávez, 19. Luciano Ursino, 20. Fernando Saucedo, 22. Jeyson Chura.

7:20 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Bolivia

| 01. Carlos Lampe |
| 16. Jesús Sagredo | 02. Jairo Quinteros | 21. José Sagredo |
| 06. Danny Bejarano | 25. Álvaro Quiroga |
| 08. Diego Bejarano |                           | 04. Carlos Roca |
| 07. Miguel Terceros | 11. Carlos Algarañaz | 10. Ramiro Vaca |

Coach: Gustavo Costas

7:15 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Ecuador

01. Hernán Galíndez (GK), 22. Alexander Domínguez (GK), 04. Robert Arboleda, 05. José Cifuentes, 11. Anderson Julio, 13. Enner Valencia, 14. Xavier Arreaga, 15. Ángel Mena, 16. Pedro Vite, 17. Ángelo Preciado, 18. Jordy Alcívar, 19. Leo Realpe, 20. Joao Ortiz.
7:10 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Ecuador

| 12. Moisés Ramírez |
| 02. Félix Torres | 03. Piero Hincapié | 06. William Pacho |
| 24. José Hurtado | 08. Carlos Gruezo | 23. Moisés Caicedo | 07. Pervis Estupiñán |
| 10. Gonzalo Plata | 21. Alan Franco | 09. Leonardo Campana |

Coach: Felix Sánchez Bas

7:05 PM3 months ago

The match will not start yet

The match will start in approximately 20 minutes. The organization of the match has decided to delay the start of the match.
7:00 PM3 months ago

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What time is Ecuador vs Bolivia Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Ecuador vs Bolivia of June 17th, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 PM
Bolivia: 7:00 PM
Brazil: 8:00 PM
Chile: 7:00 PM
Colombia: 6:00 PM
Ecuador: 6:00 PM on El Canal del Fútbol
USA (ET): 7:00 PM
Spain: 1:00 AM (June 18)
Mexico: 5:00 PM
Paraguay: 7:00
Peru: 6:00 PM
Uruguay: 8:00 PM
Venezuela: 7:00 PM

6:40 PM3 months ago

📋 Squad List - Bolivia

Goalkeepers: Carlos Lampe (Bolívar), Bruno Poveda (Wilstermann) and Guillermo Viscarra (The Strongest).

Defenders: Adrián Jusino (The Strongest), Marcelo Suárez (Wilstermann), Jesús Sagredo (Bolívar), Yomar Rocha (Bolívar), Roberto Carlos Fernández (Bolívar), Carlos Roca (The Strongest), Jairo Quinteros (Zaragoza), José Sagredo (Bolívar), Diego Bejarano (Bolívar) and Diego Medina (Always Ready).

Midfielders: Gabriel Villamil (Bolívar), Danny Bejarano (Lamia), Álvaro Quiroga (The Strongest), Boris Céspedes (Servette, Switzerland), Miguel Terceros (Santos-BRA), Luciano Ursino (The Strongest), Ramiro Vaca (Bolívar), Fernando Saucedo (Bolívar), Jaime Arrascaita (The Strongest) and Javier Uzeda (Bolívar).

Forwards: Marcelo Moreno Martins (Independiente del Valle), Carmelo Algarañaz (Bolívar), Lucas Chavez (Bolívar), Fernando Nava (Paranaense) and Jeyson Chura (The Strongest).

6:35 PM3 months ago

📋 Squad List - Ecuador

Goalkeepers: Hernán Galíndez (Aucas), Moisés Ramírez (Independiente del Valle) and Alexander Domínguez (Liga de Quito).

Defenders: Piero Hincapié (Bayer Leverkusen), Félix Torres (Santos Laguna), Xavier Arreaga (Seattle Sounders), Pervis Estupiñán (Brighton), José Hurtado (Red Bull Bragantino), William Pacho (Royal Antwerp), Robert Arboleda (Sao Paulo), Leo Realpe (Red Bull Bragantino) and Ángelo Preciado (KRC genk).

Midfielders: Carlos Gruezo (San Jose Earthquakes), Joao Ortiz (Independiente del Valle), Jordy Alcívar (Independiente del Valle), Pedro Vite (Vancouver Whitecaps), Moisés Caicedo (Brighton), José Cifuentes (Los Angeles FC), Alan Franco (Club Talleres), Ángel Mena (Club León) and Gonzalo Plata (Real Valladolid).

Forwards: Enner Valencia (Inter Porto Alegre), Anderson Julio (Real Salt Lake) and Leonardo Campana (Inter Miami).

6:30 PM3 months ago

Ecuador vs Bolivia history

These two teams have met 35 times. The statistics are in favor of Ecuador, which has emerged victorious on 17 occasions, while Bolivia has won on six occasions, leaving a balance of 12 draws.

In friendly matches

Referring only to the times they have faced each other in friendly matches, we count 11 duels, where the numbers are in favor of the Ecuadorian team with five victories, while the Bolivian team has won two, for a balance of four draws.

6:25 PM3 months ago


The Bolivian national team begins to face a new process, now under the command of Gustavo Costas, a coach who with his wisdom, in addition to his winning track record in other countries of the continent, seeks to imbue his style in a team that seeks to return to prominence at the level of official competitions and leave behind those obstacles that have not allowed progress in terms of its objectives.
6:20 PM3 months ago


The Ecuadorian national team, under the leadership of Felix Sanchez, faces this double match with the firm intention of continuing to develop an idea of the game that adjusts and improves on the team's good performance before the last World Cup. With their sights set on the start of the qualifiers, the called-up squad hopes not only to achieve good results, but also to make progress in the way they play.
6:15 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at the Red Bull Arena

The Ecuador vs Bolivia match will be played at the Red Bull Arena, located in the city of New Jersey, in the United States. This venue, inaugurated in 2010, has a capacity for 25,189 spectators.
6:10 PM3 months ago

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