Goals and Highlights: Leon 1-2 Chivas in Liga MX 2023
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1:48 AM3 months ago

Goals and Highligts

11:00 PM3 months ago


It's over! Intense back-and-forth duel, Chivas wins and earns its first three points.
10:56 PM3 months ago


Dávila's shot on goal after Hernández's cross, but the ball goes into the hands of Jiménez.
10:50 PM3 months ago


Barreiro's shot, but the ball ends up going into the stands.
10:47 PM3 months ago


Close! Mena looked for the second, but sent a shot wide and ended up being flagged offside.
10:44 PM3 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Chivas! Nice shot from Padilla, who made his debut tonight, the ball ends up going into the goal.
10:39 PM3 months ago


Close! Guzmán sends Guzmán's cross to the post, León is saved from the second.
10:34 PM3 months ago


10:33 PM3 months ago


Guzman's cross looking for Cisneros, but Frias intervenes correctly.
10:29 PM3 months ago


A good defensive rejection by Barreiro prevented the dangerous arrival.
10:25 PM3 months ago


Chivas changes. Ricardo Marín, Pérez and González come on for Cisneros, Brígido and Torres.
10:18 PM3 months ago


Marín ends up heading the cross, but the ball goes wide.
10:09 PM3 months ago


Actions resume on the property, without modifications
9:51 PM3 months ago


Halftime in León, the score is tied at one goal.
9:49 PM3 months ago


Dávila's shot, but the ball goes wide.
9:48 PM3 months ago


With the help of Hernandez, Leon began to weave moves, but was unable to generate danger.
9:44 PM3 months ago


A back and forth match, Barreiro avoided the Guadalajara team's onslaught.
9:44 PM3 months ago


Chivas insists in search of the second, but the ball is deflected.


9:29 PM3 months ago


Goal, goal, goal by Leon! Alvarado sends a lethal header into the goal to tie the match.
9:28 PM3 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Chivas! Marín brings the ball down and Briseño ends up putting the ball away.
9:20 PM3 months ago


Barreiro's header, but the ball ends up going wide.
9:14 PM3 months ago


Back-and-forth duel, both teams looking for goals
9:04 PM3 months ago


The actions begin at the León stadium.
8:55 PM3 months ago

Chivas: LineUp

M. Jiménez; A. Mozo, A. Briseño, J. Orozco, C. Calderón; V. Guzmán, P. Pérez, I. Brizuela, F. Beltrán, F. González; R. Marín.
8:53 PM3 months ago

Leon: LineUp

R. Cota; W. Tesillo, I. Moreno, S. Barreiro, A. Frías; E. Hernández, A. Mena, J. Angulo, L. Romero; V. Dávila, J. Alvarado.
8:49 PM3 months ago

To the court

Both teams are already at the stadium and will be looking to get in tune and have a good game to get their first three points.
8:47 PM3 months ago

They arrived

León is already at the stadium and will be looking for their first win and a good show.

8:44 PM3 months ago


Chivas is already present at the Camp Nou, the team will go all out to give the first blow and add a victory.
8:37 PM3 months ago

The debut

This match will be the first for both teams, and they will be looking to make it three out of three and give a great game in front of their fans.
8:32 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this player

Ricardo Marín is the striker that León will have to pay close attention to, the newcomer from Expansión will be looking to score goals and thus become a starter.
8:27 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this player

Víctor Dávila was León's top scorer last season, and in this game he will be looking to continue scoring goals and get more minutes.
8:22 PM3 months ago

It won't be long now!

We are less than an hour away from the start of this important match, a full house is expected for this game, as well as a good match.
8:17 PM3 months ago

Duel of archers

Rodolfo Cota and Miguel Jiménez are two good goalkeepers who will be looking to be on top of their game and keep a clean sheet in this opening duel, in which both teams will go all out for the victory.
8:12 PM3 months ago

We are back!

We're back for minute-by-minute coverage of the match between León and Chivas. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information, as well as the confirmed lineups.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Leon vs. Chivas

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Leon vs Chivas live, as well as the latest information from the Nou Camp Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Leon vs Chivas online and live stream

The match will be broadcasted on Fox Sports channel.

Leon vs Chivas can be tuned in from the live streams on Fox Sports App.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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What time is the match of Leon vs Chivas matchday 3 of the Gold Cup 2023?

This is the kickoff time for the Leon vs Chivas match on July 3, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 22:00 hours

Bolivia: 22:00 hours

Brazil: 22:00 hours

Chile: 22:00 hours

Colombia: 22:00 hours

Ecuador: 10:00 p.m.

Spain: 18:00 hours

United States: 22:00 hours PT and 00:00 hours ET

Mexico: 8:00 p.m.

Paraguay: 20:00 hours

Peru: 22:00 hours

Uruguay: 23:00 hours

Venezuela: 21:00 hours

Japan: 21:00 hours

India: 19:00 p.m. 

Nigeria: 8:00 p.m.

South Africa: 8:00 p.m.

Australia: 8:00 p.m.

United Kingdom ET: 8:00 pm

7:52 PM3 months ago

Chivas Statements

Veljko Paunovic spoke ahead of the match: "We're not giving up on the transfer market, we're looking at how to improve the team, mainly in attack, and also in midfield. We'll see where the opportunities arise to achieve that."

"We don't talk until nothing is done. First, we don't do it because it's not respectful towards clubs and players; the second thing is because we don't want to reveal our strategies. What we do think is that the priority is the group we have, getting the most out of it and giving the team a way to compete in the championship again."

"We are not afraid of the expectations we have created and that is what we are working for, to create those expectations that excite people. What we want is to continue with the same thing, knowing that in a season there are ups and downs, but we handle that issue internally, to continue in the same line, propose new things, refresh the group and ideas a little, to make it more difficult for our rivals with our soccer proposal."

7:47 PM3 months ago

Statements León

Nicolás Larcamón spoke ahead of the match: "We are going to face an opponent that also finished their season late, so we are confident that we will arrive very well and that we will have a very good performance on Monday. Chivas is a great team, even though they lost the final, they showed what Pauno and the whole group have been doing. The beginning of the championship is a challenge for all teams. We have to dust ourselves off and get into competitive mode again."

"Chivas is a great team, even though they lost the final, they showed the great work they have been doing. A great job that Paunovic and the whole group have been doing, clearly the start of the championship is a challenge for all teams."

"We are looking at the options, we are not in a hurry because Elías (Hernández) has done very well; we have Osvaldo (Rodríguez), we have Óscar (Villa), then there are alternatives. We have to see which is the best option within the possibilities we have for hiring and based on that define what is best."

7:42 PM3 months ago

How will Chivas arrive?

Chivas was eliminated in an ugly way in the Clausura 2023, Paunovic's team arrives with new names, Ricardo Marín, Óscar Whalley and Erick Gutiérrez, who returns from Europe, and Briseño has also been re-signed.

7:37 PM3 months ago

How will Leon arrive?

León did not have a pleasant end to the Clausura 2023 playoffs, which is why they have been looking to reinforce their squad. The team has lost Joel Campbell, Lucas Di Yolrio and Byron Castillo, while Omar Fernández has returned and Pedro Budip, Borja Sánchez and Federico Viñas have been added to the team.

7:32 PM3 months ago

The León vs Chivas match will be played at the Nou Camp stadium.

The León vs Chivas match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium, located in León, Guanajuato. The stadium has a capacity for 18,000 people.
7:27 PM3 months ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the León vs Chivas match, corresponding to Day 1 of the Liga MX Apertura 2023. The match will take place at Estadio Nou Camp, at 10:00 pm.