Goals and Highlights: Minnesota United 1-1 LAFC in MLS
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Thank you for following the Minnesota United - LAFC game.
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Add 3 more minutes.
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Dueñas and Ordaz

Biuk and Sánchez come out

LAFC Changes

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Chiellini enters and Maldonado exits, LAFC changes
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Sang-bin enters and Pukki leaves, Minnesota change.
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Trapp's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
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Bogusz enters and Vela leaves, LAFC change.
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Shot by Minnesota's Pukki, over the top of the goal.
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The second half begins between Minnesota and LAFC.
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Add 3 more minutes.
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LAFC's Sanchez and then Minnesota's Taylor were both cautioned in the game.
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Reynoso's cross to the near post is blocked by the defense.
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Ilie's shot from half distance goes over the goal.
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Reynoso is left with the ball inside the box and with the inside of his right foot he sends the ball into the net to make it 1-1.

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Carlos Vela gets past the goalkeepers and slips the ball inside the box for the 1-0 lead.

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A great save by goalkeeper John McCarthy to prevent his goal from being saved.
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LAFC offside.
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Hassani Dotson's long throw-in fails to find the net in front of the goalkeeper.
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Dangerous cross from Reynoso that goes all over the area without finding a recipient.
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Game starts between Minnesota and LAFC
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between Minnesota United and Querétaro.
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LAFC substitutes

43 Diego Rosales

19 Mateusz Bogusz

80 Julian Gaines

18 Erik Dueñas

27 Nathan Ordaz

1 Eldin Jakupovic

14 Giorgio Chiellini

5 Mamadou Fall

17 Daniel Crisostomo

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77 John McCarthy, 33 Aaron Long, 2 Denil Maldonado, 12 Diego Palacios, 24 Ryan Hollingshead, 6 Ilie Sánchez, 23 Kellyn Acosta, 20 José Cifuentes, 10 Carlos Vela, 99 Denis Bouanga, 7 Stipe Biuk.
8:33 PM2 months ago

Minnesota United substitutes

8 Joseph Rosales

28 Mender García

92 Kemar Lawrence

2 Devin Padelford

18 Ismael Tajouri-Shradi

1 Clint Irwin

23 Cameron Dunbar

14 Brent Kallman

11 Jeong Sang-Bin

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XI Minnesota United

97 Dayne St. Clair, 12 Bakaye Dibassy, 15 Michael Boxall, 3 Zarek Valentin, 27 D.J. Taylor, 10 Emanuel Reynoso, 33 Kervin Arriaga, 31 Hassani Dotson, 22 Teemu Pukki, 20 Wil Trapp, 21 Bongokuhle Hlongwane.
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Aiming to win

LAFC will face their last official match in the last two weeks, as they qualified directly to the round of 16 of the Leagues Cup as MLS champions.
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The greeting

Minnesota así saltó al campo con la motivación de los pequeños.
8:13 PM2 months ago

Staying on the winning path

LAFC are coming off the back of a midweek win over Saint Louis and will be looking for a win before the Leagues Cup break.
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MLS action is underway and LAFC will be looking to get back to winning ways when they take on Minnesota United. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Minnesota United vs LAFC Live Score in MLS 2023

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What time is Minnesota United vs LAFC match for MLS 2023?

This is the start time of the game Minnesota United vs LAFC of July 8th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on Apple TV

Bolivia: 8:30 PM on Apple TV

Brazil: 9:30 PM on Apple TV

Chile: 9:30 PM on Apple TV

Ecuador: 7:30 PM on Apple TV

Colombia: 7:30 PM on Apple TV

Ecuador: 7:30 PM on Apple TV

United States (ET): 8:30 PM on Apple TV

Spain: 2:30 AM on Apple TV

Mexico: 6:30 PM on Apple TV

Paraguay: 8:30 PM on Apple TV

Peru: 7:30 PM on Apple TV

Uruguay: 9:30 PM on Apple TV

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Last Games Minnesota United vs LAFC

The series has been very even in the last five matches, although it slightly favors the Californian team with one win and four draws.

Minnesota United 1-1 Los Angeles FC, season 2022

Los Angeles 2-0 Minnesota United, 2022 season

Minnesota United 1-1 Los Angeles FC, season 2022

Los Angeles 2-2 Minnesota United, 2021 season

Minnesota United 1-1 Los Angeles FC, 2022 season

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Key Player LAFC

Like the entire team, he has struggled to get into a rhythm and even become a starter, but Carlos Vela is a player who knows how to bounce back in the face of adversity and, without a doubt, he continues to be the most unbalanced player in the attacking zone, with the genius to change the game from his boots.
Foto: LAFC
Image: LAFC
7:43 PM2 months ago

Key player Minnesota United

Just as LAFC has Vela, Minnesota United's most talented player is Emanuel Reynoso, who hasn't been at his best in the final area, but he has the number 10 jersey for a reason and his good technique, as well as his participation in the final third of the field, make him the player to watch this Saturday.
7:38 PM2 months ago

Last lineup LAFC

77 John McCarthy, 5 Mamadou Fall, 2 Denil Maldonado, 12 Diego Palacios, 24 Ryan Hollingshead, 23 Kellyn Acosta, 11 Timothy Tillman, 20 José Cifuentes, 19 Mateusz Bogusz, 7 Stipe Biuk, 99 Denis Bouanga.
7:33 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Minnesota United

1 Clint Irwin, 4 Miguel Tapias, 12 Bakaye Dibassy, 3 Zarek Valentin, 27 D.J. Taylor, 10 Emanuel Reynoso, 20 Wil Trapp, 31 Hassani Dotson, 28 Mender Garcia, 8 Joseph Rosales, 21 Bongokuhle Hlongwane.
7:28 PM2 months ago

LAFC: back on track

It seems that the champion LAFC is going through the most complicated moment of the season due to a poor performance both individually and collectively, which has been seen in negative results that have dropped them from first place in the conference, although this will be a good opportunity to return to victory before their participation in the Leagues Cup.
7:23 PM2 months ago

Minnesota United: to get back on track

Minnesota United has not been able to be consistent this season and, prior to the month-long break for the Leagues Cup, they will try to get back to winning ways and get closer to the qualification zone and give a blow of authority on the table, especially when facing one of the leaders in the MLS Western Conference.
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The Kick-off

The Minnesota United vs LAFC match will be played at the Allianz Field Stadium, in Minnesota, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:30 pm ET.
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