Highlights of PSG 0-0 Lorient in Ligue 1
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4:55 PM2 months ago


Historical triumph for Lorient, because beyond being a tie it is a historical point. PSG had few missed opportunities, the first setback for Luis Enrique of the season.

4:50 PM2 months ago


5 more minutes on the clock, PSG still hasn't scored the long-awaited goal.
4:37 PM2 months ago


Gonzalo Ramos shoots and goes to one side, still 0-0. 11 minutes from the end.
4:34 PM2 months ago


Mvogo's save, Fabián Ruiz arrived alone and his shot was blocked, after a great pass from Soler.
4:30 PM2 months ago


Carlos Soler finishes off with a header and his shot still goes wide, PSG over Lorient.
4:18 PM2 months ago


Without actions, PSG continues to suffer, unable to achieve the goal. Very far from the first both sides.

4:10 PM2 months ago


Vitinha's shot that passes over the Mvogo goal.
4:05 PM2 months ago


Lee causes a corner kick, the Parisians change their game mode with Ramos more participative.
3:48 PM2 months ago


We're going to rest with a 0-0 superiority for PSG, Lorient had one just like Ramos and the tie remains at 0 goals.
3:43 PM2 months ago


Ramos loses it I couldn't control, PSG continues to dominate with 5 from the end.

Abregel narrowly made it 0-1, a great shot that hit the post.

3:39 PM2 months ago


Without interesting actions, PSG continues with possession without giving up the ball.
3:29 PM2 months ago


PSG continues to show possession of the ball, playing the pass, opening spaces, but clearly reaching the goal.
3:22 PM2 months ago


Hakimi forgets to pass the ball to Ramos, defining the Moroccan and sending this to a corner kick.
3:13 PM2 months ago


PSG touches the ball, Parisian domain in midfield. The locals are better, Lorient holds back.
3:09 PM2 months ago


Gonzalo Ramos had the first of the game, it's a great save from Mvogo
3:00 PM2 months ago


The ball is rolling at the Parc des Princes.
2:50 PM2 months ago

Lorient Lineup

Mvogo, Le Goff, Laporte, Talbi, Meite, Kalulu, Abergel, Makengo, Faivre, Le Bris y Dieng.
2:45 PM2 months ago

PSG lineup

Donnaruma, Hakimi, Danilo, Skriniar, Hernandez, Hernandez, Ugarte, Vitinha, Zaire - Emery, Lee Kang - In, Gonzalo Ramos and Asensio. 
Keylor Navas on the bench, who returns from his Premier League session.
2:40 PM2 months ago


Mbappe, Neymar and Marco Verratti will not be taken into account for this first match against Lorient. All three are on the exit ramp of the Parisian club.
2:35 PM2 months ago

They are warming up

Both teams are already warming up, minutes before the start of this first league match, where the home team receives the great support of its fans, in search of the 3 points at home.
2:30 PM2 months ago

A mosquito arrives at PSG

It's official, the mosquito arrives in Paris, Dembele signs until 2028 from Barcelona for 35 million.

2:25 PM2 months ago

They have already arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the stadium, just minutes away from warming up, after which they will start the actions in this first day of league play. 

2:20 PM2 months ago

The dressing room

Everything is ready for the arrival of the players of both teams, the dressing rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.

2:15 PM2 months ago

The fans have arrived

Both fans are already reporting to the Parc des Princes stadium, just minutes before the ball rolls in this first matchday of the first league matchday for both teams. 
2:10 PM2 months ago

We're back!

We're back to the minute-by-minute coverage of PSG vs Lorient. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams. 
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Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streamings for PSG vs Lorient: match for the in Ligue 1 Match?

This is the start time of the game PSG vs Lorient: of Saturday, August 12, 2023 in several countries:



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Saturday August 12, 2023.

16:00 hours

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Saturday August 12, 2023

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Saturday August 12, 2023

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Saturday August 12, 2023

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Saturday August 12, 2023

14:00 hours

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Saturday August 12, 2023

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Saturday August 12, 2023

19:00 hours



Saturday August 12, 2023

15:00 hours

In Fubo TV, Canadá.


Saturday August 12, 2023

15:00 hours

In Bein Sports.


Saturday August 12, 2023

13:00 hours

In ESPN and Star +.


Saturday August 12, 2023

16:00 hours

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Saturday August 12, 2023

14:00 hours

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Saturday August 12, 2023

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Saturday August 12, 2023

15:00 hours

In ESPN and Star +.

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Tic Tac

The future of Mbappé and Neymar Jr is up in the air, because they are the main characters who are on the exit ramp of PSG. In the latest the future of the Frenchman indicates that he will keep that year of contract he has, leaving for free to any club. In addition, it is not ruled out that Real Madrid arrives in the last hours to take the jewel of Paris. 
On the side of Neymar, it is reported that he has a pre-agreement with FC Barcelona to arrive in this window, because he would seek a contract termination and thus return home. Ney would have to give up a large salary to reunite with his former teammate Xavi.
1:45 PM2 months ago

Player to watch

Gonzalo Ramos will be the player to watch for PSG, who arrived from Benfica. With 47 games played, 27 goals, 12 assists in different competitions such as Champions League, Portuguese League, Taca de Portugal and friendly games. 
 This would be the first game of the Portuguese in his new home, who is expected to be the replacement for Mbappé or Neymar. Gonzalo has left good sensations in the past season and his national team has been named as Cristiano Ronaldo's replacement.
Photo: PSG
Photo: PSG
1:40 PM2 months ago

About the opponent

Lorient arrives in a different context, after a preseason of 3 games, winning 2, drawing 1 game and losing only one game to Bournemouth. 
This first test against PSG will be of the utmost importance, because they are looking to catapult their level, after last season they were in 10th place with 55 points. Their main mission will not be to maintain the category in the first division, but to get into the top 5, being 4 places away from fifth place last season. 
Their main signing was Romain Faivre from Bournemouth, who arrived on loan. Their departures have been several, bringing in a large amount of money, Tarem Moffi for 22 million, Enzo Le Fée for 20 million and Mortitz Jenz for 8 million.
1:35 PM2 months ago

What is happening in Paris?

It is a fact that the Parisian side is living a crisis beyond the fact that it has signed great players in this transfer window. It has signed more than 13 players, among the most prominent, Lucas Hernandez, Manuel Ugarte, Kang- In Lee, Gonzalo Ramos, Milan Skriniar, Marco Asensio, Arnau Tenas and the arrival of the Barcelona gnat, Dembele, is expected. 
But the crisis at PSG is burning, the possible departure of their star, Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid and also the likely departure of Neymar. After the departure of Messi and Sergio Ramos, the board of directors is going round and round with the situation of its French jewel and the Brazilian star. A hypothetical departure from the Parc des Princes of both players will be a big blow to the French club. 
Apart from that, in recent weeks a possible departure of Luis Enrique has been put on the table, because he is desperate about the Mbappé case.
Photo: PSG
Photo: PSG
1:30 PM2 months ago

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