Resume and Highlights: Juarez 1-1 Chivas in Liga MX 2023


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Thank you for following the Juárez vs Chivas telecast, tonight the red and white team let the victory slip away in a very controversial referee's decision. Be sure to visit so you don't miss any Liga MX match.
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The match ended in a one-goal draw.
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Match ends.
12:09 AM3 months ago


Guzman falls inside the area, but no foul is called.
12:05 AM3 months ago


Add 7 minutes.
12:03 AM3 months ago


Strong tackle on Gonzalez.
11:57 PM3 months ago


Goooooooool for Juarez. Hurtado scores the equalizer.
11:55 PM3 months ago


Penalty for Juarez.
11:54 PM3 months ago


Chivas is saved from a defensive error.
11:51 PM3 months ago


Alvarado misses a dangerous play.
11:47 PM3 months ago


Juarez substitution
In: Hurtado, Chavez and Urzi.
Out: Bouquet, Escoto and Saucedo.
11:41 PM3 months ago


Chivas Substitution
In: Guzman, Marin and Padilla
Out: Vega, Gutierrez and Beltran.
11:37 PM3 months ago


Juarez substitution
In: Oliva
Out: Garcia
11:32 PM3 months ago


Foul in the midfield for Juarez.
11:27 PM3 months ago


Chivas is saved.
11:25 PM3 months ago


Free kick for Juarez.
11:19 PM3 months ago


The second half begins.
11:02 PM3 months ago


End of the first half.
10:58 PM3 months ago


Add 4 minutes.
10:52 PM3 months ago


Brigido is fouled near the area.
10:47 PM3 months ago


Bouquet receives a yellow card.
10:45 PM3 months ago


Beltran enters the box and looks to sneak the ball inside Talavera's post.
10:44 PM3 months ago


Great save by Jimenez after a powerful header.
10:38 PM3 months ago


Hydration break
10:33 PM3 months ago


Goooooooooooool for Chivas! Vega takes advantage of the rebound after a great play by Alvarado to take the lead.
10:27 PM3 months ago


Vega is fouled and Juarez is awarded a free kick.
10:26 PM3 months ago


Corner kick for Juarez.
10:23 PM3 months ago


Vega's powerful shot sends the ball into Talavera's hands.
10:20 PM3 months ago

Corner kick for Juarez.
10:16 PM3 months ago

Corner kick for Chivas.
10:12 PM3 months ago

The match begins.
10:00 PM3 months ago

Starting XI Juarez

This is how the home team comes out:
9:55 PM3 months ago

Starting XI Chivas

Chivas makes changes to its starting eleven and Pocho and Mozo are the big news after being on the bench, this is how the red and white team comes out:
9:50 PM3 months ago

Great momentum in Liga MX

After losing the final, Chivas did not show a drop in their level of play, having won three consecutive matches prior to going to the Leagues Cup. After that failure, it is expected that the team will continue with the good momentum, since they had time to rest.
9:45 PM3 months ago

Chivas with good numbers visiting Juarez

In the four visits of the red and white team, Chivas has won in those four visits, this is undoubtedly great news for the team coached by Paunovic, which needs to regain confidence after what happened in the Copa Liguilla.
9:40 PM3 months ago

Outside the area they are dangerous

Juarez and Chivas both have two goals from outside the box in this tournament, which suggests that both will try to score in this way, and goals could be guaranteed, as both have accumulated 7 after three games played.
9:35 PM3 months ago

Beware of faults

Juarez's Aviles Hurtado is one of the players who receive the most fouls in the final third of the field, which undoubtedly opens up an option for Juarez from set pieces; however, it has been proven that Chivas knows how to generate goals from fouls.
9:30 PM3 months ago

Chivas with superiority

The red and white team has accumulated four consecutive matches without defeat against Juárez, in these four duels the team has two wins and two ties, the last defeat against Bravos was in January 2021, with a score of 2-1, tonight we could witness the match of the day.
9:25 PM3 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Juárez vs Chivas live stream, tonight we are expecting a great duel where the leadership will be at stake. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the game.
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Stay tuned to follow Juarez vs Chivas live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Juarez vs Chivas live, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and how to watch Juarez vs Chivas live online

The match will not be broadcast on television.
Juarez vs Chivas can be tuned in from Fox Sports Premium live streams.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this Chivas player

Alexis Vega, forward. A player with great potential, injuries have kept him away from his best level, for Chivas he is a very valuable player and letting him go is complicated, since there are not many with his characteristics, the player has been owed with the institution and this tournament has to weigh more, in good physical condition the player can be one of the best in the league.
Vega leader/Image: Chivas
Vega leader/Image: Chivas
9:05 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Juarez player

Aitor Garcia, forward. Reinforcement from Spain, he arrived at Juarez for this Apertura 2023, the player seems to have had a great adaptation and has already made himself noticed, the forward has already scored twice in three games and is expected to continue adding for the good of the team, the next match will be complicated by the rival's defense and being at home, he must give his best.
9:00 PM3 months ago

Last alignment of Juarez

Pasquel, Cruz, Ortega, Garcia, Rodriguez, Saucedo, Salas, Garcia, Chavez, Zapata, Garcia.
8:55 PM3 months ago

Latest Chivas lineup

Rangel, Mozo, Briseño, Orozco, Calderon, Gutierrez, Beltran, Alvarado, Guzman, Vega, Marin.
8:50 PM3 months ago


Juarez 1-2 Chivas
Chivas 0-0 Juarez
Juarez 1-3 Chivas
Chivas 2-2 Juarez
Chivas 1-2 Juarez
8:45 PM3 months ago

Arbitration quartet

Center: Fernando Hernandez. Assistants: Jorge Sanchez and Mario Ramirez. Fourth Official: Yonatan Peinado.
8:40 PM3 months ago

Chivas returns with more doubts

Chivas started the Apertura 2023 in the best way, the red and white team surprised with the good level displayed on the field, despite the absence of several players due to injury or Mexican national team, everything pointed to the fact that in the Leagues Cup, with the return of all these players, Chivas would be a great rival, but the illusion ended faster than expected, in its debut in the Leagues Cup, Chivas took three goals from Cincinnati, that result forced them to beat Kansas or win on penalties, but Chivas gave one of the worst games with Paunovic and took the defeat by the minimum, many players were questioned for their performance and now with the return of the league, they are obliged to give a better show and perform their best, because despite the tournament is still young, staying on top always weighs in the final stage, Juarez will not be an easy opponent, therefore, it is a good challenge for the red and white players.
8:35 PM3 months ago

Juarez with an exciting project

Bravos de Juarez has been dragging years of seasons to forget, its performance since the franchise arrived to the first division has been very low, for this Apertura 2023, Juárez made important changes in the institution, with changes in all aspects, including coach and players, the Bravos project is focused on youth, At least that's what they imply with the reinforcements that have arrived to the team, that youth, together with experience has given them positive results, at least in the first three rounds, with seven points and undefeated, Juarez placed third in the table and although their performance in the Leagues Cup was not the best, in the local tournament they have already demonstrated their capabilities.
Bouquet vs his ex/Image:fcjuarez
Bouquet vs his ex/Image:fcjuarez
8:30 PM3 months ago

A duel at the top

Liga MX resumes its activity after the great failure of Mexican clubs in the Leagues Cup, the fourth date of the tournament was scheduled for next week, however, as most of the teams are available to resume the Apertura 2023, the date was moved forward, Juarez and Chivas return with one of the important duels, as they play the first against the third, both with good soccer in the first 3 rounds, looking to maintain that level to stay on top of the table.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of Juarez vs Chivas in Liga MX 2023. The match will take place at the Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez at 11:10 PM ET.