Goals and Summary of Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa in the Premier League
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6:32 PM19 days ago


10:57 AM20 days ago


The match ends Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa.
10:41 AM20 days ago


Last minutes of the match, Liverpool are taking the 3 points in this Premier League matchday 4.
10:38 AM20 days ago


Aston Villa also make changes with the intention of being much more attacking and look for some dangerous play.
10:31 AM20 days ago


Liverpool make changes with the intention of refreshing positions and closing the match in the best possible way.
10:26 AM20 days ago


The substitute players get up to warm up for possible changes.
10:22 AM20 days ago


The game drops a little in intensity as Liverpool continue to dominate.
10:15 AM20 days ago


Liverpool goal, Mohamed Salah scores the third goal.
10:09 AM20 days ago


There are no changes in the match, the same 22 players take the field.
10:08 AM20 days ago


Aston Villa started the second half with more possession.
9:50 AM20 days ago


Half time Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa
9:36 AM20 days ago


Last minutes of the first half, all indications are that Liverpool will take a big lead into the break.
9:32 AM20 days ago


Aston Villa tried to create a move that would allow them to get closer on the scoreboard before the break.
9:23 AM20 days ago


Liverpool's second goal for the home side just minutes before half-time.
9:19 AM20 days ago


Aston villa will make one change due to injury to Diego Carlos.
9:18 AM20 days ago


Liverpool press at the start looking for any slip-up in the visitors' defence.
9:10 AM20 days ago


Aston Villa are suffering a little as they are unable to create any dangerous moves.
9:04 AM20 days ago


Goal for Liverpool, very quickly the locals take the lead on the scoreboard.
9:02 AM20 days ago


Liverpool start with more control of the ball.
9:00 AM20 days ago


Liverpool v Aston Villa kick-off.
8:50 AM20 days ago

All ready

All set for kick-off, the teams are about to take to the field for the start of the match.
8:45 AM20 days ago

End the warm-up

The two teams finish warming up and go into the dressing room for the coach's talk before the start of the match.
8:40 AM20 days ago

Great Entrance

It was a great start at Anfield, the stadium was almost full and the fans did not abandon their teams on this Premier League matchday.
8:35 AM20 days ago

Aston Villa lineup

This is Aston Villa lineup:

8:30 AM20 days ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up and preparing for what will be the start of this match.
8:25 AM20 days ago

Liverpool lineup

This is Liverpool's line-up:
8:20 AM20 days ago

Already in the stadium

The two teams are already in the stadium and are preparing to take the field in a few minutes for the start of the match.
8:15 AM20 days ago


Little by little the fans are starting to arrive at the Anfield Stadium, many more Liverpool fans for this match that promises to be very exciting.
8:10 AM20 days ago

Stay tuned for Liverpool vs Aston Villa live on Premier League match day 4 2023.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting line-ups for Liverpool vs Aston Villa live on Match day 4 of the Premier League in the 2023 season, as well as the latest information from Anfield Arena. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Liverpool vs Aston Villa online live in Premier League match day 4 2023

Liverpool vs Aston Villa will not be broadcast on television.
Liverpool vs Aston Villa will be streamed on the Paramount+ app.

If you want to watch Liverpool vs Aston Villa live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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The central referee who will be in charge of this match will be the English referee Simon Hooper, he will have the task with his experience to bring this match to a good port and manage it in the best way, a match that promises to have many frictions with two teams that fight hard for the ball, this will be the referee who will be the referee in the Premier League match day 4.

7:55 AM20 days ago

Players to watch

The players to follow for this match will be for Liverpool, the Uruguayan Darwin Nuñez as he has 3 games played and 2 goals scored, while for Aston Villa the player to follow will be the French Moussa Diaby, who has 2 goals scored and one assists, being one of the most outstanding players of his team and will look for a surprise tomorrow against Liverpool, They are undoubtedly two players who are both national and international stars in their countries.
7:50 AM20 days ago

What time is Liverpool vs Aston Villa match day 4 in the Premier League 2023?

This is the kick-off time for Liverpool vs Aston Villa on 3 September 2023 in various countries:

Argentina: 10:00

Bolivia: 10:00

Brazil: 10:00

Chile: 10:00 am

Colombia: 10:00 a.m.

Ecuador: 10:00 a.m.

United States: 10:00 a.m. PT and 12:00 p.m. ET

Canada: 10:00 hours PT and 12:00 hours ET

Mexico: 07:00 hours

Paraguay: 09:00 hours

Peru: 09:00 hours

Uruguay: 12:00 noon ET

Venezuela: 09:00 hours

Japan: 21:00 hours

India: 19:00 

Nigeria: 19:00

South Africa: 19:00

Australia: 21:00 hours

United Kingdom ET: 17:00 hours

Italy ET: 17:00 hours

France ET: 17:00 hours

Belgium ET: 17:00 hours 

Netherlands ET: 17:00 hours

7:45 AM20 days ago


Neither team has any injured or suspended players, so they will be able to count on a full team and their best players for this match that promises a lot of intensity, goals and excitement. The only absentee will be Dutch defender Van Dijk, who was sent off after being sent off in the last match.
7:40 AM20 days ago


The record is clearly in Liverpool's favour, as they have met on 15 occasions, leaving a record of 10 wins, one draw and four victories for Aston Villa, so tomorrow Liverpool will be favourites to take the three points and continue fighting to reach the top of the overall table.
7:35 AM20 days ago

How is Aston Villa coming along?

Aston Villa on the other hand comes from defeating Burnley 3-1 to be placed in the 8th position, they will face a very tough rival as it is Liverpool and they will do it as visitors, they are with 6 points and a record of 3 games played, 2 wins and a defeat, they will have to redouble their efforts to get points from Anfield Stadium, in this way both teams arrive to another day in the best league in the world as it is the English League.
7:30 AM20 days ago

How does Liverpool get there?

Liverpool come from beating Newcastle 2-1, a match where despite losing a man through injury they did not let their guard down and managed to get 3 very important points, they are in 5th position with 7 points and a record of 2 wins and 1 draw, they will look to continue climbing the overall table, but they will face a team that is also on the rise as Aston Villa, so the Reds arrive at the 4th round of the Premier League, with the sole objective of fighting for the overall leadership.
7:25 AM20 days ago

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