Highlights and goals: Twente 3-1 Ajax in Eredivisie
Twente vs Ajax // Source: GettyImages


10:27 AM8 days ago


Twente continues its full victory and Ajax puts the emergency situation even more red.
10:25 AM8 days ago


We reach minute 90. Four extra minutes are added
10:15 AM8 days ago


Yellow for Hato, the first for Ajax.
10:13 AM8 days ago

79'|Goooal by Ünüvar

Twente goal. Error in the departure of the ball by the visiting team that ends with Ünüvar's one-on-one and the home team's goal
10:09 AM8 days ago

75'|Ajax shot

The Ajax midfielder took a free kick from 28 meters but it went straight out of bounds
10:06 AM8 days ago


Double change in Twente. Kjolo and Vlap leave the field and Eiting and Ünüvar enter
10:03 AM8 days ago

68'|They ask for a penalty

A Twente player fell in the area but the referee did not point anything out. Twenty minutes to go
9:57 AM8 days ago

61'|To the post

Ugalde has had it again. She cut back and the shot, from the front, hits the post. Ajax is saved
9:50 AM8 days ago


The meeting calms down. Twente plays with time in their favor... 35 minutes left
9:44 AM8 days ago

49'|Providential Gorter

The Ajax goalkeeper came out to clear the ball from the Twente forward
9:41 AM8 days ago

46'|Second half

The second half begins. Ajax has 45 minutes to turn the match around
9:21 AM8 days ago


End of the first half. Minimum advantage for Twente, who deserved something more in these first 45 minutes
9:18 AM8 days ago


We reach minute 45. Three minutes are added.
9:13 AM8 days ago

39'|Shot out

Steijn's header goes wide. Five minutes until the break
9:12 AM8 days ago

35'|Gooal by Brobbey

Ajax goal. Brobbey goal to shorten the distance. Ajax gets into the match
9:07 AM8 days ago

33'|Game stopped

Hilges has hurt himself. Enter medical assistance
8:59 AM8 days ago

25'|No reaction

Ajax does not react as it has not entered the field well. Possession goes to Twente
8:51 AM8 days ago

17'|Twente control

The home team controls the match... Ajax has not yet appeared in the match
8:45 AM8 days ago

11'|Gooal by Steijn

Twente goal. Steijn notes. He hasn't even given Ajax time to settle in, and the match is going uphill.
8:40 AM8 days ago

7'|Rots goal

Rots goal. Twente scores, taking the lead in the match. Exploit the local fans. The can is opened...
8:38 AM8 days ago

5'|Arrival of both teams

The match started very busy for both teams. The ball is already rolling in Twente's field
8:34 AM8 days ago


The meeting starts. Twente wants to remain undefeated and Ajax win a victory to climb positions
8:28 AM8 days ago

Ajax Lineup

For their part, Ajax line up the following eleven to face Twente. Gorter, Devyne, Sutalo, Hato, Sosa, Sivert, Tahirovic, Chuba, Steven, Bergwijn and Brobbey.
8:27 AM8 days ago

Twente lineup

Twente line up the following eleven to face Ajax. Unnerstall, Sampsted, Mees, Propper, Youri, Kjolo, MIchal, Rots, Steijn, Vlap and Ugalde.
8:05 AM8 days ago

We have already lineups

Less than thirty minutes to go until kick-off and both coaches already have the starting eleven. Let's go with Twente
8:05 AM8 days ago


The match between Twente vs Ajax will be played at De Grolsch Veste in this Eredivisie match. The match kicks off at 14:30 Spanish time.
8:01 AM8 days ago

Who will win

Less than an hour to go until the match between Twente vs Ajax. Who will win the match between Twente vs Ajax?
7:45 AM8 days ago

Already at the stadium

A short while ago, both teams arrived at the stadium. They will shortly go out for warm-up exercises in preparation for the match. There is nothing left for the start of this match of a new round of the Eredivisie.
7:32 AM8 days ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Twente vs Ajax in the Eredivisie. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL.
7:27 AM8 days ago

Stay tuned for a live coverage of Twente vs Ajax

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Twente vs Ajax live, as well as the latest information coming out of the Netherlands. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
7:22 AM8 days ago

Ajax Lineup

Ajax may field the following players in order to contest the clash against Twente. Gorter, Devyne, Sutalo, Hato, Gaston, Tahirovic, Van den Boomen, Hlynsson, Mikautadze, Carlos Borges and Brobbey.
7:17 AM8 days ago

Twente Lineup

Twente can field the following players in order to play against Ajax. Unnerstall, Sampsted, Bruns, Propper, Youri, Kjolo, Michal, Rots, Steijns, Vlap and Ugalde.
7:12 AM8 days ago


Twente vs Ajax // Source: GettyImages
Twente vs Ajax // Source: GettyImages
7:07 AM8 days ago

Match Schedule

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 horas 

Bolivia: 7:30 horas

Brasil: 8:30 horas

Chile: 8:30 horas 

Colombia: 6:30 horas

Ecuador: 6:30 horas

USA (ET): 7:30 horas

Spain: 14:30 horas

Mexico: 6:30 horas

Paraguay: 8:30 horas 

Peru: 6:30 horas

Uruguay: 9:30 horas

7:02 AM8 days ago

Where to watch

The match between Twente vs Ajax can be watched on the Ajax channel. Also, if you want to watch it online, you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on VAVEL.
6:57 AM8 days ago

Ajax Clasiffication

Ajax is in eleventh position with five points out of a possible nine. In three matchdays they have achieved only one victory and two draws, having two games in arrears that will be made up in the next few days. As visitors, they have played only two matches where they have not won on any occasion, only two draws. Ajax has two games less than some of its rivals, but despite that, five points out of a possible nine are not good numbers for a team that wants to fight for the Eredivisie title. To start the comeback, a good away win against Twente would be a huge boost.
6:52 AM8 days ago

Twente Clasiffication

Twente are in fourth position with nine points out of a possible nine. In three matchdays they have achieved a full house of victories, having two suspended matches that they will have to make up in the next few days. At home, they have played only one match where they have won on one occasion. This year, Twente has had a good start to the season, very exciting for their fans who can even consider fighting for a place in the Champions League or for the league title.
6:47 AM8 days ago

Ajax last match

Ajax is not having a good start to the season and is a far cry from the Dutch side of previous seasons. In their last match they drew 0-0 away to Fortuna Sittard. A match in which there were no goals but there were chances of all colors. First, Noslin missed a penalty for the home side, who missed a great opportunity to take the lead. Before the break, Brobbey scored for Ajax in the 49th minute of the first half but the goal was disallowed by the referee so it did not go in the scoreboard. There were many chances and few goals throughout the match, in addition to two injuries for the home team, where Dijks and Cordoba were injured in the 72nd and 87th minute, respectively.
6:42 AM8 days ago

Twente Last match

Twente is living good momentum this season after getting an away win against Volendam by 0-2. From the first half hour, the visitors put the visitors on the back foot with Steijn's goal to calm down the home side and put the home team in a hurry, who tried a few chances on the wings and with passes behind the defenders' backs but got nothing. In the last minutes, Van Wolfswinkel put the final goal to seal the game and give the three points to Twente to place them in third place in the Eredivisie.
6:37 AM8 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of Twente vs Ajax this Sunday, September 17 at 14:30 Spanish time. The match corresponds to matchday 5 of the Eredivisie. Follow the online broadcast and all the information about both teams on VAVEL.