Goal and Highlights: Southampton 0-1 Ipswich in Championship
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Southampton in attack.
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Let's go until 97 minutes.
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86' Change at Southampton

Joined: Mara

Out: Armstrong.

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Southampton plays in attack, but fails in building the game.
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77' Yellow

Adams received a card.
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71' Changes at Ipswich

Entered: Ball and Scarlett

Out: Brandon Williams and Hirst.

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Southampton exchange passes in attack.
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59' Yellow

Harwood-Bellis T was carded.
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57' Changes at Southampton

Entered: Armstrong, Sulemana and  Bednarek

Out came: Edozie, Aribo and Fraser.

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52' Yellow

Taylor received a card.
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Southampton in attack.
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Visiting team in attack.
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38' Yellow

Brandon Williams was carded.
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Ipswich tries to get more attacking after the first goal.
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After starting more in the backfield, Ipswich opened the scoring through Hutchinson.
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Finishings: 2-2.
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Game more balanced at the moment, but still without great opportunities.
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Ipswich try to get out of the defense more.
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Southampton tries to dictate the pace of the game, with possession of the ball and acting in the attacking sector.
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The game starts with the home team in possession of the ball.
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Ipswich Town

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St Mary's Stadium

St. Mary's Stadium is a football stadium located in Southampton, England. It is the home of Southampton Football Club, an English Premier League team. The stadium opened in 2001, replacing the former The Dell Stadium as the club's home ground.

St. Mary's Stadium has a capacity of approximately 32,505 spectators, making it one of the medium-sized stadiums in England. The stadium has modern facilities including hospitality suites, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Southampton FC has a loyal fan base and the stadium is where fans gather to support the team in its Premier League games and other competitions. The stadium is also the venue for numerous sporting and non-sporting events throughout the year, making it an important venue in the local community.

Overall, St. Mary's Stadium is a vital component of Southampton FC's identity and an important landmark for fans and the city of Southampton.

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Speak up, Russell Martin!

“We’re talking after two games , two really difficult results,” "

“Results dictate everything in football . Not here, we had a really brilliant few days discussing what went wrong and what went right and how we could have capitalized more."

“We'll be better than we were on Friday and if we win tomorrow, we'll be in a good position and everyone will be a little more positive."

“We’re a long way from where we want to be and how we want to be, but I’m also really proud of how far some of them have come."

“If we were building on similar work that someone else has done, in terms of manner, style and game model, it would be easier."

“We’re trying to change a lot, so I’m quite relaxed about that. People are going to feel what they feel, but I’m cool with that, we’ll win more games than not."

“I’m not going to let both outcomes affect the work we do and how we feel. We have to work on some things, that’s coming up. very clear."

“We need to concede fewer goals, but there’s no chance. It's a pattern for many of them, they're all very different – except restarts – and we are working on it.”

“É It's also a question of game management, we gave teams opportunities too early in the game, retreating too early, giving up territory too early – we are training players on this.”

“I think we have to find a way to help players manage the game without deviating from what the game is about. It’s important to us,” said Martin.

“We talked about it on Friday and we still ended up doing it, so it must be a bit of anxiety or we won’t get the message across enough."

“To do this, you need to You have to go through a certain amount of pain to grow. receive £ 100 million to sign the best players in the world."

“If it were easy, I think more people would try to do it. Pain now will help us survive. later in the season and make it a reality. It's more pleasant when you click. "

“Both clubs I was at previously had to go through a lot of pain to get to where we wanted to be, and in the end, the feeling we had with the players and the understanding they had, the results they had and the way they played was beautiful to watch."

“I have no doubt that it will be great here. the same. Only we need to speed up the process a little and continue helping players grow.

"Often, the answer to pain in football is close the store. Our work is help players overcome this."

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How do Southampton arrive?

Southampton arrives for the game having lost two in a row and desperately needing to recover, as they are already struggling. which occupies ninth place in the tournament.
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Speak up, Kieran McKenna!

“I really enjoyed it and I’m delighted for a number of reasons,” TownTV. 

“We told the players before the game that this would be perhaps one of the most beautiful games to win, to be honest. Obviously we had battles with them last season and we didn&apost; we managed to win here, because it is Obviously a very difficult place to win. 

“I thought it was a fantastic performance. We came out in the first half and beat them, actually, and we should have made two or three goals at half-time. We got the only goal, which is what we deserved, and then we showed some different attributes. 

“We needed a second or third goal to kill it, actually, but at 65-70 minutes that should have been the score. Tí We had to show that we could make an effort and I loved the performance, showing so many good things, and I'm very happy for the players and the fans.” 

“We develop and learn from it over time,” said the city chief. 

“We played very well here last year, winning 2-0, but then we couldn't manage the game to get over the line. < /p>

“Today was an opportunity to show growth in this area, and while we weren’t perfect, overall we did a lot of things right and showed that we have improved in that regard.&rdquo ; 

“We don't know yet, but he's working. with boots,” said Kieran about Leif’s injury. 

“He rolled and got his ankle stepped on at the same time, which is never the case. good. 

“He was excellent in the first half and we'll see how he is, but Brandon came into the team and showed a lot of resilience and helped us see the result.”  

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How do Ipswich arrive?

Ipswich arrives for the game with two consecutive victories in the competition. The team has 15 points and occupies third place in the tournament.
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Photo: Disclosure/Southampton
Photo: Disclosure/Southampton
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The current tournament has 24 teams. Plymouth Argyle, Ipswich Town and Sheffield Wednesday rose from Division Three, while Leicester, Southampton and Leeds dropped from Division One. Premier League, while four dispute the last place on an elimination basis with the 'final' at Wembley. Three teams drop to the lower division at the end of the 46 rounds.

At 121º edition of the second division of English football, the 32º under the current format starts on the 4th of August and runs until the 4th of May 2024.

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The EFL Championship is It is England's second-largest domestic league after the Premier League. The tournament was revamped in the 2004-05 season, when the Football League decided to introduce the league into the federation that organizes the national leagues.

The second division has changed its name three times: Football League Second Division: 1892–1992, Football League First Division: 1992–2004 and Football League Championship: 2004–2016.

The second division of England began in the 1892-93 season, when Birmingham was champion and Sheffield United was runner-up. Liverpool, 19-time champions of the first division, were the second winners in the history of the league.

Manchester City and Leicester City are the biggest champions of the tournament. City, champions of the Champions League, won the competition for the first time in the last century, in 1898-99. Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland and Norwich have won it five times.

Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds United, Burnley and Derby County have won Division Two four times.  huge. Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea, other members of the Big Six, were also champions.

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The game will be played at St Mary's Stadium

The Southampton vs Ipswich game will be played at St Mary's Stadium, with a capacity of 32.384 people.
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