Goals and Summary of Barcelona 3-2 Celta in LaLiga
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2:31 PM2 days ago

It is over

Barcelona came back in the game, beating Celta 3-2. Where the culés got into the game with 2 goals from Lewandowski. Joao Cancelo scored the winning goal and Ter Stegen was the MVP of the game. Frenkie De Jong was injured.

2:25 PM2 days ago


Mingueza had it, close to a tie. The former Barca almost made it 3-3.
2:24 PM2 days ago


7 minutes into the game, the game is going to end.

2:22 PM2 days ago


Total madness, it's 3-2 for Barca. Cancelo scores the 3rd goal and what could be the victory, a pass from Gavi and Celta is undone.
2:17 PM2 days ago


Gooool from Robert Lewandowski, at 85 Barca tied it. Great pass from Cancelo and in the small zone, it makes it 2-2.
2:12 PM2 days ago


Barca goal, now the culé team scores. Joint annotation by Lewi and Félix. But the score was Robert's, after a great pass from Joao.
2:07 PM2 days ago


Last minutes of the game, 10 left, Barca lost on the field. Celta much better in the midfield.
2:02 PM2 days ago


Gooal for Celta, this was a great team play, good start from behind, the score is from Anastasios Douvika
1:57 PM2 days ago


It was almost Barca's goal, great recovery from Ronald, Gavi crossed and Gundogan almost finished.
1:52 PM2 days ago


Ter Stegen saves Barca again, a shot that went into the top corner, Bamba cannot score his goal.
1:47 PM2 days ago


Celta tried a counterattack, ended up at the feet of Ferran Torres, the shark hit him crosswise and passed close to the goal.
1:42 PM2 days ago


Barca plays with the ball in the midfield, having possession, the culés do not give up the ball, Celta recovers it but loses it quickly.

Araujo finishes the play with a long-distance shot.

1:37 PM2 days ago

Minutes before the second half starts

Yamal and Araujo warm up, they will be the replacement options for Xavi in the second half.
1:32 PM2 days ago

Half Time

We go to half-time, Celta are leading 0-1, with a goal from Larsen.

The clearest Barca had was one from Joao Félix, where he shot hard and went over the goal.

1:27 PM2 days ago


Barca is saved, Ter Stegen and Oriol are the protagonists of this play, on two occasions they save their team so that the goal does not fall.
1:22 PM2 days ago


Yellow for Gavi, first minutes on the field for the young Spaniard and he gets the yellow card, for stopping a game option.
1:17 PM2 days ago


Frenkie leaves due to injury, Gavi takes his place.
1:12 PM2 days ago


Larsen leaves due to injury and De Jong prepares to leave due to the strong tackle he had minutes ago. Gavi gets ready.
1:07 PM2 days ago


Felix can't control it, it was almost a goal for the Portuguese, but he couldn't control the ball well.
1:02 PM2 days ago


Oh Joao, Félix misses it, he shoots a cannon shot that goes over the goal.
12:57 PM2 days ago


Goal for Celta, scored by Jørgen Strand Larsen, Ter Stegen couldn't arrive. Larsen took advantage of the mistake and scored his second goal of the campaign.
12:52 PM2 days ago


Aspas sends a surprising shot, Ter Stegen saves Barca, it was Celta's first goal.
12:47 PM2 days ago


De Jong is missing, they fall on Barca's 21, Celta tries to stop the culés by way of fouls.
12:42 PM2 days ago


The culés play in the midfield, De Jong distributing the ball, waiting for a cross to reach Lewi or Félix.
12:37 PM2 days ago


FCB plays in a pressure manner, looking for Celta, first minutes of intensity.
12:32 PM2 days ago


Start The match
12:27 PM2 days ago

Celta Lineup

Iván, Mingueza, Unai, Starfelt, Carlos, Mihailo, Beltrán, Luca, Aspas, Larsen and Bamba.
12:22 PM2 days ago

FCB Lineup

Ter Stegen, Joao Cancelo, Ferran Torres, Lewandowski, Joao Félix, Christensen, Marcos Alonso, Romeu, De Jong, Gundogan and Kounde.
12:17 PM2 days ago

Minutes before the game starts

We are just a few moments away from the game starting, we will share with you the alignments of both teams in an instant.
12:12 PM2 days ago

They are already warming up

Both teams are already out to warm up, just minutes into this first league match, where the local team receives great support from its fans, in search of keeping the 3 points at home.
12:07 PM2 days ago

to wait

Araujo will start on the bench, along with Gavi, Raphinha and Lamine Yamal. Those will be the changes for Barcelona.
12:02 PM2 days ago

They have arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the venue, just minutes before they go out to warm up, after the actions begin in this match of the first day of the league.

11:57 AM2 days ago

The fans arrived

Both fans are already reporting to the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, just minutes before the ball rolls in this first participation of both squads in this first day of the league.

11:52 AM2 days ago


Everything is ready for the players from both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.
11:47 AM2 days ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute of the Barcelona vs Celta de Vigo match. We will soon share the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant data about the confrontation between these two teams.
11:42 AM2 days ago

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11:27 AM2 days ago


Xavi responded to journalists at a press conference about the expectations he had prior to this game, where he made it clear that his current stadium has been a strength.
“At the Olympic Stadium we feel at home. "The atmosphere that is being generated between the team and the fans creates a very good harmony."

"This season is the confirmation of good play and good results, hopefully. I feel supported. When there were bad moments was when I noticed the president closest."

11:22 AM2 days ago

He reunites with his former club

Come home, Óscar Mingueza, the Celta player to follow will be the former Barcelona player. He is the team's top scorer with 1 goal in 5 games. Mingueza was in the most chaotic and dramatic times of the Barça club. Where he failed to establish himself in Xavi's starting eleven.
11:17 AM2 days ago

Be careful with this FC Barcelona player

The sensation of the moment, the Portuguese João Félix is the player to follow for the Barça team with 2 games he has scored 1 goal, in the Champions League he scored a double in the first European game. The former colchonero has felt better in Xavi's scheme than that of Cholo, where he could not place himself in the starting eleven, since the arrival of Depay. Both players did the right thing in changing scene.
Photo: FCB
Photo: FCB
11:12 AM2 days ago

They renew their jewel and the captain returns

For this match the Barça clubs recover Araujo, where he will not be a starter, he will start on the bench, after returning from injury. Apart from that they have renewed Alejandro Balde until 2028. There couldn't be better news for Xavi. In addition, the Spanish coach will sign again to spend more years on the Cule bench.
11:07 AM2 days ago

How does Celta arrive?

The Celta team arrives in a terrible position, adding only one victory, one draw and three defeats. With only 4 points, those from Vigo lost last week against Mallorca. Their most recent victory was against Almería. They are in 16th position, below Sevilla, Granada and Las Palmas.
11:02 AM2 days ago

How does Barcelona arrive?

We are witnessing the best moment of the Cule team, where those led by Xavi Hernández are having an incredible start. Two points behind Real Madrid, with 5 games they have won 4 and lost only one game. The Blaugranas have 13 points, Girona is stalking them from behind. In the Champions League they started on the right foot, 5 goals to 0 against Antwerp, where we saw a great version of Joao Félix, the Portuguese has been phenomenal in the scheme, along with Cancelo. It is not noticeable that Pedri and Araujo are injured, because Barcelona is generating a great unity among their team.
Photo: FCB
Photo: FCB
10:57 AM2 days ago

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