Goals and Highlights: Portimonense 1-3 Benfica in Primeira Liga
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After Benfica's third goal, the game became more heated and controlled by the visiting team.
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Benfica exchanges passes.
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David Neres received the ball inside the area, turned against the marking and finished to extend the goal for Benfica.
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Rildo took the penalty and Trubin saved it.
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Helio Varela was brought down inside the area and the referee awarded a penalty for Portimonense.
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Helio Varela received a pass inside the area and finished with class to reduce the score.
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David Neres submitted, but sent it away.
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Benfica exchanges passes.
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40' Change in Portimonense

Joined: Rildo

Out: Paulo Estrela.

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35' Yellow

Helio Varela received a card.
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Game stopped.
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Benfica exchanges passes with ease.
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Portimonense tries to leave the defense field.
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David Neres found the perfect pass for Petar Musa, who had no trouble scoring Benfica's second.
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Benfica exchanges passes in attack.
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Already? Alexander Bah received it between the defenders and released a bomb to open the scoring for Benfica.
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Portimão Municipal Stadium

The Portimão Municipal Stadium is a football stadium located in the city of Portimão, in the south of Portugal. The stadium is home to Portimonense Sporting Clube, a football club in the Portuguese Primeira Liga.
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How does Portimonense arrive?

Portimonense arrives for the game with a victory in the last match. The team occupies 15th place in the world. placement.
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Speak, Roger Schmidt!

"No, I'm not afraid. It's part of his process, his growth, everyone has pressure at Benfica, because the goals are high, we always have to try to win every game and try to win the greatest number of trophies, it's ; our task! Not only for goalkeepers, but also for forwards... for everyone there is an opportunity for everyone. this pressure. We know that we didn't hire a 35-year-old goalkeeper with a lot of experience. Trubin is a very talented young goalkeeper, aged 22. You have some experience, you played for Shakhtar and the Ukrainian national team... Of course, changing clubs and playing for Benfica is a great idea. new feature. A good showing at the beginning makes everything easier, but it's difficult to do so. As I said, what happened is part of his growth. We have to get back focused on the next game and have the confidence to win. É That is the task."

"I'm not saying I'm feeling pressure. He has already arrived. with the season underway, after the pre-season, after the departure of Gonçalo Ramos. I tried to get him used to his colleagues, to the environment. team, sometimes this is a problem. You're fast, you score goals, you gain confidence and rapport with the team and you're ready to go. all good. The beginning was different, and then I have to make decisions depending on the form and condition of the players. We have three strikers up front, Petar Musa, Casper [Tengstedt] and Arthur [Cabral]. Musa did very well in the Superta, then he received a red card against Boavista, but I gave him the opportunity again. Petar has developed immensely and has a huge advantage, because he is there is one year at Benfica, he knows what he has to do on the field. It is not only scoring goals is a goal. work hard, be part of the pressure, be available between the lines, have a feeling with colleagues at work. back, that's why I chose Petar and not Casper or Arthur. Petar has been doing very well, as we saw on Wednesday [September 20]. He was a little unhappy at the finish & ccedil; & atilde; o, which & eacute; This is one of his strong points, but he was involved in many situations on the attacking front, with and without the ball, and is also a great player. This is what we expect from a striker at Benfica. It is not It's easy to play in our system, in our tactics and, sometimes, it's difficult. It's just a matter of adjustment. Arthur Cabral is here. working well and has to wait a while to get his chance, as always happens. It will certainly make an impression. many goals for Benfica, but my choice now has been Petar [Musa]."

"We always try to find the best balance up front, we have Ángel [Di María] and Rafa in great form with the ball, scoring and assisting, working hard without the ball and being part of the pressure situations. We have to look for the best balance in the team to have everything on the field and make the best decisions for each game. If the players who are at the front are very well, it's perfect. I need to have patience. É David [Neres]'s situation. Now he has no physical problems, he is ready. good. You will certainly play. Lots of games in the weeks that are there. come."

"Competition is fierce. is always good, and it has, there are other options for this position. I see things differently. Alex is You're in great shape, you're in great shape. well, but he made a mistake in the 0-1 [in the game against Salzburg], a move in which he could have been a little more perceptive. If he falls... In my opinion, he suffered a clear foul, but he wanted to stay upright. and ended up missing the pass to the goalkeeper a little. But he has been doing very well, like the whole team. If you Don't look at the result from Wednesday [September 20] and just see how we played in the Champions League with 10 players... is It is possible to dominate the game, create many opportunities and not concede many moments to the opponent in our defense if all the players are very good on the field. That is what happened. In attack, Alex also made good crosses where we could have scored goals. Sometimes the players' good moments are not noticed, because people focus on the goals. In my opinion, Alex is great. in excellent shape."

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Speak, Roger Schmidt!

"The players who played are a little tired and, of course, we are all disappointed because we lost an important game at home. Now We talk about the history of the game [against Salzburg], the disappointment has to do with the result and not with the performance. We did a lot of good things tactically, physically and mentally, but we also made mistakes. We gave the opponent the opportunity to score [two] goals and we wasted many opportunities to score. In the following days we have to deal with it, but it's okay. It's always important to look ahead to the next game and try to win, and it's always important to look ahead to the next game. That's what we're going to try to do, is our objective. It is not It's easy to play in Portimão, Portimonense won last week at Vitória SC, they're ready to go. We are in better shape than at the start of the season, but we are well prepared and recovered, we hope to have a good game."

"Every game is crucial, but I understand what you mean... The game following a defeat is a game that's the next game. It is always more important than normal, because we want to win again, to have that feeling of achievement and victory. É our task. We are ready, now! We have shown that we can overcome these types of situations. We are very focused on the next game."

"Of course you were very disappointed, we know it's true. He is a very emotional player, and we also know how much he loves the Club and the team. When something like that happens, like on Wednesday [September 20], seeing a red card very early... he was very disappointed and felt a little responsible for what happened in the rest of the game. It wasn't intentional, it was a reflection at that moment. You are Prepared, these moments are part of your growth process. Unfortunately we weren't able to win the game, but it's great. You are strong enough, you have a good mentality to deal with this, you will look ahead, overcome the situation and be at a good level again."

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Benfica information

Looking at the data collected on the Wyscout platform, the numbers show us a considerable difference in terms of offensive production by the two teams. If Benfica, then entrance to 6.ª journey, it is Having one of the best attacks in the competition (13 goals), Portimonense appears as one of the least successful teams (five goals, surpassing only Famalicão, Chaves and Estrela da Amadora).

The Eagles remain the most successful team in the competition, with 92 shots (39.1% were on target and 32 were taken outside the penalty area), while the Algarve team only managed to score 92 shots (39.1% were on target and 32 were fired outside the penalty area). They have Gil Vicente behind, given that in five games they shot 47 times (38.3% towards goal and 23 of them came from outside the penalty area).

Benfica is It is also the formation that triggers the most one-on-one moves and dribbling in the Championship (180) and the one that makes the most touches in the area. (146), said Benfica, on its official website.

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Probably Benfica!

Samuel Soares; Alexander Bah, António Silva, Nicolas Otamendi e Fredrik Aursnes; João Neves e Kokcu; Ángel Di Maria, João Mário e Rafa Silva; Casper Tengstedt.



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How are Benfica arriving?

 Benfica arrives for the game needing to recover, after defeat in their Champions League debut at home to RB Salzburg.
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Photo: Disclosure/Benfica
Photo: Disclosure/Benfica
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The game will be played at Portimão Municipal Stadium

The Portimonense vs Benfica game will be played at Portimão Municipal Stadium, with a capacity of 4.961 people.
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