Goals and highlights: Nice vs Olympique de Marseille in Ligue 1 (1-0)
OGC Nice


4:09 PM2 months ago

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4:07 PM2 months ago

96' Yellow card for OM

4:06 PM2 months ago

95' Substitution for Nice

In: Perraud

Out: Boga

4:01 PM2 months ago


4:01 PM2 months ago

81' Substitutions for OM

In: Kondogbia and Meïté

Out: Aubameyang and Harit

4:00 PM2 months ago


Boga takes a free-kick into the area. Guessand's header is saved by Blanco
3:43 PM2 months ago

79' Yellow card for Nice

3:40 PM2 months ago

78' Red card for OM

Balerdi, for the second yellow
3:40 PM2 months ago

75' Yellow card for OM

3:29 PM2 months ago


A person invades the pitch. Play stopped until the person was removed
3:20 PM2 months ago

60' Substitution for OM

In: Blanco

Out: López

3:19 PM2 months ago


López is complaining of pain. The goalkeeper is being attended to
3:18 PM2 months ago

56' Substitution for OM

In: Veretout

Out: Ounahi

3:17 PM2 months ago

56' Yellow card for Nice

3:12 PM2 months ago


Laborde is fouled by Murillo inside the area. The players ask for a penalty, but the referee orders play to continue
3:06 PM2 months ago


Play resumes
3:06 PM2 months ago

Substitution for OM

In: Murillo

Out: Clauss

2:50 PM2 months ago


First half ends
2:50 PM2 months ago


2:45 PM2 months ago

43' Substitution for Nice

In: Rosario

Out: Lotomba

2:45 PM2 months ago


Lotomba receives medical attention
2:44 PM2 months ago


Moffi picks up the leftover ball and takes a shot. The ball bounces off the post and goes over the line. Corner
2:38 PM2 months ago


Sarr is fouled in the area. Bulka comes out of his goal and keeps the ball
2:29 PM2 months ago


Mbemba throws Sarr in, but the linesman immediately signals offside
2:28 PM2 months ago

24' Yellow card for Nice

2:23 PM2 months ago


Clauss receives medical attention
2:20 PM2 months ago

16' Yellow card for Nice

2:13 PM2 months ago


Ndiaye struggles with Todibo, who gets the better of him and clears the danger
2:12 PM2 months ago


Todibo tries to pass the ball to Laborde, but he overdoes it and the ball goes wide
2:01 PM2 months ago


Ball rolling
1:56 PM2 months ago

Olympiens dressing room

1:51 PM2 months ago

OM lineup

1:46 PM2 months ago

Nice lineup

1:41 PM2 months ago

Video refereeing

VAR : Stéphanie Frappart

AVAR: Hicham Zakrani

1:36 PM2 months ago

Field refereeing

Referee: Ruddy Buquet

Assistant 1: Guillaume Débart

Assistant 2: Julien Pacelli

Fourth official: Guillaume Paradis

1:31 PM2 months ago

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What time is Nice vs Olympique de Marseille match for Ligue 1?

This is the start time of the game Nice vs Olympique de Marseille of 21th October 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 4 pm: Star +

Bolivia 3 pm: Star +

Brazil 4 pm: ESPN3, Star +

Chile 3 pm: Star +

Colombia 2 pm: Star +

Ecuador 2  pm: Star +


Spain 8 pm: Eurosport Player SpainLaLiga+ Spain

Mexico 2 pm: Star +

Paraguay 3 pm: Star +

Peru 2 pm: Star +

Uruguay 4 pm: Star +

Venezuela 3 pm: Star +

1:21 PM2 months ago

Speak, Gattuso!

"We've worked hard. We're happy with the work. We had seven players absent. We had two training sessions in the evening so that those returning from international duty could work. The players trained hard, maybe they're less happy than we are.

We knew when we got here that we'd have three tough matches. Without the help of the team you can be the best coach in the world if the players don't follow you. I'm talking about the team, all its components, the staff, everyone at the club. If we can improve our attitude, we can improve everything else.

We can expect a similar game to Brighton in Nice. Nice play differently to Le Havre on the ball. Nice have quality players, it's no coincidence that they're unbeaten this season. They have strengths and weaknesses. We must continue to progress, take points in Nice with respect but without fear.

We've added strength work involving the academy. We worked on the defensive line, how to break the lines, the chains on the wings, how to complete actions. I would have liked to have worked on that with the whole team. We tried to transfer the data from the match into training.

I'm always sad when my players make mistakes, but I never point the finger at them, especially in the goalkeeping position. I've always been in soccer, I'm open-minded, I know the life of a player, the day-to-day life of a player. We have to work with seriousness and commitment. A player can have one or two slow days. They know when they're not feeling well. All the players are different, they're a bit like children. I have a boy and a girl and I don't talk to them in the same way.

The experience of working abroad has led me to be like that. I adapt to the culture. When we arrive in a new place with my team, we try to adapt. We're not trying to change the mentality. You become more open by going abroad a lot. I'm not an actor, so when I'm angry it's obvious, but I'll go to a press conference and tell you why. I say things spontaneously, perhaps too much in the past. I don't calculate, I assess the situation and try to find the right words.

We can do it again (a training session open to the media). Modern soccer is changing and our relationship must also evolve. Curiosity is interesting. I'm curious, I'm looking for information. We could even organize a technical-tactical session without a camera, over a coffee or a glass of wine. That's something I'd be happy to do.

One of my former coaches told me: "It's a shame the matches are on Sunday, otherwise it would be the best job in the world."

Amine Harit is a player who should play in the middle. He's got the control that allows him to have numerical superiority, a good vision of the game and there's room for improvement. His physical condition should support him. He has innate technical ability. He has to play in the middle and can become an incredible player.

He's a different player, you might think of Kaká or Rui Costa, but he's unique. He has a first touch on the ball that can kill the game.

The coach must emphasize and be attentive to the players during the session. I never go into the dressing room, nor does my team. It's the players' locker room. For 1h10-1h15, they can accept that. I tried not to talk during one session, the workload dropped by 30%. We watched it on video the next day and then left".

1:16 PM2 months ago

Speak, Pau López!

"Rest. That's not the word. The players who stayed here worked well. Coach Gattuso demands a lot of intensity. His idea is different to that of Igor Tudor or Marcelino. We worked to what the coach wanted and he must be happy with what we did.

Since the start of the season I've had the feeling that we're going to have a good season. Everything that's happened has been good because Gattuso arrived. He's put something different into the atmosphere of the group and the club. I'm happy with Gattuso's arrival, as are my teammates. I have confidence in the staff, in their mentality. The coach always has the right words at half-time, at the end of the match he gives us energy. He's very demanding of us, of himself. I'm glad he's here, and so are my friends. I think we'll have a good season thanks to the mentality he gives the group. I hope we can show that in the matches.

Since your arrival there's been more intensity because there are three goalkeeping coaches. It's good, there's no problem between them. It's better for the goalkeepers, we talk a lot. We find the best solution for each training session.

There are good times and bad times. Just like in life. I started the season badly, I didn't play at a good level. I felt better in the last match. At Marseille you have to be 100% all the time, you have to take responsibility when you play badly. I feel the confidence of the club, the coach. I'm following my path. I feel much better. The performance in the last match is better.

Simon and Ruben train well. We have a good relationship, with the staff too. With Jelle (Van Neck), there are four of us training. They're goalkeepers who can play for Marseille. After the season we can get back to that. August was difficult for me, not athletically but individually. I spoke to the president about having more time to myself. I'll share what happened to me later.

It's a good test for us. We're on an upward trajectory. Nice have been there since the start of the season. They're a good team with good players. We've prepared well for the game even with those who returned yesterday and the day before. We should have a very good game.

I played against the Nice goalkeeper, we talked. He deserves the title of "player of the month". I don't read what they say about me. But I understand (the criticism). I'm the one who demands the most of myself. In soccer, you have to accept criticism. It's easy to understand. The most important thing is what you think of yourself. We analyze the games with the staff and work to progress.

Gattuso wants to play with his feet, build from the back. It's similar to Sampaoli, but with more intensity. That changes a bit. It's always better to let the fans come out. We should set an example to everyone by allowing supporters to travel. We can go to Paris with our supporters. We should be able to go to the stadium without any problems, right? 

It was the coach's choice (to replace me on penalties). He chose Ruben and we lost. Amine Harit trains every day and feels better every day. He's finding his rhythm again. He'll be even more important in Gattuso's way of playing. He'll really like Gattuso's style.

It's not the same Pau who arrived two years ago and the Pau of today. I feel good here, these are the best years of my career. We'll see if this is the last one or if there will be others. I try to enjoy playing OM".

1:11 PM2 months ago

Speak, Francesco Farioli!

"I think the club's press release was very, very clear. I can add something from a personal point of view, as a human being and as a father, because the truth is that what we are seeing is a humanitarian catastrophe that has no flag, that has no religion. It goes beyond everything. I believe that we, as athletes, as people who have the opportunity to speak to many others, have a duty to send a strong message, a message of peace. The duty to hope that this humanitarian catastrophe can end as quickly as possible.

Youcef is a player we all love. An important player, a boy we all care about. But I repeat: as athletes we have many rights, but we also have some duties. The club's press release was very clear. There is a suspension, a legal investigation underway. All this goes beyond the sporting aspect".

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1:01 PM2 months ago


Olympique de Marseille are sixth on 12 points. The Olympiens are on a run of two defeats, two draws and just one win.
12:56 PM2 months ago

Le Gym

With their sights set on the top spot, Nice are in second place with 16 points, one behind Monaco. Le Gym has four wins and a draw.
12:51 PM2 months ago

Eye on the game

Nice vs Olympique de Marseille live this Saturday (21), at the Allianz Riviera at 3 pm ET, for the Ligue 1. The match is valid for the 9th round of the competition.
12:46 PM2 months ago

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