Goals and Highlights: Northern Ireland 2-0 Denmark in 2024 Euro Qualifiers
Image: Denmark


4:51 PM10 days ago


It's over! Ireland surprises and takes away Denmark's unbeaten record. 
3:39 PM10 days ago


Wind's left-footed shot ends up going wide, Denmark fails to score.
3:37 PM10 days ago


Dolberg sent a tremendous shot on goal, but the ball went over the goal.
3:35 PM10 days ago


Denmark is looking for a way to get back on the scoreboard and get closer.
3:31 PM10 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Ireland! Charles sends a powerful right-footed shot into the goal, the ball goes in for the second.
3:20 PM10 days ago


Change of Denmark. Wind is replaced by Hjulmand.
3:19 PM10 days ago


Højbjerg's powerful right-footed shot at goal, but the ball went wide.
3:09 PM10 days ago


Close! Hjulmand's shot looking for the equalizer, but the goalkeeper saves the ball.
3:08 PM10 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Ireland! A shot from the right by Price, the ball goes into the back of the net.
3:07 PM10 days ago


Denmark substitution due to injury. Poulsen is replaced by Lindstrøm.
3:01 PM10 days ago


Close! Double shot from Ireland, first Saville and then Toal, but the ball goes wide.
3:00 PM10 days ago


The match restarts for the second half.
2:32 PM11 days ago


At the end of the first half, Ireland and Denmark remain goalless.
2:32 PM11 days ago


Christensen shot at the opponent's goal, but the goalkeeper ended up preventing the ball from reaching the goal.
2:31 PM11 days ago


The game was quite lively, with both teams fighting to reach the opponent's goal.
2:22 PM11 days ago


Dolberg's shot at goal, but the ball did not reach the goal.
2:19 PM11 days ago


Andersen's right-footed shot goes wide, but very close to the post.
2:17 PM11 days ago


Hjulmand's shot, but the ball ends up going wide of the goal.
2:16 PM11 days ago


Lindstrøm sends a tremendous right-footed shot, but the ball goes wide.
2:14 PM11 days ago


McNair looked for a good through ball to Price, but the latter was offside.
2:05 PM11 days ago


Toal headed into the box, but the ball went wide.
1:52 PM11 days ago


Quite a lively match, Denmark is pressing high
1:50 PM11 days ago


Northern Ireland and Denmark kick off the action.
1:48 PM11 days ago

Denmark: LineUp

Schmeichel; Lindstrom, Andersen, Christensen, Kristensen, Kristiansen; O'Riley, Hjulmand, Jensen; Daramy, Dolberg.
1:47 PM11 days ago

Northern Island: LineUp

Hazard; Toal, McNair, Brown, Hume; S.Charles, Saville, Price, Lewis; Taylor, D.Charles
1:38 PM11 days ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the field and will be looking to put their best foot forward and put on a great match.
1:33 PM11 days ago

They arrived

Fans from both teams are already at the stadium, looking to support their respective fans.
1:33 PM11 days ago


Both teams have already arrived at the stadium and will go all out to score goals and three points.
1:26 PM11 days ago

No way!

It has been two consecutive games that Ireland has failed to score in their favor, in this match they will look to give a great game and score goals.
1:21 PM11 days ago

It's not long now!

Less than an hour to go until the start of this important match, a great duel full of emotions is expected.
1:16 PM11 days ago

What a thing!

That's three consecutive matches in which Ireland has not lost at home to Denmark, so they will be going all out to continue this positive streak.
1:11 PM11 days ago

What a thing

Denmark is currently on an excellent five-game winning streak, a situation that Ireland will be looking to break in order to emerge victorious.
1:06 PM11 days ago

Last duels

In the last seven meetings between these teams, Ireland has won two matches, there have been two draws, while Denmark has emerged triumphant on 3 occasions.
1:01 PM11 days ago

We are back!

We're back to the minute-by-minute match between Northern Ireland and Denmark. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information, as well as the confirmed lineups.
12:56 PM11 days ago

Stay tuned for the Northern Ireland vs Denmark live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Northern Ireland vs Denmark live, as well as the latest information from the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
12:51 PM11 days ago

Where and how to watch Northern Ireland vs Denmark live online

The match will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

Northern Ireland vs Denmark can be tuned in from the live streams on the YouTube App.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

12:46 PM11 days ago

What time is Northern Ireland vs Denmark matchday 6 of the Euro 2024 Qualifiers?

This is the kickoff time for the Northern Ireland vs Denmark match on November 20, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 13:45 hours

Bolivia: 1:45 p.m.

Brazil: 13:45 hours

Chile: 13:45 hours

Colombia: 1:45 p.m.

Ecuador: 1:45 p.m.

United States: 3:45 p.m. PT and 5:45 p.m. ET

Mexico: 1:45 p.m.

Paraguay: 2:45 p.m.

Peru: 2:45 p.m.

Uruguay: 6:45 p.m. ET

Venezuela: 1:45 p.m.

Japan: 1:00 p.m.

India: 00:45 a.m.

Nigeria: 6:45 a.m.

South Africa: 7:45 a.m.

Australia: 17:45 hours

United Kingdom ET: 18:45

12:41 PM11 days ago

Denmark Statements

Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand said ahead of the match: "I don't think about the individual training of each player. I got a lot of answers in the last game against Slovenia and that's what worries me. I might be asking some new questions against Northern Ireland, and then other answers will come, but that's how I think: that we have to find a framework to play in that we believe in."

"There are a lot of things you can use the game for and you can approach it in different ways. I'm now starting to prepare for an important year with the national team in 2024, and I'm also looking back. - including this game against Northern Ireland. There is an opportunity to see things, but it is important not to experiment too much."

12:36 PM11 days ago

Denmark's final lineup

Schmeichel; Kristensen, Christensen, Andersen, Vestergaard, Maehle; Hojbjerg, Norgaard, Delaney; Wind, Poulsen
12:31 PM11 days ago

Ireland's final lineup

Hazard; Hume, Toal, Ballard, Lewis; McNair, McCausland, Saville, Price, Thompson; Charles.
12:26 PM11 days ago

How does Denmark fare?

Dinamarca beat Slovenia in a great way and made it three out of three to become the leader of their group, far away from the other teams that did not perform so well.
12:21 PM11 days ago

How will Ireland fare?

Irlanda was defeated by Finland by four goals to zero, the home team will be looking for a good game, looking to close with dignity despite no longer having a chance to qualify to Euro 2024.

12:16 PM11 days ago

Ireland vs Denmark will be played at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park.

The Ireland vs. Denmark match will be played at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park, located in Belfast, United Kingdom. The stadium has a capacity for 18,000 people.
12:11 PM11 days ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the minute-by-minute coverage of Ireland vs Denmark live, this match corresponds to Matchday 9 of the Euro 2024 Qualifiers. The match will take place at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park at 13:45.