9:12 AM3 months ago

We'll leave it at that

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9:11 AM3 months ago


9:10 AM3 months ago


Dangda sets up a counter-attack and opens up with Mueanta, who hits a shot from outside the area, hitting the angle
9:09 AM3 months ago

83' Yellow card for Thailand

8:57 AM3 months ago

77' Substitutions in Singapore

In: Suphanan Bureerat , Zulfahmi Arifin and Ikhsan Fandi

Out: Ui Young, Tan and Stewart

8:49 AM3 months ago


Hariss Harun takes a shot from outside the area and sends it wide
8:48 AM3 months ago

71' Yellow card for Singapore

8:38 AM3 months ago


Dangda delivers a good pass from deep, Mueanta dominates and extends the lead
8:26 AM3 months ago

61' Substitution in Singapore

In: Hami Syahin 

Out: Fandi

8:25 AM3 months ago


Ui-Young shoots from distance and Kampol Pathom-attakul saves
8:25 AM3 months ago


Ui-Young takes a shot from outside the area and stamps out the marker
8:24 AM3 months ago


Game restart
8:24 AM3 months ago

Substitution in Thailand

In: Kritsada Kaman

Out: Thongsong

8:01 AM3 months ago


7:45 AM3 months ago


Ui-Young puts it into the box. Shawal Anuar whips in a cross and puts it past Kampol Pathom-attakul
7:44 AM3 months ago


Panya receives from Selanon and deflects it into the penalty area, but it stops at the goalkeeper
7:43 AM3 months ago


Nazari takes the ball up and Baharudin heads it to the right of the goal
7:42 AM3 months ago


Sookjitthammakul finishes left-footed from outside the area. Hassan Sunny makes the save
7:28 AM3 months ago

20' Substitution in Singapore

In: Shawal Anuar 

Out: Sulaiman

7:27 AM3 months ago


Dolah receives medical attention
7:26 AM3 months ago


Stewart sends in a cross and Fandi heads the ball across goal
7:26 AM3 months ago

12' Yellow card for Thailand

7:24 AM3 months ago


Panya finds Sarachat in the middle of the box, who hits the ball into the middle of the goal to open the scoring
7:23 AM3 months ago


Sarachat starts by testing the goalkeeper, who makes a save
7:04 AM3 months ago


Ball rolling
7:04 AM3 months ago

Thailand lineup

Kampol Pathom-attakul; Suphan Thongsong,  Elias Dolah , Nitipong Selanon, Theerathon Bunmathan; Sarach Yooyen, Ekanit Panya; Supachok Sarachart, Supachai Chaided, Phitiwat Sukjitt­hammakul;  Suphanat Mueanta
7:02 AM3 months ago

Singapore lineup

Hassan Sunny; Stewart, Tan, Kumar, S. Baharudin; Nazari; Shahdan Bin Sulaiman, Hariss Harun,  Jacob Mahler,  Song Ui Young; Ilhan Fandi
6:56 AM3 months ago

We're in the second phase and what's it like afterwards?

2nd - There are nine groups divided into 36 teams, with the top 26 in the FIFA Ranking + the other teams from the previous round. The nine group winners and runners-up advance to the third round and automatically qualify for the 2027 Asian Cup.

3rd- There are three groups of 18 teams, with six teams in each. The top two will go through to the World Cup, while third and fourth place respectively will go through to the next round.

4th - The six teams are divided into two groups of three. The first-placed teams in each group seal their place in the World Cup, while the rest go through to the fifth and final stage.

5 - The teams will face each other in two games to determine who will decide their place in the play-offs.

6:51 AM3 months ago

Asian Qualifiers

With a view to the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in Mexico, the United States and Canada, the Asian Qualifiers will be held from October 2023 to November 2025.
A total of eight teams have qualified directly for the World Cup, while one has the chance to seal its place through an intercontinental play-off.
6:46 AM3 months ago


We now open the broadcast of the match between Singapore and Thailand, in another Qualifying match here on VAVEL!
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How and where to watch the Singapore vs Thailand match live?

If you want to directly stream it: 365

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Singapore vs Thailand match for Asian World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Singapore vs Thailand of 21th November 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 9 am: 365

Bolivia 8 am: 365

Brazil 9 am: 365

Chile 8 am: 365

Colombia 7 am: 365

Ecuador 7 am: 365

USA 7 am ET: 365

Spain 1 pm: 365

Mexico 7 am: 365

Paraguay 8 am: 365

Peru 7 am: 365

Uruguay 9 am: 365

Venezuela 8 am: 365

6:31 AM3 months ago

Speak,Mano Pölking!

"We're back in Singapore once again, and we have fond memories of winning the AFF championship two years ago. This game will be difficult for both teams. We're in the same situation. That is, we lost the first game. But now we have to stay focused and we're ready to win this game.

It's normal to put the pressure on in this game. But we talked within the team that we couldn't stay down, we had to get up quickly. and get back to concentrating on this game again As the time periods are quite close together, there's no time to be disappointed. We have to concentrate and do our best to win."

6:26 AM3 months ago

Speak, Nishigaya!

"We knew it was always going to be tough and although it was a physically intense game, I'm proud of my players' effort tonight. Now we have to focus on the game against Thailand, which we'll be playing at home, and it's crucial that we get a positive result."
6:21 AM3 months ago


6:16 AM3 months ago

War Elephants

Thailand also got off to a rocky start in the group stage. Thailand opened their qualifying campaign with a 2-1 defeat against China on home soil. 

The War Elephants are in third place in Group C, with no points to their name.

6:11 AM3 months ago

The Lions

Singapore is currently in the second round of the Asian Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. It is in Group C, along with South Korea, Thailand and China. 

The Lions are in fourth and last place in the group, still without a point. The Singaporeans opened their qualifying campaign with a 5-0 defeat away to South Korea.

6:06 AM3 months ago

Singapore National Stadium

The Singapore National Stadium is an imposing architectural feat located in the heart of the city-state of Singapore. Opened in 2014, the stadium is a symbol of Singapore's commitment to sport and excellence in infrastructure.

With a capacity of more than 55,000 spectators, the National Stadium is home to prestigious sporting events and large-scale entertainment. Its distinctive design, marked by a unique and bold dome, stands out in the city skyline and symbolizes the modernity and innovation that characterize Singapore. 

The stadium was designed with versatility in mind, being able to host a variety of events, from soccer matches and international sports competitions to world-class concerts and shows. It is the only one in the world to encompass a special design for soccer, rugby, cricket and athletics events.  The retractable dome is a notable feature, allowing the space to be adapted for different purposes and weather conditions, providing a comfortable experience for spectators.

In addition to its impressive facilities, the Singapore National Stadium incorporates sustainable and ecological technologies, reflecting the country's commitment to environmental responsibility. The areas around the stadium have also been designed to offer a complete experience, with commercial facilities, green spaces and amenities that complement the venue's vibrant atmosphere.

The venue is home to the Singapore national soccer team, the Singapore national cricket team and the Sunwolves, a Super Rugby team. It has also hosted a number of international events, including the 2015 Southeast Asian Games, the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2022 AFC Champions League final.

6:01 AM3 months ago

Eye on the game

Singapore vs Thailand live this Tuesday (21), at the Singapore National Stadium at 7 am ET, for the Asian World Cup Qualifiers. The match is valid for the 2th round of the competition.
5:56 AM3 months ago

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