Summary of the Tigres 0-0 América Women’s  in the Final of the Liga MX Women’s
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Thank you for joining us in this women's soccer league at VAVEL. See you next year with more activity in the Liga MX Femenil, don't forget to follow the news related to the champions Tigres Femenil, sixth star achieved.

Thanks good night.

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Final, Tigres Champion, the Amazons achieve sixth

Final, Tigres is Champion of the Liga MX Femenil
Tigres Femenil achieves the sixth star by defeating América by 3 goals to 0 on aggregate, tying 0 at 0 in this second leg.
America tried, but the goal didn't come, it was just another game of fouls and cards.

10:57 PM10 days ago


Sarah Luebbert misses a chance in front of the goal. America looked for it but the goal didn't come.
10:54 PM10 days ago


7 more minutes in the game. America with a direct free kick, Ceci keeps the ball.
10:53 PM10 days ago


Major booked, Natalia Villarreal enters for Jana.
10:52 PM10 days ago


Major booked, Natalia Villarreal enters for Jana.
10:50 PM10 days ago


Ovalle hits him directly but his shot goes for a corner kick, with 4 minutes left.
10:47 PM10 days ago


Pere's shot sends it out, great recovery from America as a result of the corner kick.
10:46 PM10 days ago


Disparo de Pere que la manda afuera, gran recuperación de América producto al tiro de esquina.
10:45 PM10 days ago


Two more changes Kaci and Katty for Aviléz and Zuazua. Shot by Kheira Hamraoui and Ceci sends it for a corner kick.
10:43 PM10 days ago


What a double save by Itzel González, it saves América from the first goal of the game.
10:36 PM10 days ago


The VAR checks for a possible penalty in favor of Tigres, handball by Pereira in the area, but the final demotion does not occur, there is a change to bring on Montoya for Belén Cruz.
10:34 PM10 days ago


Tigres looks for the goal from the corner kick, Jana shoots but it is cleared, a handball is called but the play continues.
10:28 PM10 days ago


Karen Luna crosses but a shot doesn't come, América looks for the goal and Ovalle takes González out of his zone, but the goal doesn't come.
10:26 PM10 days ago


Kimberly Rodríguez leaves with a yellow card for a foul on Ovalle.
10:24 PM10 days ago


Alison González, Angelique Saldivar and Jocelyn Orejel leave to be replaced by Sarah Luebbert, Nati Mauleon and Kheira Hamraoui.
10:21 PM10 days ago


What a tackle by Alexia Delgado, she leaves with a yellow card. Kheira Hamraoui is shaping up to enter.
10:19 PM10 days ago


Kiana's long shot goes smoothly, Tigres controls the attack from behind.
10:17 PM10 days ago


Mayor sends a center that was closed. The Tigres fans are excited and ask that their players go in front.
10:15 PM10 days ago


Angelique Saldivar goes on the attack and cannot find a center.
10:12 PM10 days ago


Kaci finishes with a header, but Katty sends the center again and América is desperate to score.
10:09 PM10 days ago


Yellow for Kiana Palacios for a strong tackle on Mayor.
9:57 PM10 days ago

Half Time

First half over, score 0-0. America has tried but cannot score the goal. Desperate to score, 3 yellow cards.

9:52 PM10 days ago


Liliana Mercado forgives and goes above the goal. Kiana serves the ball.
9:49 PM10 days ago


4 more minutes on the Volcano.
9:48 PM10 days ago


Alison González shoots and goes wide. Sorry America.
9:47 PM10 days ago


Ovalle shoots but goes wide. America continues to insist. Alison shoots but it goes wide.
9:38 PM10 days ago


The ball goes over the goal, Katty finishes, but the shot is very bad.
9:37 PM10 days ago


Center to Alison from Katty who goes for a corner kick.
9:33 PM10 days ago


Two fouls, Katty and Maga Ovalle fall. Katty with pain in the neck and Ovalle with a blow to the face.
9:31 PM10 days ago


Kaci takes the yellow. Tigres will have a direct free kick.
9:29 PM10 days ago


Alison and Katty fail to get a good header. The Amazons take the ball.
9:27 PM10 days ago


Tigres reacts, the first dangerous play that González releases but the American defense takes it out.
9:21 PM10 days ago


America better in these first 15 minutes, Tigres holding on defensively.
9:19 PM10 days ago


Yellow card for Jocelyn Orejel and Katty Killer is also cautioned.
9:18 PM10 days ago


Katty Killer's shot goes over the goal for a corner kick. Kiana loses the ball, but it is recovered.
9:17 PM10 days ago


The intensity of arrivals from America decreases. Pereira recovers the ball in midfield.
9:10 PM10 days ago


First long-distance shot, Kiana Palacios' shot went very wide.
9:09 PM10 days ago


Pereira combed that ball into the area but there was no previous shot, América looked for the first goal.
9:07 PM10 days ago


America's first corner kick, Katty fails to send a good pass. The visit insists on marking.
9:05 PM10 days ago


Pereira touches the ball backwards, América looks for the first chance.
9:00 PM10 days ago


The game begins in the Volcano, America seeks the comeback or Tigres close the key and be champions.
8:48 PM10 days ago

Minutes before the start of the game

Minutes before the start of the Liga MX Femenil grand final between Tigres vs América Femenil, the first leg went to the Amazons by 3 goals to 0.
8:43 PM10 days ago

America substitutes

Itzel Velasco, Sabrina Enciso, Noemí Granados, Aylin Aviléz, Evea González, Nati Mauleon, Sarah Luebbert, Kheria Hamraoui and Miah Zuazua.
8:38 PM10 days ago

Tigres substitutes

Ofelia Solís, Konya Plummer, Nancy Anotnio, Lydia Rangel, Natalia Villarreal, Alexandra Chidiac, Joseline Montoya, María Elizondo, Evelyn Ijeh and Alexia Villanueva.
8:33 PM10 days ago

Tigres Lineup

Aurora Santiago, Greta Espinoza, Anika Rodríguez, Jana Gutiérrez, Liliana Mercado, Alexia Delgado, Lizbeth Ovalle, Cristina Ferral, Belén Cruz, Maricarmen Reyes and Sandra Mayor.
8:28 PM10 days ago

America Lineup

Itzel González, Jocelyn Orejel, Karina Rodríguez, Andrea Pereira, Kimberly Rodríguez, Karen Luna, Aurelie Kaci, Angelique Saldivar, Kiana Palacios, Katty Martínez and Alison González.
8:23 PM10 days ago

They are already warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to this start of the game between Tigres vs América Femenil.
8:18 PM10 days ago

Arbitration Body

This will be the refereeing body led by Karen Hernández and she will be accompanied by Priscila Pérez, Elva Gutiérrez and Aranza Aguilar.
8:13 PM10 days ago

With special support

The Amazons have published several videos of former Amazonas who were part of Tigres, for example Maria Sánchez, now a Houston Dash player, sent a message to her former teammates.
8:08 PM10 days ago

What information about Tigres

The Amazons have accumulated seven consecutive Final games without losing, registering five wins and two draws.

In addition, they have accumulated six consecutive league games without losing with five wins and one draw.

8:03 PM10 days ago

what a fact

The Goals and Figures page shares the following statistics, Tigres Femenil has only lost one of 134 home games by a three-goal difference.
7:58 PM10 days ago

The last final of América vs Tigres in the Volcano

In the Apertura 2022, the royal team won 3 goals to 0. This was the championship that former coach Carmelina Moscato gave them in Ángel Villacampa's first final as coach of Club América.

But the azulcremas already know what it means to win the Volcano and emerge as champions. It was in 2018 when América defeated the Amazonas 3 to 1 on penalties, with several familiar faces who today wear another shirt.
Will the azulcrema comeback be seen?

7:53 PM10 days ago

The fans arrived

The fans of both teams have already arrived at the Volcán Stadium, paying attention to their team and just minutes away from warming up.

7:48 PM10 days ago

They have arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the venue, just minutes before they go out to warm up, after the actions begin in this commitment of the grand final of women's soccer.
7:43 PM10 days ago


Everything is ready for the players from both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.
7:38 PM10 days ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute match between Tigres vs América. We will soon share the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant data about the confrontation between these two teams.
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Follow here Tigres vs America Women's Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups America Women's vs Tigres live, as well as the latest information from the Azteca Stadium such as statements from the protagonists, players to watch and interesting facts about these two teams. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Tigres vs America Women's Live Stream on TV and Online?

USA Date: Friday, November 24, 2023

USA Time: 10:00 PM ET

USA TV channel (English): No transmission

USA TV channel (Spanish): In TUDN USA.

USA Internet Live Updates Commentary: VAVEL

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Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streamings for Tigres vs America Women's: match for the in Liga MX Women’s Match?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs America Women's: of Monday, November 27h 2023 in several countries:



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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 27, 2023

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Feline past

Alison González has a past in the Tigres in the Clausura 2018, she made 24 games, 11 goals with the Amazon shirt. After that she went to Atlas where she was until 2021, in 2022 she arrived in America, becoming the tenth of this team.
On the other hand, Katty Killer joined the Amazon academy in 2017, after 9 seasons she scored 95 goals with Tigres. With Clausura 2022 being her last season in the north after 6 years, she said goodbye to it with 12 goals in 13 games in Apertura 2021.
7:13 PM10 days ago

Former Eagles

Jana Gutiérrez, former América, from the 2018 Clausura season until 2021, she was in Coapa after 72 games and 6 goals with the azulcrema shirt. She arrived at Tigres in 2021 from the Apertura of that year.
In the Amazon goal, Aurora Cecilia Santiago was part of the bird since 2017, she left the nest in 2019 to emigrate to Europe with PSV. In Apertura 2021 she returned to Mexico with Tigres in Apertura 2021, with 42 games wearing the colors of América.
7:08 PM10 days ago

Declarations from America

Andrea Pereira spoke after the Tigres game, standing up for his team and hoping to get into the game.

“In four, five shots they make us three, it was difficult for us to start the game, it is more of a mental issue. For now, rest, analyze what can be done better, think that every game, go to win, whether by 3 or 1, try to win, the mental issue kills us, if we don't believe it, this game costs us a lot, We have to win, like in every game, I hope we score a quick one and get back to that final.”

7:03 PM10 days ago

Declarations from America

Ángel Villacampa spoke after the win at Azteca where he made it clear that América is going to go all out.

"I'm sad. We have not been up to the task of playing in a final. There are 90 minutes left and today we are screwed and hurt, but as long as there are minutes America is going to fight them to the death. We are upset and hurt. I take this opportunity to apologize to the fans. "It's not that my players don't deserve it, but I know that things will happen on Monday and the team will give everything to turn it around."

6:58 PM10 days ago

Statements from Tigers

Milagros Martínez spoke about the good result that his team had after that 3-0 win, but they haven't put anything together yet, with 90 minutes left, they are going to go calmly, seeking to close the key.

“It was a tough game, we had moments in the first half in which we knew how to suffer, playing in this type of final you need to endure, we are as if it were zero to zero, we are happy for the people who came to support us, but We know that there are 90 minutes left, the volcano must count for a lot, for us they are a zero, they have said it, this team has a personality, with a lot of experience, with more than 8 finals, 90 minutes are very long, a thousand things can happen, Now what we think about is correcting them and having them fresher for Monday.”

6:53 PM10 days ago

Tigers Player to Watch

Despite not having an outstanding tournament with the Amazons, Stephany Mayor participated in 13 games and scored 4 goals in 1042 minutes, being his lowest mark since he has been with Tigres. In this final phase he has scored 3 goals in the last 5 games. She ticking every 260.50 minutes. With her goal against Rayadas she brought Tigres to this final and opened the scoring at Azteca, being the first goal of a golden night for Tigres.

6:48 PM10 days ago

America's player to watch

Despite the terrible game she played in the first leg, where she looked participatory, she was looking to open the scoreboard, Super Ki tried to assist, score, fight, but nothing worked, leading to a blank situation, but everyone can have a bad game and Kiana Palacios is the player to watch for América, the 27-year-old Mexican from California will play another final with the azulcremas with 14 games, she scored 11 goals in 858 minutes, 1 yellow card. In the league she has scored 2 goals in the last 5 games. Every 78 minutes she scores a goal.

6:43 PM10 days ago

Latest lineups

America lineup: Itzel González, Jocelyn Orejel, Karina Rodríguez, Andrea Pereira, Kimberly Rodríguez, Karen Luna, Aurelie Kaci, María Mauleon, Angelique Saldivar, Kiana Palacios and Katty Martínez.

Bench: Itzel Velasco, Sabrina Encisco, Noemí Granados, Aylin Aviléz, Eva González, Amanda Pérez, Sarah Luebbert, Kheria Hamraoui, Miah Zuazua and Alison González.

Tigres lineup: Aurora Santiago, Greta Espinoza, Anika Rodríguez, Jana Gutiérrez, Liliana Mercado, Alexia Delgado, Lizbeth Ovalle, Cristina Ferral, Belén Cruz, Maricarmen Reyes and Stephany Mayor.

Bench: Ofelia Solís, Konya Plummer, Nancy Antonio, Lydia Rangel, Natalia Villarreal, Alexandra Chidiac, Joseline Montoya, María Elizondo, Alexia Villanueva and Evelyn Ijeh.

6:38 PM10 days ago

What happened in the first leg of the grand final?

It was the worst thing that could happen to any team that comes in at a great moment and fails to play its best game. The match that América played was something to cry about, that's right, the champions did nothing outstanding, they were surpassed for 90 minutes, the errors harmed this azulcrema team, more specifically the defensive line that had been one of the best in the tournament, It managed to be the worst version it has had since the creation and growth of this team.
The Amazonas' goals were products of rebounds, the scorers were Maricarmen Reyes, Belén Cruz and Stephany Mayor. America was desperate to score, they tried, but the goal didn't come.

6:33 PM10 days ago

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