5:31 PM3 months ago


4:48 PM3 months ago


The referee adds 3 minutes.
4:46 PM3 months ago


Kubo makes a extension for Barrene on the right wing, and his low pass to the center of the area is finished off first by player number 4. Despite being unmarked, his shot deflects slightly and goes wide.
4:38 PM3 months ago


last 10 minutes of the match, the game continues 0-0.
4:35 PM3 months ago


Real Sociedad makes a double change. Odriozola and Momo Cho leave the field of play, being replaced on the right wing by Traoré and Kubo.
4:24 PM3 months ago


It's time for Barrenetxea. Real Sociedad's number 7 player enters the field, replacing Brais Méndez, who receives a standing ovation from the spectators.
4:15 PM3 months ago


Turrientes escaped two markers in the corner and managed to send a pass along the baseline. Oyarzabal tried to hang it in the area, but the Austrian defense stood firm and cleared the situation.
4:10 PM3 months ago


Turrientes had a chance! He slipped near the edge of the area and gave the ball to Capaldo. Zubeldia was right in front of him and managed to touch his shot before it reached Remiro.
3:50 PM3 months ago


The central referee adds 1 minute
3:49 PM3 months ago


Zubeldia exerts impressive pressure on Nene, gradually moving him towards the wing. Finally, he manages to intercept the ball by putting his foot in, causing the ball to bounce off the Malian player before going out along the sideline.
3:41 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Elustondo.

The Beasain defender makes an out-of-time tackle on Nene, who was trying to overtake the wing in a sprint. This is the first card of the match.

3:37 PM3 months ago


Turrientes had a great opportunity! Cho makes a cut on the right side, eludes Ulmer, delivers a low pass to the near post, and despite the fact that the Real Sociedad midfielder was not expecting the play, he manages to control the ball and takes a shot to the right of the goal.
3:32 PM3 months ago


Brais disputes a significant foul against Nene, demonstrating impressive skill in protecting the ball effectively by not finding unmarked teammates in close proximity. He manages to force the situation to a free kick.
3:26 PM3 months ago


Zakharyan takes the corner kick into the short area, and Ulmer uses his head to push the ball away and eliminate the threat.
3:24 PM3 months ago


Odriozola makes an advance from the right side of the area, however, Turrientes fails to take advantage of the back pass. He tries to land a volley at first glance, but the shot goes over the target.
3:17 PM3 months ago


Zakharyan tries to execute a spinner near the baseline, but Dedic intervenes and prevents him from turning inside.
3:12 PM3 months ago


Shot blocked near the posts at ground level. Mikel Oyarzabal, Real Sociedad player, attempts a shot with his left foot from the center of the area.
3:07 PM3 months ago


Failed attempt by Martín Zubimendi, Real Sociedad player, when attempting a shot with his right leg from outside the area, which rises too high and does not find the target.
3:05 PM3 months ago


The match between Real Sociedad and RB Salzburg begins
2:57 PM3 months ago


In a couple of moments we will start broadcasting the match between Real Sociedad and RB Salzburg, matchday 5 of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League 2023.
2:43 PM3 months ago


This is the lineup that RB Salzburg sends to the field to face Real Sociedad in what will be 90 more minutes of UEFA Champions League group stage matchday 5. 
2:42 PM3 months ago


This is the lineup that Real Sociedad sends to the field to face RB Salzburg in what will be another 90 minutes of UEFA Champions League group stage matchday 5. 
2:31 PM3 months ago


The Hungarian Football Federation's (MLSZ) official application to host the Champions League final in 2026 or 2027 has been formally submitted to UEFA, the institution's spokesman Jenö Sípos revealed on Tuesday.
Sípos announced that MLSZ has submitted all the necessary documentation to UEFA with the aim of hosting the finals for those two years at the Puskás Aréna stadium, which holds the title of being the country's largest venue.
2:21 PM3 months ago


On this occasion, Spain's La Liga had the largest number of teams qualify for this phase, with a total of five representatives. It is closely followed by the Premier League, the Bundesliga and Serie A, each with four teams. On the other hand, the Portuguese soccer league will have three qualified teams, which places it one step above Ligue 1 and the Eredivisie, which will have two representatives each.
2:17 PM3 months ago


Group A: Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Copenhagen and Galatasaray. 
Group B: Sevilla, Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven and Lens. 
Group C: Napoli, Real Madrid, Braga and Union Berlin.
Group D: Benfica, Inter Milan, Salzburg and Real Sociedad
Group E: Feyenoord, Atletico Madrid, Lazio and Celtic
Group F: Paris Saint Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Milan and Newcastle
Group G: Manchester City, RB Leipzig, Red Star and Young Boys
Group H: Barcelona, Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk and Antwerp
2:09 PM3 months ago


The 2024 edition of the Champions League will be notable because it will be the last to follow the traditional system of 32 teams distributed in eight groups of four teams each. Starting with the next edition, which corresponds to the 2024-2025 season, UEFA will introduce a new format called the "Swiss system". This new format will start with the participation of 36 clubs in the main phase, instead of the 34 that have been qualifying in recent years.
2:05 PM3 months ago


The UEFA Champions League final of the 2023/24 season will take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London. This will be the eighth time the stadium has hosted the Champions League title match, and the third time since it changed its name. The two most recent finals held at Wembley were in 2011, when FC Barcelona defeated Manchester United 3-1, and in 2013, when Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1.
2:02 PM3 months ago


The wait is over in the UEFA Champions League, all the actions, the best goals, the best plays, the hottest controversies, the best players and the best teams are back in one of the most important international competitions. 
11:08 PM3 months ago

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What time is Real Sociedad vs RB Salzburg match for UEFA Champions League Match?

This is the start time of the game RB Salzburg vs Real Sociedad of 29th November in several countries

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November 29, 2023

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November 29, 2023




November 29, 2023




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November 29, 2023




November 29, 2023




November 29, 2023




November 29, 2023


10:58 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Real Sociedad player:

For this match, the player to watch will be Real Sociedad's iconic striker Mikel Oyarzabal. The Mexican striker is always a latent danger in the box, whether or not he has the ball under his control, so opposing defenses must always be alert as Mikel Oyarzabal knows how to slip through the defensive lines to get unmarked and score a goal for Real Sociedad.


10:53 PM3 months ago

Latest Real Sociedad line-up:

A. Remiro; A. Muñoz, R. Le Normand, A. Elustondo, H. Traoré; M. Zubimendi; Barrenetxea, B. Imaz, A. Zakharyan; S. Umar, M. Oyarzabal.
10:48 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this RB Salzburg player:

For this match, the player to watch will be RB Salzburg's iconic center forward Karim Konaté. The Ivorian attacker is always a latent danger in the box, whether or not he has the ball under his control, so opposing defenses must always be alert as Karim Konaté knows how to sneak between the defensive lines to get unmarked and score a goal for RB Salzburg.

10:43 PM3 months ago

Last RB Salzburg line-up:

A. Schlager; L. Morgalla, A. Dedic, S. Pavlovic, D. Guindo; M. Bidstrup; L. Sucic, A. Forson; O. Gloch; P. Ratkov, K. Konaté.
10:38 PM3 months ago


RB Salzburg and Real Sociedad have met on only 3 occasions (1 win for the Spaniards, 1 draw, 1 win for the Austrians) where the scales remain tied. In goal scoring history, 5 goals have been in favor of Real Sociedad and 4 for RB Salzburg. Their last meeting dates back to the group stage of the Champions League 23/24 where RB Salzburg lost 0-2 to Real Sociedad.
10:33 PM3 months ago

About the Stadium

Estadio Reale Arena is the home stadium of Real Sociedad, a Spanish soccer club based in San Sebastian, Spain. The stadium has also been known as Estadio Anoeta in the past, but in 2019 it changed its name to Reale Arena due to a sponsorship deal with insurance company Reale Seguros. The stadium has a capacity of around 39,500 spectators, making it one of the largest stadiums in Spain. It was inaugurated in 1993 and has undergone several renovations and improvements over the years to meet modern standards and the needs of the club and fans.
10:28 PM3 months ago

If they lose, it is a probable farewell

RB Salzburg has been characterized as a team that seeks to stand out among the biggest in Europe, always supported by its youth and talent base that wants to export in the future to the big teams of the old continent, however, this tournament has been an exception, However, this tournament has been the exception and it seems that they will have to settle for fighting for the Europa League unless Benfica takes away their chance at the last chance, since currently, RB Salzburg remains third in the group with only three points and in case of losing, they could lose the play off place if Benfica wins by a landslide in the last matchday.
10:23 PM3 months ago

A great group stage

The Real Sociedad squad has undoubtedly surprised all and sundry by leading their group and practically qualifying for the round of 16 of the Champions League with 3 matches won and one drawn, giving a total of 10 points for the Spaniards, since, at the beginning of the competition, experts placed Real Sociedad in the Europa League play-offs. For this match, Real Sociedad must win the match if they want to stay at the top of their group and try to secure top spot in the group for the draw for the knockout rounds.
10:18 PM3 months ago

The road to glory continues

The Champions League group stage is a crucial stage on the road to the long-awaited final of this prestigious European tournament. This exciting opening stretch brings together some of the continent's most talented and renowned soccer teams, making it an unrivaled spectacle for fans around the world. Teams compete in groups, where every match becomes a battle for vital points. Every win and draw is valuable, and every loss can have a lasting impact on a team's fate in the tournament. The group stage is where the foundation for continued success is laid, and only the top two teams in each group advance to the next stage. Reaching the grand final of the Champions League is the dream of every participating team. It is an achievement that transcends borders and brings prestige to clubs. Each match in the group stage is an opportunity to accumulate experience and confidence, and each victory brings one step closer to the coveted title.
10:13 PM3 months ago

Kick-off time

The Real Sociedad vs RB Salzburg match will be played at Estadio Reale Arena, in San Sebastian, Spain. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:00 pm ET.
10:08 PM3 months ago

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