9:25 AM3 months ago

That's it!

Germany take the lead, draw, but win the U-17 World Cup on penalties against France
9:23 AM3 months ago

Germany first U-17 World Cup title

Germany win their first U-17 World Cup title. France fell by the wayside and missed the chance of a second title.
9:22 AM3 months ago



France ⚽⚽❌❌⚽❌

Germany ❌⚽⚽⚽❌⚽

9:21 AM3 months ago


In the first alternate kick, Heide saves Gomis' shot.

France ⚽⚽❌❌⚽❌

Germany ❌⚽⚽⚽❌

9:20 AM3 months ago



France ⚽⚽❌❌⚽

Germany ❌⚽⚽⚽❌

9:19 AM3 months ago


Tincres takes the spot-kick and converts. France equalize on penalties:

France ⚽⚽❌❌⚽

Germany ❌⚽⚽⚽

9:18 AM3 months ago


Harchaoui takes it in the corner and converts. Germany ahead:

France ⚽⚽❌❌

Germany ❌⚽⚽⚽

9:17 AM3 months ago


Meupiyou takes the ball from the left and Heide saves:

França ⚽⚽❌❌

Alemanha ❌⚽⚽

9:16 AM3 months ago


Moristed converts the penalty to level the scores:

França ⚽⚽❌

Alemanha ❌⚽⚽

9:15 AM3 months ago


Missed! Sanguy looks for the angle but hits the crossbar and misses the penalty
9:14 AM3 months ago


Germany's goal! Hamsak converts Germany's first penalty
9:14 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb beats the goalkeeper with a precise penalty kick: 2-0.
9:13 AM3 months ago


Argney saves Moreira's shot and it's 1-0 to France.
9:12 AM3 months ago


Sanda shoots and the German goalkeeper almost saves. France get off to a good start: 1-0.
9:11 AM3 months ago


France will take the first penalty.
9:06 AM3 months ago


End of story. WE'LL HAVE PENALTIES! France fought back from 2-0 down to take the game to penalties.
9:04 AM3 months ago


Almugera Kabar is yellow carded. The referee had no pity.
9:02 AM3 months ago


Fayssal Harchaoui is carded for the first time in the match.
8:59 AM3 months ago


Nhoa Sangui missed a promising chance! From the edge of the box, he picked up the rebound and shot towards the center of the goal. But Konstantin Heide was there to save it!
8:56 AM3 months ago


We'll have 10 minutes of extra time.
8:55 AM3 months ago


Brunner receives the ball at speed, breaks into the box and stops at the goalkeeper. The ball comes back, but Germany miss the chance to score.
8:55 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb sends in a cross from the free-kick that ends up out of play. The ball is out of play and it's a goal-kick for Germany.
8:50 AM3 months ago


FRANCE! Mathis Amougou puts the ball in the back of the net. It ties the game and takes the match into penalty: 2-2!
8:48 AM3 months ago


Fode Sylla fires in the rebound from the edge of the area. He can't get the ball through the players between him and the goal. France have a chance to score from the corner kick.
8:45 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb crosses the ball from the free-kick, but it goes out of play. The ball crosses the line and Germany have a goal-kick.
8:45 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb's corner comes to nothing. The defense is alert and manages to clear the danger.
8:39 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb sent the ball into the penalty area from a free-kick a few meters out. The cross was good, but the goalkeeper showed good form by rising high to intercept the ball.
8:34 AM3 months ago


Winners Osawe is fouled from behind and is shown the red card.
8:31 AM3 months ago


Saimon Bouabre didn't suffer any serious injuries that prevented him from taking the field. He is back in the game.
8:28 AM3 months ago


Tidiam Gomis is requesting medical attention after suffering an injury in the previous game.
8:25 AM3 months ago


In another well-worked move by France, Sylla rolls the ball for Amougou to finish from the by-line
8:25 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb takes the free-kick with a cross into the box, but a defender gets to the ball first.
8:20 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb delivers a low pass into the box, but the opposing defense responds quickly and averts the danger. The assistant referee gets it right and France are awarded a corner.
8:19 AM3 months ago


FROM FRANCE! Quick response. Bouabré received the ball on the left and finished with freedom, in the penalty area, beating the German goalkeeper and reducing the lead
8:19 AM3 months ago


FROM GERMANY! After a cross from the right, Brunner stretches but can't get a shot away. At the far post, the ball reaches Darvich, who shoots from almost no angle, but manages to open the scoring
8:18 AM3 months ago


Sylla takes advantage of a leftover ball and shoots from the edge of the box, but it's no danger to the German goalkeeper
8:18 AM3 months ago


Ball rolling for the second half.
7:55 AM3 months ago


End of the first half for Germany 1-0 France in the U-17 World Cup.
7:52 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb takes the corner and sends a very good ball into the penalty area, but the opposition defense is ready and safely isolates the ball.
7:49 AM3 months ago


Play is interrupted and referee Espen Eskas must have received a signal on his electronic point. He is indicating that he is going to use the VAR to analyze the penalty claim in favor of Germany. 
7:48 AM3 months ago


We will have 8 minutes overtime.
7:42 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb takes a quick corner, but Konstantin Heide is well prepared and punches the ball away. The ball goes out of play. France swings in the corner.
7:39 AM3 months ago


Noah Darvich sends in a promising cross from the free-kick, but one of the defenders does a perfect job to clear the danger.
7:39 AM3 months ago


Moerstedt received the ball in the middle of the park and shot from the edge of the box for a good save from Argney
7:37 AM3 months ago


Great control of play and passes from Germany. They increase possession and wait to open up the opposition's defense to hit a dangerous shot.
7:33 AM3 months ago


Eric da Silva Moreira takes the free-kick, but the pass over the top inside the area is pushed away by one of the defenders.
7:29 AM3 months ago


FROM GERMANY! Paris Brunner converts and gives Germany the lead in the final against France: 1-0.
7:27 AM3 months ago


After a VAR review, the referee decides to award Germany a penalty. The Germans can open the scoring.
7:25 AM3 months ago


PENALTY CALLED! Bilal Yalcinkaya enters the area and is brought down after an attempted tackle by an opponent. The players called for a penalty and the VAR CALLED FOR REVIEW.
7:24 AM3 months ago


The pass opens up the defense and Noah Darvich dominates as he speeds into the area. Without looking, he takes a powerful shot at the center of the goal, but Paul Argney pulls off a brilliant save.
7:24 AM3 months ago


Konstantin Heide makes a sensational save! Saimon Bouabre gets past the defenders easily and shoots from medium distance, but the goalkeeper picks the ball up on the right-hand side.
7:21 AM3 months ago


Paris Brunner tries to surprise the goalkeeper with a shot from distance, but lacks precision and the ball goes over the bar. The ball crosses the line and France have a goal-kick.
7:16 AM3 months ago


In a quick counter-attack, Darvich drives through the middle and finishes over the goal
7:16 AM3 months ago


Ismael Bouneb launches a dangerous corner, but none of his teammates can get past the defense.
7:12 AM3 months ago


Noah Darvich played with great ferocity and broke the rules with his entry. France were awarded a free-kick.
7:09 AM3 months ago


Max Moerstedt gets to the rebound first, but his shot is blocked. A lucky moment for the defense! The referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner to be taken by Germany.
7:09 AM3 months ago


Winners Osawe tries to go it alone, but the defender prevents him from creating a dangerous chance. The assistant referee points to the corner flag, and Germany have a shot on goal.
7:06 AM3 months ago


Paris Brunner fails to put a through ball into the path of his teammates. The ball crosses the line and France have a goal-kick.
7:04 AM3 months ago


GOAL! BUT IT WASN'T WORTH IT! The shot was disallowed for offside. Paris Brunner sent the ball into the net, but the linesman flagged.
7:03 AM3 months ago


Fayssal Harchaoui tries his luck with a long-range shot after the rebound, but it lacks precision and the ball flies wide of the crossbar. A poor attempt. The ball is out of play and it's a goal-kick for France.
7:01 AM3 months ago


The referee blows the whistle. It's all on for Germany v France in the U-17 World Cup.
6:57 AM3 months ago


It's five minutes until the ball rolls for Germany vs. France in the final of the U-17 World Cup.
6:50 AM3 months ago


After topping Group E and F respectively, France and Germany came into the final with unbeaten campaigns. The French beat Senegal on penalties in the round of 16, Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals and Mali in the semi-finals. The Germans got the better of the United States in the round of 16, Spain in the quarter-finals and beat Argenitna on penalties in the semi-finals.
6:45 AM3 months ago

Euro 2015

This wasn't the first time that France and Germany had played out a Euro final in this category. In 2015, the match went better for the French, who won 4-1 in normal time. On that occasion, Odsonne Edouard, who scored three goals and currently plays for Crystal Palace, was the star of the show. This was the last time the French national team beat Germany in the sport.
6:40 AM3 months ago

Head to head

The teams have met seven times in all in the category. The record stands at three draws, with two wins for each side. Saturday's match is a replay of the 2023 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, which Germany won 5-4 on penalties after a goalless draw in regulation time.
6:35 AM3 months ago

Great atack vs Great defense

One feature that stands out is France's solid defense, which has only been breached once in the entire competition. On the other side, Germany have the third best attack with 16 goals.
6:30 AM3 months ago


Both teams go into the final with a lot of confidence: on the one hand, France eliminated Mali, the sensation of the competition, and on the other, Germany sent home Argentina, who emerged as favorites.
6:25 AM3 months ago

France beat Mali

France reached the final after eliminating Mali in the semi-finals, while Germany beat Argentina on penalties. Winners of the 2001 edition, the French national team are seeking their second title in the category, unlike their German rivals, who have never been champions.
6:20 AM3 months ago


1 hour to start the game to Germany x france
6:15 AM3 months ago

Where and how to watch Germany vs France on TV in real time?

Germany vs France

U-17 World Cup

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023;

Time: 9 a.m. (Brasília time);

Venue: Manahan Stadium in Surakarta, Indonesia;

Where to watch: SporTV (closed TV), Caze TV (Youtube) and Fifa+ and Globoplay (streaming).

6:10 AM3 months ago

When is the Germany vs France match, how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The match between Germany and France will kick off at 08am ET at the Manahan Stadium in Surakarta, Indonesia, in the final of the U-17 World Cup. You can watch it all here on VAVEL Brasil.
6:05 AM3 months ago

Probable France:

FRANCE (Coach: Jean-Luc Vannuchi)
Paul Argney; Yvann Titi, Joachim Kayi Sanda, Bastien Meupiyou e Aymen Sadi; Mathis Amougou; Tidiam Gomis, Ismail Bouneb, Fodé Sylla e Nhoa Sangui; Mathis Lambourde
6:00 AM3 months ago

Probable Germany

GERMANY (Coach: Christian Wück)
Konstantin Heide; Eric Moreira, Finn Jeltsch, David Odogu e Max Hennig; Fayssal Harchaoui e Winners Osawe; Bilal Yalçinkaya, Noah Darvich e Paris Brunner; Max Moerstedt
5:55 AM3 months ago

France wants a second title!

France, meanwhile, are looking to win their second World Cup in the category. The only time was in 2001, after great performances by former French player Florent Sinama-Pongolle, winner of the adidas Golden Ball and Golden Shoe with nine goals.
5:50 AM3 months ago


France have won one U-17 World Cup title, in 2001 in Trinidad and Tobago, and came third in the previous edition in 2019. Considered one of the favorites at this year's U-17 World Cup, France, along with Germany, are the only team to have recorded a 100% record in the tournament's group stage.

In Group E, they had a smooth start against Burkina Faso, winning 3-0. In the second round, a narrow 1-0 win over South Korea. The group ended with another 3-0 win against the United States. In the Round of 16, the French team faced their first big challenge against one of the sensations of the tournament, Senegal. After regulation time ended 0-0, the French secured a 5-3 penalty shootout victory, advancing to the quarterfinals, where they beat Uzbekistan 1-0.

In the semi-finals, the big challenge was against another African team that had an excellent showing at the World Cup, Mali. The French team fell behind to a late first-half goal from Diarra, but came back in the second half with goals from Titi and Bouneb. The French now have the chance to avenge their defeat in the final of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in June this year, which the Germans won 5-4 on penalties after a goalless draw.



5:45 AM3 months ago

Germany likes to score goals!

In addition to their excellent record, Germany have scored at least three goals in five of their six matches so far, with the exception of the quarter-final against Spain, which they won 1-0.
5:40 AM3 months ago


Germany are going all out to win the U-17 World Cup for the first time. In the semi-final, the Germans advanced on penalties after a 3-3 draw against Argentina in regulation time.

The team is undefeated, having won five of their six matches so far (Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela, the United States and Spain) and drawn one, against Argentina in the semi-final.

5:35 AM3 months ago


The match between Germany and France is the FINAL of the U-17 World Cup.

Germany vs. France represents the final match of the FIFA U-17 World Cup, following the elimination of Argentina and Mali in the semi-finals. The match will take place on Saturday, October 2, starting at 9 a.m. (Brasília time) at the Manahan Stadium in Indonesia. The Eagles are looking to win the title for the first time, while the Blues are trying for their second title (the first came in 2001).

After great campaigns, the two teams had a grueling semi-final, with the Germans beating Argentina on penalties and the French overcoming Mali in a great comeback. The match will be broadcast on SporTV, CazéTV and Fifa+.

Going through the biggest administrative crisis in their history, Germany face France on Tuesday, September 12, in a preparatory match for the 2024 European Championship. The match will take place at the Signal Iduna Park stadium in Dortmund, Germany. The ball is expected to start rolling at 4pm (Brasília time).

5:30 AM3 months ago

Welcome to the Germany vs France live stream

Hello, soccer lovers! It's now time for the decisive match of the U-17 World Cup final between two teams: Germany on one side. On the other is France. Follow everything about the duel between the teams here, in real time on VAVEL Brasil.
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