11:10 PM3 months ago

It is over

One goal short of 200 Gignac gives the pass to Tigres. Global score of 5 to 2 in the Volcano. Puebla falls like a great team, but it lacked more heart to eliminate the champion.

11:05 PM3 months ago


Horacio Carabajal leaves with red, for stepping on Lainez's hand.
11:00 PM3 months ago


Olmedo leaves for Efraín Orona. Last 9 minutes on the clock.
10:55 PM3 months ago


Ozziel Herrera is reprimanded. Tigres above Puebla.
10:50 PM3 months ago


Great goal from Nico, as a Chilean, he gives us this great goal to make it 3 to 0. Overall 5 to 2. Nico Ibañez scores a goal for history, the champion is alive.
10:45 PM3 months ago


Nico Ibañez's shot ends with a header, it goes close to the Puebla goal.
10:40 PM3 months ago


Gastón Silva gets the yellow card.
10:35 PM3 months ago


Nico Ibañez shoots but misses the goal, the spider stops the ball.
10:30 PM3 months ago


Puebla plays with the ball in the midfield. Rayo Ful centers but Diego de Buen.
10:25 PM3 months ago


Javier Aquino and Gignac leave for Nico Ibañez and Vladimir Loroña.
10:20 PM3 months ago


Gignac's shot is blocked by the Rodríguez spider.
10:15 PM3 months ago


Martín Barragán suffers a blow to the head, Tigres seeks the third goal with an error at the start
10:10 PM3 months ago


3 more minutes are added.
10:05 PM3 months ago


Raymundo Fulgencio shoots but the shot goes wide.
10:00 PM3 months ago


Memo Martínez misses the shot, which could have been the goal that closed the gap.
9:55 PM3 months ago


Gooooolazo from Tigres. The best player in the history of the Incomparables, he scores a great goal from long distance. Gignac scores a great goal for history.
9:50 PM3 months ago


Pablo González commits a dangerous foul, Gignac is ready to shoot.
9:45 PM3 months ago


Sebastián Córdova is left stranded. Tigres has possession of the ball.
9:40 PM3 months ago

Gignac Goal

9:35 PM3 months ago


Nahuel keeps the ball from the center that Angulo sent.
9:30 PM3 months ago


Hand on Velasco's offensive. Puebla seeks to react.
9:25 PM3 months ago


Shot by Brayan Angulo in the direction of Martín Barragán. That goes outside.
9:20 PM3 months ago


Tigres goal. Gignac scores the goal that put us ahead on the scoreboard. Tigres goal that makes it 3 to 2.
9:15 PM3 months ago


Penal Tigres, the whistler says that there is a penalty for the locals, Puebla awaits the ruling.
9:10 PM3 months ago


Direct free kick from Gignac that goes over the goal.
9:05 PM3 months ago


Direct free kick from Gignac that goes over the goal.
9:00 PM3 months ago


Diego Lainez is missing due to the work of Sebastián Olmedo.
8:55 PM3 months ago


Start the game at the Volcano.
8:50 PM3 months ago

Finish the warm-up

Puebla finishes its warm-up, just like Tigres. Minutes before the start of the game at the Volcano.

8:45 PM3 months ago

Lineup Puebla

Jesús Rodríguez, Sebastían Olmedo, Gastón Silva, Brayan Angulo, Diego de Buen, Pablo González, Fido Álvarez, Kevin Velasco, Gustavo Ferrareis, Guillermo Martínez and Martín Barragán.
8:40 PM3 months ago

Tigers Lineup

Nahuel Guzmán, Samir, Jesús Angulo, Rafael De Souza, Fernando Gorriarán, Diego Lainez, Sebastián Cordova, Guido Pizarro, Javier Aquino, Luis Quiñones and André Pierre Gignac.
8:35 PM3 months ago

Be careful with this data

Puebla has not won at the Tigres' home since 01/15/22 when they won 0-2 on matchday 2. A very important statistic for the people of Puebla who want to take the crown from the king.
8:30 PM3 months ago

They are already warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to this start of the game between Tigres vs Puebla.
8:25 PM3 months ago

They want to change history

Ricardo Carbajal, coach of Puebla, assured that the Strip will give everything in the Volcano, changing history.

"Today the circumstances tell us that we have to go look for the result, it is a complicated scenario, but for us it is the ideal scenario to change statistics."

“If Tigres' position will be to go out and put pressure on us, they are going to do it intelligently, because with a draw they have a place in the semifinals, we expect something similar to what he did in the first leg.”

8:20 PM3 months ago

They are the rival to beat

Nahuel Guzmán spoke before the game, where he made it clear that they are the rivals to beat.

“We are one of the rivals to beat, for being the last champion.”

“We are focused on this game. Our final is tomorrow.”

“Puebla has to come look for the result, it is obliged to win, you have to understand that.”

8:15 PM3 months ago

The King returns

André Pierre Gignac as a starter in the return game against Puebla. He did not play the first leg due to injury.
8:10 PM3 months ago

They arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the venue, just minutes before they go out to warm up, after the actions in this quarterfinal match begin.

8:05 PM3 months ago

The fans arrived

The fans of both teams have already arrived at the Volcano, paying attention to their team and just minutes away from warming up.
8:00 PM3 months ago


Everything is ready for the players from both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.
7:55 PM3 months ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute match between Tigres vs Puebla. We will shortly share the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant data about the confrontation between these two teams.
7:50 PM3 months ago

Follow here Tigres vs Puebla Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups Tigres vs Puebla live, as well as the latest information from the Stadium Volcano, such as statements from the protagonists, players to watch and interesting facts about these two teams. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Tigres vs Puebla Live Stream on TV and Online?

USA Date: Sunday 3 December 2023

USA Time: 9:10 PM ET

USA TV channel (English): No transmission

USA TV channel (Spanish): In TUDN USA.

USA Internet Live Updates Commentary: VAVEL

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Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streamings for Tigres vs Puebla: match for the in Liga MX Match?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs Puebla: of Sunday 3 December 2023 in several countries:



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Sunday 3 December 2023

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Sunday 3 December 2023

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Sunday 3 December 2023

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Sunday 3 December 2023

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no transmission.


Sunday 3 December 2023

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no transmission.

7:35 PM3 months ago

Players to watch

On the Strip's side we have Commander Memo Martínez who came close to fighting for the scoring championship, being a key part of Puebla being in the league. With 10 goals in the season, 1 in the league and 1 assist.
On the other hand, if André Pierre Gignac recovers he will be the most dangerous player, in the regular tournament he was left with 9 goals, but the Frenchman should not be ruled out in the group stage, just like Sebastián Córdova.

7:30 PM3 months ago

Puebla Declarations

Ricardo Carbajal, with a clear mind and objective intact, seeks to remove the favorite tag from the Tigres, winning at the Volcán after a good season since he arrived.

“Being a little demanding, I would tell you that the feeling is not good, because we had in mind to get a positive result at home, we are facing the champion who is a complicated team, the second leg will be just as difficult.”
“We have a chance, based on what we were showing on our visit, to be able to win the game at the Volcano.”

7:25 PM3 months ago

Statements from Tigers

Robert Dante Siboldi spoke at a press conference where he made many aspects clear, Andre's injury and the return game at the Volcano where he will weigh his court.

“It was very even. "We are both betting on winning, the series is still open and it will be decided in our stadium."
“André is recovering, we are going to wait until tomorrow as he responded, to find out if he is ready for the next game.”

7:20 PM3 months ago

If Puebla wins the sun will not rise in Cuauhtémoc

If Puebla wins in this series against the Tigres, current champions. The singer Luis Miguel will not be able to perform at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium or he could change venue from the Strip to the stadium of the extinct wolves. Everything will depend on the result obtained, some will be happy and others not so much.
7:15 PM3 months ago

Latest lineups

Puebla: Araña Rodríguez, Gustavo Ferrareis, Sebastián Olmedo, Gastón Silva, Bryan Angulo, Kevin Velasco, Pablo González, Diego de Buen, Fideo Álvarez, Martín Barragán and Memo Martínez.
Tigers: Nahuel Guzmán, Javier Aquino, Jesús Angulo, Samir, Guido Pizarro, Rafael Carioca, Fernando Gorriarán, Sebastián Cordova, Luis Quiñones, Diego Laínez and Nico Ibáñez.
7:10 PM3 months ago

How did it go on the Volcano?

In the regular season game they tied at 1 goal, with a last minute goal from Nicolás Ibáñez, previously Puebla had scored a goal through Brayan Angulo, a goal was disallowed, on the first day of the tournament units were distributed.
7:05 PM3 months ago

How did the first leg go?

In the first leg at Angelopolis they ended up tying at 2 goals, in a great game where the goals appeared in both goals, the champion defended itself against the Strip that knows how to play with its heart. Guillermo Martínez and Sebastián Olmedo scored for Puebla and the usual player, Sebastián Córdova, returned and Raymundo Fulgencio scored the tying goal from the bench.

7:00 PM3 months ago

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