3:12 PM3 months ago

Main moves

3:11 PM3 months ago

See you

That's it for our broadcast
3:07 PM3 months ago


3:07 PM3 months ago


João Carlos hits the ball into the left-hand corner.  Cláudio Ramos hits the side-netting, but can do nothing about it
3:06 PM3 months ago

95' Yellow card for Porto

David Carmo
3:06 PM3 months ago


Koba is fouled by David Carmo inside the area
3:04 PM3 months ago


3:03 PM3 months ago


Guitane made a good individual run, getting past two and delivering for Guitane to shoot from the edge of the box, giving the goalkeeper no chance
2:55 PM3 months ago


Gonçalo Borges crosses. Evanilson tests it firmly and hits the crossbar
2:53 PM3 months ago

85' Substitution in Porto

In: Toni Martínez

Out: Francisco Conceição

2:49 PM3 months ago

83' Yellow card for Porto

Fábio Cardoso
2:46 PM3 months ago

78' Substitutions in Porto

In: Gonçalo Borges

Out: Pepê

2:46 PM3 months ago

76' Substitutions in Estoril

In: Tiago Araújo

Out: Rodrigo Gomes

2:40 PM3 months ago

72' Yellow card for Estoril

2:40 PM3 months ago

71' Yellow card for Porto

2:38 PM3 months ago

67' Substitutions in Estoril

In: João Carlos and Bernardo Vital

Out: Cassiano and Mangala

2:37 PM3 months ago


Francisco Conceição takes the ball into the box. Evanilson tries hard, but can't get to the ball
2:29 PM3 months ago

63' Substitution in Porto

In: Nico González and Sánchez Out: Taremi and Grujic
2:25 PM3 months ago


Guitane shoots from the edge of the area. The ball sails over the goal
2:24 PM3 months ago

55' Yellow card for Porto

2:24 PM3 months ago

53' Yellow card for Porto

2:16 PM3 months ago


Heriberto finds space on the left and sticks his foot in. The ball hits the crossbar
2:15 PM3 months ago


Play resumes
2:15 PM3 months ago

Substitution in Estoril

In: Guitane

Out: João Marques

2:14 PM3 months ago

Substitution in Porto

In: Evanilson 

Out: Zé Pedro

1:52 PM3 months ago


Half time
1:52 PM3 months ago


 João Mendes takes a throw-in, the ball reaches Galeno on the edge of the box, who sends it over the goal
1:48 PM3 months ago


1:48 PM3 months ago


Galeno takes a shot from distance and catches the ball awkwardly
1:44 PM3 months ago


Francisco Conceição crosses over the top, but wins the corner for the Dragons
1:40 PM3 months ago

36' Substitutions for Porto

In: Mateus Fernandes

Out: Alex Soares

1:39 PM3 months ago


Taremi plays Pepê in with his chest. The Brazilian takes it to his right leg and shoots from the edge of the box
1:33 PM3 months ago


Goalkeeper Dani Figueira feels his wrist and receives medical attention
1:31 PM3 months ago


Magicians have a defensive line of 5
1:27 PM3 months ago


Rodrigo Gomes advances, but gets a bad hand to the ball and sends it wide
1:26 PM3 months ago


João Marques gives Cassiano a good deep pass. The striker is up to speed and sticks it in the net
1:21 PM3 months ago

17' VAR

VAR is analyzing the shot and there was an offside
1:20 PM3 months ago


Francisco Conceição receives the ball from Eustáquio inside the area and puts it into the corner for the first shot of the game
1:14 PM3 months ago


Dragons continue to dominate, but they still need to perfect their final pass
1:12 PM3 months ago


As expected, Porto had the initiative in the game, but failed to threaten the opponent's goal
1:02 PM3 months ago


Ball rolling
12:54 PM3 months ago

Warming up moments

12:49 PM3 months ago

Time to start preparing

12:44 PM3 months ago


12:39 PM3 months ago

Porto reserves

Diogo Costa, Pepe, Jorge Sánchez, Nico González, Iván Jaime, André Franco, Toni Martínez, Evanilson, Gonçalo Borges
12:34 PM3 months ago

Porto lineup

Cláudio Ramos; Fábio Cardoso, David Carmo, Zé Pedro; Pepê, Grujic, Eustáquio, João Mendes; Francisco Conceição, Galeno, Taremi
12:29 PM3 months ago

Estoril reserves

Marcelo Carné, Bernardo Vital, Rodrigo Martins, Holsgrove, Rafik Guitane, João Carlos, Mor Ndiaye, Tiago Araújo, Mateus Fernandes
12:24 PM3 months ago

Estoril lineup

Daniel Figueira; Raúl Parra, Volnei, Mangala; Wagner Pina, Alex Soares, Koindredi, Heri; Rodrigo Gomes, João Marques, Cassiano
12:19 PM3 months ago


Referee: Hélder Malheiro

VAR: André Narciso

12:14 PM3 months ago

Good afternoon!

Hello, sports fans! Let's get started with the Estoril vs Porto update
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How and where to watch the Estoril vs Porto match live?

If you want to directly stream it: Shahid

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Estoril vs Porto match for Taça da Liga?

This is the start time of the game Estoril vs Porto of 6th December 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 3 pm: Star +

Bolivia 2 pm: Star +

Brazil 3 pm: Star +

Chile 2 pm: Star +

Colombia 1 pm: Star +

Ecuador 1 pm: Sta r+

USA 1 pm ET: Shahid

Spain 7 pm: Shahid

Mexico 1 pm: Star +

Paraguay 2 pm: Star +

Peru 1  pm: Star +

Uruguay 3 pm: Star +

Venezuela 2 pm: Star +

11:59 AM3 months ago

Speak, Sérgio Conceição!

"When I make another warning, it's not because it comes to mind. Otherwise, within those departments, they'll say 'that crazy person is talking too much' or 'he doesn't know what he's saying'. If I have a message to send out, it's because I've thought it through. At that moment, I thought I should say it, because there were situations that I didn't like. At that moment, I thought I should say it in a thoughtful way. Now, and after that, people, as the great professionals they are, always continue to work with the aim of doing their best and giving their best. I'm very happy with that.

There are no perfect departments, including the technical team. That's why, together, we try to improve every day. I always take responsibility for everything. It's not as they said at the time, if it was the medical department that made the team or trained the players... No, I'm the one who trains and loses. No problem. I always take responsibility. My intention is always to do my best for FC Porto to win games and for them to win titles for the club. That's my main objective.

I've said that many times. When I say that it's good for a big club to be in all competitions, sometimes we have to carry the burden of the recovery time not being the most suitable for the players to be at their full potential. But that's what it is. We're looking ahead to the crucial game with Shakhtar, but we also have a crucial game. If we lose, we miss out on the Final Four and we don't want that. We can't look too far ahead, because we could stumble. And we want to play well and win.

I can see that. We're always communicating. At the end of the Famalicão game, when I was asked a question about João Mendes, I had the opportunity to say that what we've been doing in the U19s and the B team, which are the two groups most closely linked to the first team, is observing the progress of each player and we're keeping an eye on some of our youngsters, so that when they feel they have the opportunity to show themselves, they'll do so. But always in a solid way, based on foundations that I think are essential. It's not about releasing for the sake of releasing or because it looks good to release youngsters from the club. It's nothing like that. It's when I think they're ready, after a lot of training sessions with us and they give me feedback so that I can help them and the club, which is the most important thing. But I see players with some potential so that in the future they could be part of FC Porto's first team.

Yes, it's the team's wish to be in the final-four and we know that, for that to happen, we have to get a good result in the game with Estoril. Within this competitive context, we're preparing to go there and win.

You'll probably understand that the best players are those with the most minutes at the moment. But at the end of the season it could be different. Honestly, I don't see it that way. I'm going to look at the game, defining the strategy we want within what is usual in terms of the team's structure and playing with players who give me guarantees, also within what Estoril's team is, to win the game. I'm not going to think about any kind of management.

The League Cup is a new competition compared to the others domestically. The organization has improved over the years and I don't see any club that doesn't want to win this title. A title is a title. And the truth is that the shortest way to win a title is through the League Cup, because we play four games and can win one. The club thrives on titles and I don't see how it can be devalued. I'm looking at the game as one in which Estoril have already had the chance to take three points and we have to chase the result. To do that, I'm going to put out the best team to achieve it".

11:54 AM3 months ago


11:49 AM3 months ago

Speak, Vasco Seabra!

"The team has shown a lot of personality, it knows what it wants very well, everyone gives their best, we were very competitive and competed until the end, which are signs of the team's growth."
11:44 AM3 months ago


Classificação fornecida por Sofascore
11:39 AM3 months ago


Porto are the reigning champions of the League Cup after beating Sporting. The Dragons didn't play in the initial phase of the tournament because they were one of the top eight teams in the Primeira Liga last season.

They were also one of the seeded teams, along with Benfica, SC Braga and Sporting themselves.

11:34 AM3 months ago


Estoril Praia are unbeaten in the 2023-24 League Cup, having won both their games so far. In the first round, they beat Paços de Ferreira 2-0 at home, and in the second round, they beat Belenenses 5-1, also at home.

In the third round, the Magicians are in Group D, along with Porto and Leixões.

11:29 AM3 months ago

António Coimbra da Mota Stadium

Estádio António Coimbra da Mota is a soccer stadium located in the city of Estoril, Portugal. It is the home of Estoril Praia, a Portuguese soccer club. The stadium has a capacity of around 8,000 people.

The stadium was inaugurated on January 1, 1939, even before the club was founded on May 17, 1939. It was named after António Coimbra da Mota, one of the club's founders. The stadium was renovated in 2003, with the installation of new stands and the modernization of the facilities.

The stadium has hosted important matches for the Portuguese national soccer team, such as the games against Sweden and Denmark in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. It has also hosted matches for the Portuguese national rugby union team, such as the match against Ukraine in the 2006 European Nations Cup.

In addition to soccer and rugby matches, the stadium is also used for concerts and other events.

11:24 AM3 months ago

Eye on the game

Estoril vs Porto live this Wednesday (6), at the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium at 1 pm ET, for the Taça da Liga. The match is valid for the 2th round of the competition.
11:19 AM3 months ago

Welcome to 's coverage of the Taça da Liga Match: Estoril vs Porto Live Updates!

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