4:59 PMa month ago


4:57 PMa month ago


Match ends Fulham 1-1 Liverpool (aggregate score 2-3).
4:38 PMa month ago


Gooool for Fulham, in the final minutes, the home side try to tie the aggregate score.
4:32 PMa month ago


Liverpool also made changes to freshen up the team and lower the clock.
4:32 PMa month ago


Fulham makes modifications with the intention of being much more offensive.
4:30 PMa month ago


Fulham keep pressing but begin to fall into despair for failing to score.
4:22 PMa month ago


The substitute players get up to warm up for possible modifications.
4:21 PMa month ago


Fulham commits many fouls that prevent them from getting into the game.
4:16 PMa month ago


There were no changes for the second half, with the same 22 players taking the field.
4:15 PMa month ago


Liverpool started like in the first half with a lot of possession.
3:51 PMa month ago


Half time Fulham 0-1 Liverpool
3:35 PMa month ago


In the last minutes of the first half, all indications are that Liverpool will take a slim lead into the break.
3:34 PMa month ago


The score remains unchanged and Liverpool continues to hold a slim lead.
3:30 PMa month ago


Liverpool are closing in on the second goal of the game, but they can't find clarity in the final area.
3:20 PMa month ago


Fulham try to react and get into the game, but Liverpool are pressing and look confused.
3:14 PMa month ago


Liverpool's goal, the Reds score the first goal of the match by Luis Diaz and already lead 1-0 and 3-1 on aggregate.
3:12 PMa month ago


This was a very intense start to the match, with both teams fighting for the ball in every corner of the field.
3:07 PMa month ago


Fulham presses and misses a clear opportunity to tie the aggregate score.
3:02 PMa month ago


Liverpool starts with more danger and possession in this match.
2:57 PMa month ago


The match between Fulham and Liverpool kicks off.
2:52 PMa month ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the scenario is unbeatable, full house and a great atmosphere for the start of this semi-final match in the EFL Cup 2024.
2:47 PMa month ago

End of warm-up

The two teams finish warming up and return to the dressing room for a final talk with their coach before they return to the field for the start of the match.
2:42 PMa month ago

Great Entrance

The stadium will be completely full for this semifinal match, there is no room for a single soul and we will have a great entrance for this match that promises intensity, goals and emotions.
2:37 PMa month ago

Fulham lineup

This is Fulham lineup:

2:32 PMa month ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up and getting ready for what will be one of the most important games of the season for both teams as they prepare for the ticket to the final.
2:27 PMa month ago

Liverpool lineup

This is Liverpool's lineup:
2:22 PMa month ago

Already in the stadium

Both teams are already at the stadium and are getting ready in the dressing room to warm up in a few more minutes and the starting line-ups for the match will be announced.
2:17 PMa month ago


Little by little the fans are starting to arrive at the stadium, a full house is expected for this match that promises to be very exciting in the second leg of the EFL Cup semifinal, many fans inside and outside the stadium.
2:12 PMa month ago

Stay tuned to follow Fulham vs Liverpool live in the EFL Cup 2024 semi-final.

In a few minutes we will share with you the starting lineups for Fulham vs Liverpool live in the EFL Cup Semifinal 2024, as well as the latest information from Craven Cottage Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live coverage of the match.
2:07 PMa month ago

Another EFL Cup semifinal

The other semifinal match in the EFL Cup is Chelsea vs Middlesbrough, a match that is being played right now and Chelsea is winning with a score of 4-0, with this they are getting their ticket to the final waiting for one of these two teams to be their rival in the most important match of this tournament, the final.
2:02 PMa month ago


The central referee in charge of dispensing justice in this match will be referee Simon Hooper, who will have the hard task of imposing justice in this match that promises to be very close, so with his national and international experience, he will seek to bring this match to a successful conclusion in the EFL Cup 2024.

1:57 PMa month ago

Where and how to watch Fulham vs Liverpool online and live in the EFL Cup Semifinal

The Fulham vs Liverpool match will be broadcast on television on the ESPN channel.
The Fulham vs Liverpool match will be streamed on the Star+ app.

If you want to watch Fulham vs Liverpool live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

1:52 PMa month ago

What time is the Fulham vs Liverpool game in the Semifinal EFL Cup?

This is the kick-off time for the Fulham vs Liverpool match on January 24, 2024 in several countries:
Argentina: 17:00 hours

Bolivia: 17:00 hours

Brazil: 17:00 hours

Chile: 17:00 hours

Colombia: 17:00 hours

Ecuador: 17:00 hours

Spain: 21:00 hours

United States: 3:00 p.m. PT and 4:00 p.m. ET

Mexico: 14:00 hours

Paraguay: 17:00 hours

Peru: 17:00 hours

Uruguay: 17:00 hours

Venezuela: 17:00 hours

Japan: 04:00 hours

India: 03:00 hours

Nigeria: 3:00 a.m.

South Africa: 3:00 a.m.

Australia: 08:00 hours

United Kingdom: 21:00 hours

France: 21:00 hours

Italy: 21:00 hours

Netherlands: 21:00 hours

Belgium: 21:00 hours

Germany: 21:00 hours

1:47 PMa month ago


Neither team has any injured or suspended players, so they will be able to count on a full squad and their best players for this match, which has a special ingredient as it is a game that awards a ticket to the final of the EFL Cup and with the presence of a Mexican player, Raul Alonso Jimenez.
1:42 PMa month ago


These two teams have met on 14 occasions, leaving Liverpool as the favorite with a record of 9 wins for the Reds, 2 draws and only 3 victories for Fulham, so tomorrow Liverpool will be the favorite to win the game and the ticket to the final.
1:37 PMa month ago

How does Liverpool arrive?

Liverpool, on the other hand, has a calmer outlook as it will seek to secure its ticket to the final of the EFL Cup with its one-goal advantage, it comes to this match with all the motivation despite playing this return match away, Liverpool comes from defeating Bournemouth 4-0 in the Premier League, tomorrow is expected to be a very close match full of intensity, goals and emotions, this way the two teams arrive to this semifinal second leg.
1:32 PMa month ago

How does Fulham arrive?

Fulham comes from a 1-0 loss against Chelsea in another Premier League match day, they arrive to this match with a 2-1 aggregate score against them, they will try to take advantage of the second leg to try at home and with their fans to overcome the aggregate score and qualify for the final of the Carabao Cup, a very close match is expected with the possible participation of Mexican Raul Jimenez, this is how Fulham arrives to this match.
1:27 PMa month ago

Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Fulham vs Liverpool match, corresponding to the EFL Cup 2024 Second Leg Semi-Final. The match will take place at Craver Cottage Stadium at 14:00 (CDMX).
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