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Let's go until 93 minutes.
12:12 PM19 days ago


Finishes: 26-0.
12:07 PM19 days ago


Livingston still hasn't managed to score a goal.
12:02 PM19 days ago


Rangers exchange passes and let time pass.
11:57 AM19 days ago


Rangers remain in the offensive sector and look for the fourth goal.
11:52 AM19 days ago


It's the third. Cantwell received a pass inside the area and sent it into the back of the goal to increase the score.
11:47 AM19 days ago


The home team reaches 16 shots at the start of the second half.
11:42 AM19 days ago


Rangers press in the first minutes of the second half.
11:37 AM19 days ago


11:32 AM19 days ago


11:27 AM19 days ago


Matondo received a pass from Barisic inside the box and sent it into the back of the goal to score another goal for Rangers.
11:22 AM19 days ago


Rangers continue to tighten in the last minutes of the first half.
11:17 AM19 days ago


It's the first. Rangers opened the scoring with Fábio Silva in the final stretch of the opening half.
11:12 AM19 days ago


Finishings: 10-0.
11:07 AM19 days ago


Livingston can't get out of the defensive system.
11:02 AM19 days ago


Full pressure from Rangers in the first 20 minutes of the game, but the home team fails in finishing.
10:57 AM19 days ago


The home team presses, has more shots, but fails to take advantage.
10:52 AM19 days ago


Rangers start the game on the offensive field and looking to open the scoring.
10:47 AM19 days ago


10:42 AM19 days ago


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Photo: Disclosure/Rangers
Photo: Disclosure/Rangers
10:02 AM19 days ago


In the last 10 games, Livingston has faced a challenging period, recording six defeats, three draws and just one win. The team struggled to find consistency and faced difficulties in scoring goals, resulting in several close score defeats. The only victory during that period came against Kilmarnock, with a score of 3-1. However, in the following games, Livingston struggled to maintain momentum, suffering defeats to teams such as Dundee FC, Hearts and Aberdeen.

Despite these adverse results, Livingston showed resilience in some matches, remaining competitive and losing by narrow margins. However, the lack of consistency and effectiveness in attack has been a challenge for the team. The series of games without a win indicates the need for improvements in several areas of the game, including defense and attack.

The next challenge for Livingston will be; reverse this negative trend and seek more positive results to climb the leaderboard and regain the trust of the team and fans.

9:57 AM19 days ago


In recent games, Rangers have had a positive overall performance, highlighted by their participation in the Scottish Premiership and European competitions. A 2-2 draw against FC Copenhagen on 16 January, followed by a 0-1 defeat to Hertha on 13 January, showed a mixed bag of results, with a draw and a defeat. However, the team bounced back with convincing victories over Kilmarnock 3–1 on 2 January and St. Johnstone 2–0 on 20 December in the Scottish Premiership.

In addition, Rangers enjoyed success in the League Cup, with victories over Aberdeen 1-0 on 17 December and Dundee FC 3-1 on 9 December. In the Europa League, the team also showed its quality, with a 2-1 victory over Sparta Prague on November 9th and a 1-1 draw against Aris on November 30th.

These results reflect Rangers' consistency and competitive ability in various competitions, remaining a strong team both nationally and internationally.

9:52 AM19 days ago


Ibrox Stadium is is an iconic football stadium located in Glasgow, Scotland, and is an iconic football stadium. the home of Rangers Football Club. With a capacity of over 50,000 spectators, it is It is one of the biggest stadiums in the country. Built in 1899, the stadium has undergone several renovations and renovations over the years to modernize and expand it. Ibrox is famous for its vibrant and passionate atmosphere during Rangers games, with fans filling the blue and white stands to support their team.

The stadium also has a rich history, having hosted many national and international cup finals, as well as national team games. However, Ibrox has also witnessed tragedies, such as the 1971 disaster in which 66 fans were crushed to death during a match.

In addition to football matches, the stadium is also an outdoor venue. used for events and concerts, taking advantage of its large capacity and modern infrastructure. Its prime location and rich history make it an unmissable destination for football fans and tourists visiting Glasgow.

9:47 AM19 days ago


In the last head-to-head meetings between Rangers and Livingston, Rangers demonstrated consistent dominance over their opponent. Starting with the most recent clash on November 12, 2023, Rangers won 2-0. Before that, on September 27, 2023, Rangers had an impressive 4-0 victory in the League Cup. Rangers' winning trend continued in previous games, with 4-0 victories on 12 August 2023 and 3-0 victories on 18 February 2023.

Although Livingston have been able to compete more evenly in some previous games, such as the 1-1 draw on October 22, 2022, recent history shows a clear advantage for Rangers.

These clashes reflect Rangers' strength and consistency in their encounters with Livingston, showing solid performance and positive results over the years.

9:42 AM19 days ago


In the last 10 games, Livingston has had a mixed performance, with two draws, three wins and five defeats. The team has faced challenges both in the Scottish Premiership and in competitions such as the Scottish Cup. The last game against Ross County ended in a 2-2 draw, showing some resilience after a previous defeat. However, there was a worrying defeat against Dundee FC where Livingston lost 4-1. The team also had some difficulties scoring consistently, with some games ending with just one goal scored. Overall, Livingston appear to be experiencing ups and downs in their form, but still maintain some stability with some important wins in recent games.
9:37 AM19 days ago


Rangers have performed impressively in their recent games, winning important victories in several competitions. Starting with the most recent, on January 27th, Rangers defeated St. Mirren 1-0, followed by a convincing victory over Hibernian 3-0 on January 24th. In the Scottish Cup, the team beat Dumbarton 4-1 on 20 January. The 2-2 draw against FC Copenhagen in a friendly showed the team's resilience. Although they lost 0-1 to Hertha in another friendly on 13 January, Rangers bounced back with a 3-1 victory over Kilmarnock on 2 January. The series included a 2-1 defeat to Celtic on 30 December, but Rangers responded with wins over Motherwell, St. Johnstone and Aberdeen, cementing their position as a strong and competitive team. .
9:32 AM19 days ago

The game will be played atIbrox Stadium

The Rangers vs Livingston game will be played at Ibrox Stadium, with a capacity at 50.817 people.
9:27 AM19 days ago

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