8:51 PM21 days ago

📹 Goals of the match

1-0: Diego Gómez

2-0: Marcelo Pérez

8:49 PM21 days ago


Our coverage of the Paraguay vs Venezuela match on matchday 3 of the Quadrangular Semifinal of the Pre-Olympic 2024 Tournament comes to an end.

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8:29 PM21 days ago

90+5' End of the match!


2-0 victory of the Albirroja over the Vinotinto.

8:25 PM21 days ago

🟨 90+1'

Yellow card. Fernando Cardozo was cautioned in Venezuela.
8:25 PM21 days ago


Five more minutes will be played in the match.
8:23 PM21 days ago


Change in Venezuela. Anderson Contreras replaces Telasco Segovia.
8:22 PM21 days ago


Paraguay substitution. Tiago Caballero replaces Diego Gómez.
8:22 PM21 days ago


Last five minutes of the match. Paraguay is close to the Pre-Olympic title.
8:21 PM21 days ago


Change in Venezuela. Luifer Hernández replaces Jovanny Bolívar.
8:20 PM21 days ago


Double change in Paraguay. Gastón Benítez and Marcelo Fernández come in for Leonardo Rivas and Marcelo Pérez.
8:15 PM21 days ago

🟨 80'

Yellow card. Kevin Kelsy was cautioned in Venezuela.
8:11 PM21 days ago

⚽ 75'

GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL for Paraguay! Marcelo Perez! The striker took advantage of a blunder between the goalkeeper and the defense and scored with an empty goal to seal the match.
8:10 PM21 days ago

🟨 72'

Yellow card. Iván Leguizamón was cautioned in Paraguay.
8:09 PM21 days ago


Double change in Paraguay. Alexis Cantero and Fernando Cardozo replace Enso González and Iván Leguizamón.
8:04 PM21 days ago


Double change in Venezuela. José Riasco and Emerson Ruiz replace David Martínez and Carlos Faya.
8:00 PM21 days ago


Yellow card. Gilberto Flores was cautioned in Paraguay.
7:57 PM21 days ago

🟨 63'

Yellow card. Renné Rivas was cautioned in Venezuela.
7:53 PM21 days ago

🟨 57'

Yellow card for Daniel Rivas in Paraguay.
7:51 PM21 days ago


PARAGUAY HAD IT! Samuel Rodriguez twice saved Venezuela's mid-range shots. The score remains 1-0.
7:48 PM21 days ago


Venezuela came close. Carlos Faya's shot went over the goal.
7:45 PM21 days ago


Venezuela came close. Jovanny Bolívar's shot was caught by goalkeeper Ángel González.
7:44 PM21 days ago


PARAGUAY HAD A CHANCE! Enso González shot from a cross from the right and the ball went just wide of the left post.
7:43 PM21 days ago

🅿️⚽ 48'

GOOOOOOOOAL for Paraguay! Diego Gomez! The captain scores from the penalty spot with a strong shot between the center and the right post.
7:40 PM21 days ago

🅿️ 47'

PENALTY! Referee Jhon Ospina awards a handball by Renné Rivas in the box.
7:38 PM21 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There has been one change for Venezuela; Kevin Kelsy replaces Matías Lacava.
7:22 PM21 days ago

45+1' Halftime

The first half ends. Goalless draw between Paraguay and Venezuela.
7:21 PM21 days ago


PARAGUAY HAD A CHANCE! Iván Leguizamón broke free after a through ball and shot into the box, but the ball went wide left.
7:20 PM21 days ago


One more minute will be played.
7:16 PM21 days ago


Five minutes left in the first half. The game has lost a lot of dynamics and is becoming much more intense from a physical point of view.
7:10 PM21 days ago


Final stretch of the first half. Paraguay tries to play a lot behind the fullbacks and captain Carlos Vivas has already made several providential interventions.
7:06 PM21 days ago


Half an hour into the match. The scoreboard is not open yet... And this favors more the Paraguayans.
7:04 PM22 days ago


Paraguay had it! Diego Gomez's header from a corner kick went just over the crossbar.
7:04 PM22 days ago


Shot by Iván Leguizamón and Samuel Rodríguez was good to prevent the ball from going in even with a previous rebound.
7:00 PM22 days ago


The draw is maintained for the moment. There are not many notable options so far.
6:56 PM22 days ago


We remain goalless in this match. None of them are dominating as such at the moment. Venezuela has lost the momentum of the first minutes.
6:50 PM22 days ago


First quarter of an hour. Paraguay tries to approach from the flanks.

6:45 PM22 days ago

🟨 12'

Yellow card. Carlos Faya was cautioned in Venezuela. The first of the match.
6:40 PM22 days ago


The score remains 0-0. For now there are no clear goal options.
6:35 PM22 days ago


Goal disallowed for Venezuela. Carlos Vivas headed the ball after a rebound left by goalkeeper Angel Gonzalez on a free kick, but was flagged offside.
6:30 PM22 days ago


First minutes of the match. The score remains 0-0 for the moment.
6:25 PM22 days ago

Match starts

The match begins! Paraguay and Venezuela are playing for a place in the Olympic Games.
6:20 PM22 days ago

Teams on the field

The players of Paraguay and Venezuela take the field.
6:15 PM22 days ago

Substitutes - Venezuela

To be confirmed.
6:10 PM22 days ago

Starting XI - Venezuela

To be confirmed.
6:05 PM22 days ago

Substitutes - Paraguay

To be confirmed.
6:00 PM22 days ago

Starting XI - Paraguay

To be confirmed.
5:55 PM22 days ago

Venezuela results in the Pre-Olympic

February 8: 1-2 vs Brazil (Lost)

February 5: 2-2 vs Argentina

February 1: 3-1 vs Brazil (Won)

January 29: 0-1 vs Colombia (Won)

January 23: 1-1 vs Ecuador

January 20: 3-3 vs Bolivia

5:50 PM22 days ago

Paraguay results in the Pre-Olympic

February 8: 3-3 vs Argentina

February 5: 0-1 vs Brazil (Won)

February 2: 2-1 vs Chile (Lost)

January 27: 1-0 vs Peru (Won)

January 24: 4-3 vs Uruguay (Won)

January 21: 1-1 vs Argentina

5:45 PM22 days ago

The Paraguayan national team, ready for this duel

5:40 PM22 days ago

Venezuelan fans ready for this game

5:35 PM22 days ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the actions of the match Paraguay vs Venezuela in matchday 3 of the quadrangular semifinal of the Pre-Olympic Tournament 2024. We invite you to follow along with us the incidents of this match.
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How to watch Paraguay vs Venezuela Live Stream on TV and Online?

The Paraguay vs Venezuela match will not be broadcast live on television.

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What time is Paraguay vs Venezuela Pre-Olympic Tournament Match?

This is the start time of the game Paraguay vs Venezuela of February 11th, 2024 in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 PM
Bolivia: 7:30 PM
Brazil: 8:30 PM
Chile: 8:30 PM
Colombia: 6:30 PM
Ecuador: 6:30 PM
USA (ET): 6:30 PM
Spain: 12:30 AM (February 12)
Mexico: 5:30 PM
Paraguay: 7:30 PM
Peru: 6:30 PM
Uruguay: 8:30 PM
Venezuela: 7:30 PM

5:15 PM22 days ago

Key player - Venezuela

In Venezuela, the presence of Jovanny Bolívar stands out. The 22-year-old player, who plays for SD Huesca of Spain, is the team's top scorer in the current edition of the Pre-Olympic Tournament with three goals.
5:10 PM22 days ago

Key player - Paraguay

In Paraguay, the presence of Diego Gómez stands out. The 20-year-old player, who plays for Inter Miami in the United States, is the team's top scorer in the current edition of the Pre-Olympic Tournament with four goals.
5:05 PM22 days ago

Standings - Quadrangular semifinal

1- Paraguay / 4 PTS

2- Brazil / 3 PTS

3- Argentina / 2 PTS

4- Venezuela / 1 PT

5:00 PM22 days ago


Venezuela lost 2-1 to Brazil in their second appearance in the final quadrangular, finishing in last place with one point. La Vinotinto must win against Paraguay to qualify for the Olympic Games. In case of a tie, their qualification would be defined by goal difference or goals scored. The pressure is maximum, since any result other than victory would mean the elimination of the local team. With its destiny at stake, Venezuela will seek to overcome this challenge and secure its place in the Olympic Games with a determined and focused performance.
4:55 PM22 days ago


Paraguay drew 3-3 with Argentina on the second day of the final phase, showing a solid performance that places them at the top of the table. With four points, product of a win and a draw, they lead the quadrangular. They only need a draw to secure their qualification to the Olympic Games. The Albirroja have shown their quality on the field and their determination to achieve their goals. The next match will be crucial, but they are confident of maintaining their good momentum and sealing their ticket to the international sporting event.
4:50 PM22 days ago

The match will be played at the Brigido Iriarte National Stadium

The Paraguay vs Venezuela match will be played at the Brigido Iriarte National Stadium, located in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. This venue, inaugurated in 1936, has a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

Atletico Venezuela Club de Futbol and Metropolitanos Futbol Club of the Venezuelan First Division, as well as Estudiantes de Caracas and Deportivo Petare of the Venezuelan Second Division, play their home games in this stadium.

4:45 PM22 days ago

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