Goals and Highlights: Fluminense vs LDU in Conmebol Recopa (2-0)
Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense FC


11:09 PMa month ago

Goals and Highlights

10:29 PMa month ago

53' - End of game

Fluminense beats LDU 2-0, reverses the score, and is champion of the Recopa Sul-Americana 2024.
10:24 PMa month ago

48' - Substitution at LDU

Out: Zambrano and Valverde Enter: Road and Villamil
10:19 PMa month ago

47' - Red card for LDU

Assistant Adrián Gabbarini is expelled for complaining.
10:14 PMa month ago

47' - Red card for Fluminense

Samuel Xavier, already substituted, is sent off.
10:09 PMa month ago

45+7' - Additions

Seven more minutes. Let's go to 52.
10:04 PMa month ago


Arias converts the penalty and extends the score.
9:59 PMa month ago

41' - Penalty for Fluminense

Renato Augusto suffers a foul inside the area.
9:54 PMa month ago

39' - Substitution at Fluminense

Out: Samuel Xavier
Enter: Guga
9:49 PMa month ago

37' - Substitution at LDU

Out: Sebastián González
Enter: Alzugaray
9:44 PMa month ago

36' - The game continues

John Kennedy's expulsion is upheld.
9:39 PMa month ago

35' - VAR

Video arbitration analyzes expulsion of John Kennedy.
9:34 PMa month ago

33' - Red card for Fluminense

John Kennedy is expelled.
9:29 PMa month ago

33' - Yellow card

Fluminense: Thiago Santos
LDU: Jhojan Julio
9:24 PMa month ago


Arias opens the scoring. Midfielder receives a cross from Samuel Xavier, deflects his head and hits the net.
9:19 PMa month ago

28' - Shot blocked by Fluminense

In the play on the right, Douglas Costa cuts to the middle and finishes. The ball deflects and Flu wins the corner.
9:14 PMa month ago

25' - Substitution at LDU

Out: Estupiñán and Hurtado
Enter: Jhojan Julio and Alex Arce
9:09 PMa month ago

24' - Fluminense presses

Martinelli finishes from outside the area, but the ball goes out.
9:04 PMa month ago

23' - Over the goal

Renato Augusto finishes inside the area, but the ball goes over the goal.
8:59 PMa month ago

22' - Yellow card for LDU

Quintero commits a foul on Arias and is warned.
8:54 PMa month ago

21' - Substitution at Fluminense

Out: Keno, Diogo Barbosa and Ganso
Enter: Marcelo, Renato Augusto and Douglas Costa
8:49 PMa month ago

18' - Game stopped again

Estupiñán falls to the pitch after a disagreement with Diogo Barbosa.
8:44 PMa month ago

17' - Game stopped

Ganso gets the worst of the fight with Quintero and falls to the grass.
8:39 PMa month ago

15' - Shot blocked by Fluminense

Arias invades the area from the right, crosses the ball and the ball deflects off the LDU defense.
8:34 PMa month ago

10' - Almost a goal for Fluminense

In the play on the left, Keno crosses, John Kennedy deflects and the ball goes out.
8:29 PMa month ago

07' - Almost a goal for Fluminense

John Kennedy catches the ball on the left, kicks across the ball and the ball hits the net on the outside.
8:24 PMa month ago

05' - Over the goal

Samuel Xavier crosses just right, but John Kennedy heads poorly and the ball goes out.
8:19 PMa month ago

04' - Shot blocked by Fluminense

Cano takes a shot from outside the area, but the ball hits the LDU defense.
8:14 PMa month ago

00' - Substitution at Fluminense

Out: Felipe Melo
Enter: John Kennedy
8:09 PMa month ago

2º/00' - Second half begins

The ball rolls again.
8:04 PMa month ago

Hot weather in Maracanã

Technical committees from Fluminense and LDU discuss with the arbitration.
7:59 PMa month ago

47' - End of the first half

For now, Fluminense and LDU are at zero. LDU has a one-goal advantage on the scoreboard and Tricolor needs a two-goal difference.
7:54 PMa month ago

43' - Far from the goal

Cano takes a shot through the middle from outside the area, but the ball goes wide of Domínguez's goal.
7:49 PMa month ago

39' - Pressure from Fluminense

Cano receives a low cross, dominates and finishes with difficulty. Domínguez makes the save.
7:44 PMa month ago

37' - Almost a goal for Fluminense

Ganso finishes in the middle, Domínguez palms it and concedes the corner.
7:39 PMa month ago

37' - Game resumed

The ball rolls again.
7:34 PMa month ago

36' - Game stopped

Hurtado gets the worst of it in a split with Diogo Barbosa.
7:29 PMa month ago

30' - Pressure from Fluminense

In the play on the left, Cano takes the surplus and finishes. Domínguez palms it and avoids the goal.
7:24 PMa month ago

29' - Almost a goal for Fluminense

Ganso receives a cross inside the area, heads it away and the ball goes out. The number 10 complains about a foul inside the area.
7:19 PMa month ago

25' - Game truncated

Fluminense and LDU fight for possession of the ball.
7:14 PMa month ago

17' - Fluminense deflection

With a free kick, Quiñónez hits the goal straight, but the ball deflects off the Fluminense wall. The player catches the rebound and wins the corner.
7:09 PMa month ago

14' - It's worth nothing

Keno receives a cross from the left, cuts to the middle and finishes. The ball explodes into Arias, who was in an irregular position.
7:04 PMa month ago

10' - It's worth nothing

In the play on the right, Ganso lifts the ball in the area, deflects it off the LDU defense and reaches Martinelli. The player finishes weakly and Domínguez defends. Referee calls for a lack of attack.
6:59 PM2 months ago

04' - LDU tries to respond

In LDU's counterattack, Hurtado takes a shot from outside the area and the ball goes over the goal.
6:54 PM2 months ago

02' - Fluminense arrives with danger

With a free kick, Arias finishes in the corner, but the ball deflects and Tricolor wins the corner.
6:49 PM2 months ago

1º/00' - Game begins

Ball rolling in the first half.
6:44 PM2 months ago

LDU reserves

Gonzalo Valle; Daykol Romero, Zanini, Bryan Ramírez; Villamíl, Alzugaray, Jhojan Julio, Alvarado, Estrada, Parrales, Alex Arce, Charcopa.
6:39 PM2 months ago

Fluminense reserves

Felipe Alves; Guga, Marlon, Antônio Carlos, Marcelo; Alexsander, Renato Augusto, Lima, Terans; John Kennedy, Lelê, Douglas Costa.
6:34 PM2 months ago

Fluminense warm-up

Tricolor team starts warming up on the Maracanã lawn. 
6:29 PM2 months ago


Arrival of the Tricolor at the Maracanã. The Rio team needs to win by two goals to lift the Recopa cup. 
6:24 PM2 months ago


Arrival of the Ecuadorian team at Maracanã. In a few moments, the players will begin warming up on the stadium's lawn. 
6:19 PM2 months ago

LDU roster

Domínguez; Quintero, Adé, Mina, Quiñónez; Piovi, Zambrano, Estupiñán; González, Valverde, Hurtado.
6:14 PM2 months ago

LDU locker room

Albos locker room at Maracanã. Everything is ready for the Ecuadorian team to compete in the Recopa Sudamericana final. 
6:09 PM2 months ago

Fluminense roster

Fábio; Samuel Xavier, Thiago Santos, Felipe Melo, Diogo Barbosa; André, Martinelli, Ganso, Arias, Keno, Cano.

6:04 PM2 months ago

We're back!

Fluminense and LDU face each other this Thursday (29), at 9:30 pm, at Maracanã. The match is valid for the second leg of the Recopa Sul-Americana 2024 final.
5:59 PM2 months ago

Latest games between Fluminense vs LDU

Last Thursday (22), LDU hosted Fluminense at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, in Quito, and won the game 1-0, in stoppage time, with a goal from Alex Arce. Tricolor wins by two goals to lift the Recopa cup. If the score ends in a draw, the decision goes to penalty kicks.
5:54 PM2 months ago

What time is Fluminense vs LDU match for Conmebol Recopa match 2024

Argentina ESPNStar+

Austráliabe IN SPORTS 3beIN Sports Connect

Brasil Star+NOW NET e ClaroDirecTV GOGUIGOESPN

Canadá Fanatiz CanadafuboTV CanadabeIN SPORTS CONNECT CanadabeIN Sports CanadabeIN SPORTS en Español


Uruguai ESPNStar+

Venezuela Star+ESPN2

5:49 PM2 months ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Fluminense vs LDU will be:

Referee: Facundo Tello

VAR: Mauro Vigiliano

Assistants: Ezequiel Brailovsky and Gabriel Chade

Fourth referee: Dario Herrera

5:44 PM2 months ago

Probable LDU roster

Alexander Domínguez; Quintero, Ricardo Adé, Richard Mina, Quiñónez; Zambrano, Piovi, Sebastián González; Jhojan Julio, Hurtado, Estupiñán.
5:39 PM2 months ago

Probable Fluminense roster

Fábio; Guga (Samuel Xavier), Thiago Santos, Felipe Melo (Marlon), Marcelo (Diogo Barbosa); André, Martinelli, Ganso; Arias, Keno, Cano.
5:34 PM2 months ago

Speak, Cano! - Fluminense striker

"I don't particularly think about what has already happened. I'm more focused on the present and what will happen on Thursday. What happened, has already happened. On the field it's 11 against 11, whoever does things better will win the game. Let's prepare well because that's the main thing."

"We don't carry the weight (of the past), we carry a very big responsibility of seeking a cup that Fluminense doesn't have. The season has already started and, little by little, we're going to do what Fernando asks. We know we'll have our fans at Maracanã. We're going to play at our home, with our fans. We're going to try to do our best. We don't have the burden of anything, just the commitment to win the game".

"We are doing very well, preparing our best training to do our best on the field, being convinced that we will come out with everything to turn the game around. These are a very important 90 minutes for us to win a cup that Fluminense does not have. Very focused on what we have to do to win the game."

5:29 PM2 months ago

Speak, Fernando Diniz! - Manager of Fluminense

"We're going to have to manage the training load, obviously the team that should start will be more "played" and have more interaction. Anxiety is normal on the eve of important games, the Recopa is unprecedented for Fluminense. But we'll know how to work on these emotional aspects to be able to play a good game".
"We have to wait for both things (LDU defends and attacks). We have to train hoping that they can come with a lower block from there or be more aggressive in marking. We're still going to define the team to play on Thursday" .

"Marlon is a little more worried because he had severe pain in his knee. Keno isn't a worry at all. He was one of those that we spared. Half of the starters. He already felt the effects of the altitude in the game and we thought it was interesting to spare him. lo. The ideal was to have a team with 11 changes and we spoke with players and we thought that this was the best strategy to try to win today's game".

5:24 PM2 months ago


The Ecuadorian club prevented Brazilian journalists from entering a press conference this Tuesday, held by coach Josep Alcácer. Only Ecuadorian professionals participated in the press conference.
5:19 PM2 months ago


Marcelo does transition training and has a chance to play in the return game against LDU. Gabriel Pires does the same and can be related. Samuel Xavier and Felipe Melo train normally with the group. Keno shouldn't be a problem either. The attacker trained and should be listed. David Braz and Yony González, in turn, train separately from the group and are no longer part of coach Fernando Diniz's plans.
5:14 PM2 months ago

The match will be played at the Maracanã

The Fluminense vs LDU match will be played at the stadium Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a capacity of 78,838 people.
5:09 PM2 months ago

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