Highlights and goals of Central African Republic 4-0 Papua New Guinea in Friendly Match
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7:27 AM20 days ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure being with all of you, see you again!
7:22 AM20 days ago


Central African Republic beat Papua New Guinea 4-0
7:17 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 90'

Three minutes of added time
7:12 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 85'

Isaac Solet's free kick went over the barrier, but it just missed the post. THE FIFTH IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE
7:07 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 82'

Center from the number '2' side of the Central African Republic, who came out from the baseline. The Papua New Guinea goalkeeper will take the goal
7:02 AM20 days ago



Hat trick by Tieri Godame who scored the fourth for his team after turning and sending the ball into the back of the net

6:57 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 74'

Hydration break of just over 15 minutes plus added time for the final stretch
6:52 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 69'

Amos Youga put in a cross, which was passed and he couldn't find a finisher
6:47 AM20 days ago

🔃 65'

Double change in the Central African Republic team, which continues to move the bench
6:42 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 61'

Vénuste Baboula had a one-on-one to score the fourth goal, but goalkeeper Warisan made a good handball and then cleared the defense
6:37 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 57'

Tieri Godame fell inside the area and the players demanded a penalty. The referee admonished a Central African Republic player for his protests
6:32 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 53'

The free kick of number '2' he hit him to the crossbar and the ball went out. 
6:27 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 50'

Dangabo held the ball and took a free kick for Central African Republic on the edge of the area
6:22 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 46'

The second half begins with several changes by the team
6:17 AM20 days ago


The first 45 minutes are over with the Central African Republic being much superior and going into the break with a 3-0 lead on the scoreboard
6:12 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 45'

Three minutes of stoppage time for this first part
6:07 AM20 days ago



Yawanendji assisted Godame who finished at will to score the second. Double for the Callans footballer

6:02 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 40'

We enter the last five minutes of the first half
5:57 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 37'

Séverin Tatolna, despite being very far away, did not think about it and hit the goal, but the ball went very wide of the goal
5:52 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 33'

Between the goalkeeper Warisan and the post they avoided the third goal for the Central African Republic, which continues to warn despite the comfortable advantage on the scoreboard
5:47 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 28'

There is a hydration break due to the high temperatures we have in the stadium
5:42 AM20 days ago



Tieri Godame after a shot at the near post scores the second for the African team. Nice detail of the Challans attacker

5:37 AM20 days ago

🔃​ 19'

There is a forced change in the Papua New Guinea team due to injury. Centre-back Karo Kila enters the field
5:32 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 15'

Another chance for the African team, which ended with a shot from the edge of the area, which went wide
5:27 AM20 days ago



The African team takes the lead after a ball back towards Yawanendji who with a precise shot scores the first goal of the match

5:22 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 7'

A cross from the right wing was headed by Nagmanda, but it did not hit the target. First notice from the Central African Republic
5:17 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 3'

The Papua New Guinea team now serves the ball from behind
5:12 AM20 days ago

⏱️​ 1'

STARTS THE MATCH. The first possession is for the Central African Republic
5:07 AM20 days ago


The 22 protagonists jump onto the playing field. The national anthems of both teams will be played before the match begins
5:02 AM20 days ago

Be careful with this information

The Papua New Guinea National Team has gone eight friendlies in a row without winning, of which six have been defeats. The last time they won a friendly match was in 2016 where they defeated Malaysia 2-0
4:57 AM20 days ago

Papua New Guinea's upcoming commitments

Next June they will compete in the OFC Nations Cup. They have been drawn with Fiji, Tahiti and Samoa in group B. The first two in each group will qualify for the semi-final round
4:52 AM20 days ago

Central African Republic's upcoming commitments

They will play again in the month of June where they will face Chad and Ghana in the first phase of the qualification for the 2026 World Cup in the African qualifiers
4:47 AM20 days ago

XI Central African Republic

4-1-4-1 is the formation they choose for this second friendly of this break
4:42 AM20 days ago

They are already warming up

We already have the two teams warming up prior to the match with just over 20 minutes left before the start of the match
4:37 AM20 days ago

Ranking FIFA

Papua New Guinea is number 165 in the FIFA ranking with 990.61 points, while the Central African Republic team is number 129 with 1121.34 points.
4:32 AM20 days ago

Friendlier today

These are some of the friendlies we have this Monday, March 25, 2024. We can follow all of these here at VAVEL

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4:27 AM20 days ago

They are already in the stadium

The teams of Papua New Guinea and the Central African Republic have already arrived at the place where this friendly match will be held.
4:22 AM20 days ago

Papua New Guinea's last five matches

Sri Lanka 0-0 Papua New Guinea | Friendly Match: March 22, 2024

Papua New Guinea 0-2 Tahiti | Peaceful Games:  November 30, 2023

Cook Islands 0-3 Papua New Guinea | Peaceful Games: November 27, 2023

Papua New Guinea 1-1 Vanuatu | Peaceful Games: November 23, 2023

Papua New Guinea 3-0 Tuvalu | Peaceful Games: November 17, 2023

4:17 AM20 days ago

Central African Republic's last five games

Central African Republic 6-0 Bhutan | Friendly Match: March 22, 2024

Mali 1-1 Central African Republic | 2026 World Cup Qualifiers: November 20, 2023

Comoros 4-2 Central African Republic | 2026 World Cup Qualifiers: November 17, 2023

Ghana 2-1 Central African Republic | Africa Cup qualification: September 7, 2023

Central African Republic 1-2 Angola | Africa Cup qualification: June 17, 2023

4:12 AM20 days ago


In a few minutes the match between the Central African Republic and Papua New Guinea will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL
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Stay tuned to follow Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea as well as the latest information from Race Course International Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea live?

If you want to watch the Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea live, you can follow it on FIFA+.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is the Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea match?

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries:

Argentina: 05:30 hrs.
Bolivia: 03:30 hrs.
Brazil: 04:30 hrs.
Chile: 03:30 hrs.
Colombia: 03:30 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:30 hrs.
Spain: 10:30 hrs.
Mexico: 03:30 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:30 hrs.
Peru: 03:30 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:30 hrs.    

France: 10:30 hrs. 

Sweden: 10:30 hrs. 

India: 14:30 hrs.

3:52 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this Papua New Guinean player

Nigel Dabinyaba, a 31-year-old right winger who plays in his home league for Lae City. In 12 caps for his national team, he has scored a total of seven goals. 
3:47 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this player from the Central African Republic.

Geoffrey Kondogbia, a player who plays in a top team in Europe, such as Marseille. The 31-year-old midfielder has experience in big European teams, such as Inter, Monaco, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, among others. This season he has played 29 games and has scored one goal. Despite playing in the youth teams and playing friendlies with France, he has finally moved to Central African Republic. In 12 internationals he has scored three goals.
3:42 AM20 days ago

News - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea closed 2023 by playing in the Pacific Games where they finished in sixth place after losing the duel for fifth place to Tahiti. This team did not win any of the five friendly matches they played last year, four of them were defeats. They have not won a friendly since 2022 with Fiji. In this break they played their first match of 2024 in which they were held to a goalless draw by the Sri Lankan national team. 
3:37 AM20 days ago

News - Central African Republic

They finished 2023 by playing two matches in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. They were defeated by Comoros and managed to draw Mali to one. They are fifth in group I with only one point, while they have Mali, who is second with three points. This team had gone four games in a row without a win and their last victory was almost a year ago, on March 27, 2023. However, the losing streak was broken last Friday in a friendly match in which they thrashed Bhutan 6-0. 
3:32 AM20 days ago


This will be the first time in history that the two teams will meet in a friendly match in the United Kingdom.
3:27 AM20 days ago

The Stadium

The match will be played at the Race Course International Stadium, a stadium located in the United Kingdom, which was built in 1807 and has a capacity for 12,600 spectators. 
3:22 AM20 days ago

Preview of the match

Central African Republic and Papua New Guinea will meet this Monday, March 25, 2024 in a friendly match. 
3:17 AM20 days ago

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