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The rosters were shaken up this week on WWE. Photo-

Analyzing the Superstar Shakeup

Matthew Wilkinson

WWE decided to make some changes to their rosters this week in an attempt to freshen things up heading out of WrestleMania, creating the Superstar Shakeup....

What will Anderson and Gallows do at Payback? Photo-

WWE Payback Predictions

Matthew Wilkinson

In the first special event of what WWE is claiming to be the, 'New Era' lets take a look at the matches and make some predictions ahead...

Kalisto appeared to be hurt on Raw. Photo-

Kalisto injury update

Matthew Wilkinson

The United States Champion appeared to suffer an injury during his match on Raw this week. ...


WrestleMania Plans For Kalisto

Matthew Wilkinson

The United States Champion is yet to have confirmed plans for WrestleMania, but recent reports have provided an insight about what his role could...

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Royal Rumble Review

Bayley Sutcliffe

On very rare occasions do we come across a PPV that tells a great story and has better matches. The last few WWE PPV's were met with some sceptics but this Royal Rumble...

Can Reigns walk out as champion? Photo:WWE

Royal Rumble Preview and Predictions

Matthew Wilkinson

The annual Royal Rumble event takes place this Sunday, as the road to Wrestlemania officially gets under way, so let's look at the announced matches ahead ...

Credit: WWE

WWE Raw Preview 1/18/16

Lovell Porter

We are only one week away from the Royal Rumble! What should we expect from the go home edition of Monday Night Raw?...

Will Kalisto become the breakout star with WWE this year? Photo:WWE

Has WWE Dropped The Ball With Kalisto?

Matthew Wilkinson

Just as it seemed like WWE was about to give Kalisto his first push as a single's wrestler, it appears that the company may have decided to pull the plug already....

Credit: WWE

Raw Preview 1/11/16

Lovell Porter

As we march down the path to what is bound to be a historic Royal Rumble, will we have a new WWE Champion after the event? How does the returning...

Credit: WWE

WWE RAW Preview 1/4/16

Lovell Porter

It’s a New Year, yes it is! What does WWE have in store for us for the first Raw of 2016?...


5 Things Learned: Smackdown 11/12/15 Edition

Matthew Wilkinson

This weeks Smackdown was taped in Manchester, England and saw the WWE Championship tournament continue, as well as a huge Survivor Series match be set up in a solid overall ...

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