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Is Ryback being tempted into the world of MMA? (image:

Is Ryback being tempted by Bellator?

Joel Lampkin

The current independent wrestler left the bright lights of WWE last month but he has been in hot demand ever since but could he venture far beyon...

Eden Stiles request to leave WWE has been granted (image:

Eden Stiles leaves WWE

Joel Lampkin

The wife of Cody Rhodes has announced that she is leaving the company with opportunities away from the wrestling business her main reason....


An update on Ryback

Connor Risenhoover

The most recent developments in the absence of Ryback from WWE....

What will Anderson and Gallows do at Payback? Photo-

WWE Payback Predictions

Matthew Wilkinson

In the first special event of what WWE is claiming to be the, 'New Era' lets take a look at the matches and make some predictions ahead of Sunday's event. ...


WrestleMania Plans For Kalisto

Matthew Wilkinson

The United States Champion is yet to have confirmed plans for WrestleMania, but recent reports have provided an insight about what his role could...

He will go down as one of the greatest. Photo:

Daniel Bryan: An Underdog Story

Matthew Wilkinson

This week Daniel Bryan announced the news that broke the hearts of the WWE Universe, as he announced his retirement from professional wrestling,let's take a look back and celebrate his ...

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