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The Undertaker has had a legendary career in WWE and become on of the single most dominating figures in professional wrestling (image(s): wwe)

Top Five Undertaker Moments in WWE

Joel Lampkin

WrestleMania 33 looks like being the last time the WWE Universe see The Deadman inside of the squared circle following three decades in the indus...

WWE have produced 15 pay-per-views this year, has the experiment worked? (image: Joel Lampkin)

WWE: The Pay-Per-View experiment

Joel Lampkin

As a wrestling fan from across the pond, the promise of more and more special events seemed like a dream come true but the sheer load of content has made the sport a struggl...

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5 Things Learned: Survivor Series Edition

Matthew Wilkinson

This years Survivor Series celebrated the 25th anniversary of the debut of a legend, The Undertaker, but did the show live up to his legacy, and what are the five main talking points from th...