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Photo courtesy of the twitter handle @Descendants2015.

What To Watch: Mal-oween

Peyton Wesner

Upon the announcment of a sequel to Descendants in the works, star Dove Cameron will have a night dedicated to her work on Disney Channel....

Photo created by Vahan Shakhpazyan/VAVEL_USA

The League: “The Blind Spot” Review

Vahan Shakhpazyan

The NFL season has officially kicked off in this week's all new episode of The League, as the group struggles to decide on whose house they should watch the football games this year....

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead: More Than A Zombie Show

Vahan Shakhpazyan

People confuse The Walking Dead for an all-out zombie show, but it is more than that. The show is, in fact, about people with zombies in it, not the other way around....

Xena Warrior Princess to return WB

Xena Warrior Princess To Return

Bridgit Dunahee

Could a reboot of the 90's hit show really be in development? How does the lead actress feel about this possible return....

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