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Will the Hulkster ever return to the squared circle? (image:

Will Hulk Hogan ever return to WWE?

Joel Lampkin

Hulkamania has been absent from the world of Professional Wrestling for over two years now but will the veteran ever make an appearance inside the squared circle again?...

Could Hogan be returning thanks to Curtis Axel source: Joel Lampkin

Hulk Hogan returning to WWE?

Joel Lampkin

Hulkamania did not run wild in 2016 in any capacity following an ugly few months for the veteran but following a 'copycat' performance ...

Hogan refused the suggestion he is returning at WrestleMania 33 (image:

Hulk Hogan shoots down WWE Return

Joel Lampkin

Hulkamania may not be running wild any time soon as the veteran disputes the claim that he is due to make his comeback on The Grandest Stage of Them All...

Could WWE be sold? (image:

Vince McMahon "Open" to WWE Sale

Joel Lampkin

The veteran owner of the world's largest professional wrestling company has said that his company is technically for sale...

Goldberg was very opinionated on whether CM Punk should fight again in UFC (image:

Goldberg comments on CM Punk's UFC debut

Joel Lampkin

The performer who become a wrestling legend during his time in WCW has shared his thoughts on whether The Cult of Personality should step back inside the octagon...

Buff Bagwell had a lot to say on CM Punk following his UFC debut (image: joel lampkin)

Buff Bagwell on CM Punk's star power

Joel Lampkin

The former WCW performer compares the former wrestler to the likes of Hulk Hogan believing there is little money to be made in the 37-year-old...

Return of War Games plans nixed

David Bobke

According to a former WWE wrestler, the company planned to bring back the beloved match for a PPV. However, like many plans, the idea was scrapped....

Goldberg will be featured in WWE 2K17 (image:

Goldberg teasing In-Ring Return

Joel Lampkin

The Undefeated One has been away from the squared circle since 2004 and after being featured in 2K17 the semi-retired performer may be edging his...

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