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Brock Lesnar has crossed over into a number of other sports aside from his successful WWE career (image: joel lampkin)

When WWE and other sports crossed over

Joel Lampkin

As Conor McGregor prepares to enter the world of boxing tonight we look back at times when WWE and other professional wrestlers tried their hand at other sports...

Kurt Angle will feature in WWE 2K18 (image: Twitter)

Kurt Angle to feature in WWE 2K18

Joel Lampkin

The number of names connected to the official biggest wrestling video game is increasing and the next instalment features an Olympic Gold Medalis...

The Undertaker has had a legendary career in WWE and become on of the single most dominating figures in professional wrestling (image(s): wwe)

Top Five Undertaker Moments in WWE

Joel Lampkin

WrestleMania 33 looks like being the last time the WWE Universe see The Deadman inside of the squared circle following three decades in the indus...

The rosters were shaken up this week on WWE. Photo-

Analyzing the Superstar Shakeup

Matthew Wilkinson

WWE decided to make some changes to their rosters this week in an attempt to freshen things up heading out of WrestleMania, creating the Superstar Shakeup....

Could a major repeat stable be about to make way in WWE? (image: joel lampkin)

A New Evolution in WWE?

Joel Lampkin

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista formed what was at one time the most dominating stable in professional wrestling but is a redesign in order?...

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